Sunday, July 22, 2012

They only look innocent...

Uh, huh...
don't let the peaceful little gray face fool you...

I've been giving the Dining Room a little freshening for late summer.
Humor me OK...?
Let me think it's late summer

Of course I have lot's of help from the girls.
We know...

not to mention that it would be 150 degrees in there...

she's goofy and in no danger, 
she just loves bags...
and fake faux flowers

(trust me, I'm not a negligent pet owner or cat mom)

So as you can see,
 I had help redo-ing the window box arrangement on the DR table.
not to mention trying to eat the new linen/burlap table runner.
(more on the changes this week)

I've had this cartoon for ages on my message board, 
it's one of my faves and sort of is the story of my life.
Most cats have some issues with hair balls,
mine seem to have their share and more.
Hairball Control food helps,
 we use that, but I guess it's just sort of their "thing".
May and June were peak "Hairball Season" months,
I was hoping I was done for the year.

My office/studio was clean and pretty from 
Where Blogger's Create

so where do I find a massive display of said "Hair Ball" relief?
oh yes,
all over the carpet...
so guess what I'm doing today?

and while that big machine is out I might as well do the rest of the carpet.
good grief. 
(good machine, really)

Gotta love'em.
cats and carpet cleaners

Hope you're having a great day,
now to finish the fun!

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  1. Too funny seeing your cat in the bag. Rusty always loved getting in bags or boxes. He would try to fit in a coke carton and would just push the carton all over the kitchen trying his best to make his body go in too. Use to deal with hairballs all the time. The bad thing about long haired cats.

  2. Debra, this is the BEST!! As a fellow cat lover/owner (I have 2), I can SO relate! With all of our hardwood floors, why do the hairballs always have to 'land' on the rugs?? :)

  3. Hi Debra: Sweet, cute little thing!! You're not too mad are you? We have our share of hair-balls too. But I thank heaven that it's out of that end and not the other..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. A new sequel to Cat in the Hat perhaps?! Too cute!

  5. AWW, your cat is so cute. I love the arrangement too! XO, Pinky

  6. I love your new arrangement!! Your cat is adorable!! I can't wait for fall Debra. I'm so tired of all this heat, and i feel like putting out all my fall stuff.(I'm going to wait)maybe:)


  7. Oh me Oh My! If we wish for fall then August will be cool.
    I don't mind the heat it's the humidity.
    Your fall table looks stunning.
    I love sunflowers as well.

  8. Debra, I know all about it and Clovis likes to up chuck grass a lot too. Add Shelly Puppy to the mix and it is one big comedy show all day here or fight club. xoxo, olive

  9. My cats have been extra onery today too, must be something in the weather!!! Penny

  10. Beautiful arrangement and beautiful kitty! We have carpet in one room of the house. Of course it's a favorite for the "fro-up". If not there, then on the floor on my side of the bed or right in a pathway.

  11. I hope you get all of the carpet cleaned and then you can help me with mine:). Have a blessed day, hugs. Cute cartoon:)

  12. Your cat is adorable. I am trying to teach my 2 kittens not to get on the dining table. Looks like you have no advice for that:)

  13. I saved that same cartoon! You and your helpers created a lovely vignette!

  14. Debra,
    Too funny, dear friend...from my side of the screen, that is!!! Our beloved Maurice loved brown paper bags...those brown bag grocery bags and the shopping bags with the jute handles...but NOT plastic. Could be scarry if I didn't know you were at their beck and call!!! Thanks for reminding me of the JOYS of Cat Ownership! EnJOY their purrs...the BEST music to a cat owners ears!!!

  15. A cat is a cat. And that is that...

  16. Too cute! This morning I came down to a ball of blue yarn that stretched from the foyer to the living room then around a chair leg and back to the foyer.....obviously SOMEONE has insommnia...

  17. Oh our sweet kitties. Such little trouble makers. Mine are at home while I'm on vaca. with a friend looking in on them. But I still stress and worry about them.

  18. great pics of your sweeties:) (i'm so ready for fall!)

  19. Oh, my cat loves bags too, usually when I go grocery shopping I get one paper bag, that the cats lives in for a few days....And Hairball...I have that too LOL!


  20. Cats are funny for sure! I grew up with them, but have chosen to only have a dog at this point in my life. I know all too well about yucky hair balls. I once had a himilayan cat and I can't begin to tell you about the hair.........e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! Never again! Looking forward to seeing what you're doing in your dining room.

  21. Oh my gosh, I am in love with your kitties! Our Baby also has a fascination with bags! What is it with them? Fur balls, never fun for the kitties or us! Have a wonderful week!... Donna

  22. Love this post,cats are so cute. Happy cleaning. :)

  23. Love the shot of your little friend resting on the completed table after her escapades in the bag 'helping out!' lol Adorable post.

  24. Debra,
    Talk about letting the cat outta the bag!
    Thank goodness I don't have any hairball problems with Cat Daddy...only air balls!

  25. Ha ha, the cartoon is spot on regarding tile vs. carpet. Just like kids with my husband, they are always HIS kids when they say/do something I don't agree with.


  26. Hello Debra!
    loving the cats,they are such funny creatures. I just semi re did some things in our kitchen was we made a slip cover for my bench and my cat thinks I made it for her. It is full of hair constantly and then my new puppy,it's a good thing we have the same carpet cleaner. I believe everyone should have one,we use ares all the time,I love that it has a heater to for those stubborn stains. Have a great day!!


  27. What a sweet idea for the table display! I love sunflowers! They are always so cheery!


  28. Gorgeous sunflower display and love the grey accent. Makes me miss my kitties and all their antics. Except the hairballs, that is. :)

  29. So wonderful displayes , and I mean both the sunflower, and your little friend :-)
    What a joy, please keep me out of any bag ,LOL
    Wonderful photoes dear Debra.

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