Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Pretty" Pitiful

At the risk of using a double negative...
no one can say that I'm not an optimist.

I mentioned last week that my poor hydrangea bushes have taken a terrible beating in this heat. Same thing last year. I'm seeing that most plants and hydrangeas especially, aren't fond of 100+ temps and drought. I water them every day, sometimes twice a day but this wicked weather is just not conducive to pretty, luscious, colorful blooms. They started out white, then started to immediately dry up. But then just the faintest tinge of color started showing up. (Believe me, there have been some posts from you all out there that have caused severe bloom envy!)

 Not to be outdone by this danged heat spell, I cut what few little attempts there were for blossoms and tied them together to dry on the sunporch. Which by the way can be hotter than Hades in the AC, and my husband frowns on paying the electric company an arm and a leg just for the perk of having it comfortable...wah wah wah.

So, I'm looking on the positive side
 and remembering how much I just love those blooms come Fall; 
all dried and "Autumn-y" with browns and ambers.

I'm hoping if I praise those sad little bushes
that they'll hang in there and keep trying.

...on the other hand,
my geraniums on the deck have done well
as they get afternoon shade and a lot of TLC.

 These next two photos were from May.

Can you see that brown patch on the upper right?
yep, that's the yard.
so sad.
We've managed to miss every little local pop-up storm.

OK, out to water these babies.

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Hope you're having a good Sunday,
and staying cool.



  1. Yep. I have some sad plants too. Some of mine died while we were on vacation. Hope your hydrangeas come back for you. Have a blessed Sunday. Hugs

  2. Debra,
    I can relate.My garden looks bad too.And my grass is now straw.I don't even bother to water it as we restricted.I am just trying to keep everything else alive.

  3. This heat is doing a number on everything and my hydrangeas were SO gorgeous just a few weeks ago! sigh I'm starting to bring them in earlier too bc in addition we've had some serious downpours which beat them to death also! My once gorgeous flowerboxes are now full of leggy and browning's a constant battle! If I ever get rich I'm getting a garden helper!LOL

  4. Your hydrangeas look huge and fabulous next to mine! :-) On a bright note, we have had lots of rain lately...but that brings out the diseases in the grass! :-( You are right...we just need fall! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Debra,
    On our way to Worship this morning, driving out of the garage...we, too, notice our lawn is brown. We have lost the battle, although we did put up a good fight. "Mr. Ed" smiled and said, "Well, dear...there's always next year." It is a sad situation that two years have been a drought on the Prairie. Our concern goes larger than our own lawn to include our argicultural in this surrounding area. Prayers are being lifted up daily for rain. One can still hope! We are staying cool by staying indoors during most of the day! Have a great week ahead, dear friend!

  6. Our yard looks the same Debra....our flowers are doing quite well though, amazingly! The garden, not so much :( Wishing you a lovely Sunday as well!!
    Karla & Karrie

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  8. We planted a little hydrangea plant and it bit the dust! I did get some beautiful blooms from a friend whose bush did incredible this year, but hers is shaded a good part of the day, so it didn't get such intense heat. I'd be happy with even your pitiful pretties!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

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  10. Everything is dry and brown here too. I keep watering but I think I may be wasting my time :0(

  11. I think the flowers are stunning since we can't grow them at all here. Your shelves look so cute with all of your pretties displayed. Love them and the geraniums are amazing. Hugs, Marty

  12. Well, at least you have some flowers! I haven't planted a thing in two years, so all I have are the blooms from the various grasses around in the landscaping! I really need some potted pretties by the front door, but the weddings took priority over everything! I will get decked out for fall, though!!


  13. I feel your pain all we do is water endlessly and we haven't had the heat as bad as some.
    It's thundering right now. Music to my ears!
    No one ever said gardening was easy but your flowers look pretty good to me.


  14. Same situation here. Have had a few showers off and on the last couple of days - just depends what part of town you are in as to how much you got.
    Enjoy your week.

  15. its awfully hot in Boston too, and going to be all week. I had the sprinkler on, my hydrangeas look great, and I hope this heat doesn't kill them. You will have amazing fall arrangements for sure!!!

  16. So sorry you aren't getting any rain. We were dried up and brown like that, but have had many showers the past few days. Now all is green again. We refuse to water our ginormous yard because our county water rates are on a tier system and the rates go up for every so many gallons. We just can't afford a $400 water bill so I watch the yard turn brown. My hydrangeas are quite bad, too and I am going to cut them all off to use dried like yours.

  17. I can relate as well. Our local municipality has asked for voluntary restrictions for water use...for now. Considering we're just halfway into July with no rain in the forecast, we'll probably have a watering ban in place by August.

  18. So sorry that you are experiencing such heat. I understand and feel your pain. Your May flowers were beautiful and it's good you are optimistic about beautiful dried hydrangeas for Fall.

  19. We're in the same boat, Debra. Our lawn is drying up except where I've been watering 8 hrs/day every day of the week. I'm trying to keep my flowers alive because I consider them an investment I'm not willing to give up on. :) So far they're doing ok, but just not blooming as much as they usually do.

    Your geraniums do look fabulous, though! And I'm sure your hydrangeas will survive. We're bound to get a good rain sooner or later....aren't we....??? :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. Our plants and blooms haven't done so great in the heat either~ and the lawn... aye.

  21. We are in the dog days of summer, my friend. While I have been struggling to keep my flowers and bushes going, I have given up on the's just a burnt blanket. No rain in weeks.

  22. So many gardens are taking a beating in this heat. At least your geraniums are doing well. Hang in there.

  23. I don't keep many potted plants, between trips to the ranch and the city, I have a hard time keeping anything watered.

  24. Debra, Reckon we could get some green spray paint and do the yard? I lost so much grass during last year's drought and it's struggling to come back. On the flip side...the weeds are prospering quite well!
    At least you've got some green/brown blooms. My hydrangeas look at me like I'm crazy which I think means in the language of flowers "you must be outta your mind if you think we're gonna work in this heat!".

  25. its crazy here, too--no rain since may 1st! with our no water ban, everything is dead..except the wisteria! its blooming, again--like i said, crazy!

  26. Well, Debra, I think your hydrangeas look just beautiful! And I can't believe how much your geranium plant has grown! What is the trailing plant in front of the geranium - any ivy? A ground cover? Just a beautiful arrangement!

    We haven't had temps as high as 100. I can't even imagine because I'm wilting in the 90's with the high humidity that we're having here in New England. We were supposed to get a storm last night but no such luck. It's brutal. I think fall is looking like a welcome friend right about now!

    Try to stay cool!... Donna

  27. Hydrangeas are hard work. They require lots of time & attention in order to flourish. Mine's not doing so great either.

  28. Everyone is having the same trouble this year. Mine are pathetic, except for the lime light which is fine. Endless summer have been taking a beating since spring. Don't give up hope.. next year. :)

  29. Same thing here -- brown everything. I gave up on all of my flowers -- they need RAIN water with its minerals and nutrients so no matter how much you water -- it's not going to help much in this kind of heat. 100 degrees here again today and tomorrow. The only thing that's doing well is my vegetable garden which gets watered morning and evening.

  30. Dont know what you are complaining about.. they still look awesome :)

  31. Oh, I'm with you on this one Debra. I was so excited because our hydrangeas were just loaded with blooms and buds this year but the excessive heat has taken its toll and they aren't pretty anymore. And like you, I just try to remember how nice the dried ones look in the Fall. Brown and dried up grass is do depressing I think. We are lucky in that we have had some storms that have given us some rain water. :)

  32. Hi Debra, we have been put on water restrictions and my flowers are feeling the heat also. I have a limelight Hydrangea tree and I noticed that the leaves were starting to shrivel up. Not blooming yet. I have been dumping a bucket of water on it each day hoping to save it and enjoy the gorgeous Fall blooms. I do think your blossoms will be fabulous for Fall. I hope you get some rain soon. We had a couple days of brief rains. It was wonderful, but we need more.

  33. I am right there with you. My hydrageas are pretty sad too. I have been watering two times a day in this heat with all my flowers. I did the happy rain dance when we got some rain last night. Not enough but it is a start and a big help.

  34. Stopping by from Garden Party. Our Hydrangeas are taking a beating like yours, the high temps are just too much for them to take. Right now just watering to keep my "garden" alive. We finally got rain last night after 28 days without! Hoping things pert up, but so many shurbs don't seem like they will make it. I'll take your positivity and remember how much I like dried hydrangea's during winter!

  35. Debra, Thanks for sharing your flowers on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Hopefully the hydrangeas will surprise you and be just what you want for fall. You always know just how to decorate even with a drought.


  36. I wish I could send you some of the tropical rain we've had here this week Debra. It is mid winter here in Australia and not normally our rainy season, but we got a deluge anyway. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday :)


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