Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little Flags

It's been so hot...
I know that most of the rest of you are in this same pattern, but it's too early in the summer to be this miserable. Last summer was a scorcher, and I guess we're in for another one.  Not much use in my complaining, I'm fortunate to have AC and don't have to work outside. And speaking of outside, my plants are just pitiful, especially my hydrangeas which I had high hopes for this year. I thought of posting a pic, but they're just too sad and I didn't want to embarrass them, especially since they can't do anything about it.

So here is some "inside" fun.

Put a few patriotic touches in the Dining Room

Love these vintage "Cemetery flags" and always buy the ones when I can find them for a few dollars, like these that I picked up recently.

And I put my "French ticking" stripe tablerunner that I made last Fall back on the Dining Room table. It looks more summery than the brown floral.

I've really been loving my old window box on the table; can't believe it only took me four years to try it there... I'm anxious to put a Fall arrangement in there. I can just see it filled with pumpkins and Fall leaves.
Only two more hot yucky months before Fall.
let me tell you, I start counting down the days!

 More flags in the Entry basket of daisies.

I did brave the heat and put together a Patriotic tablescape outside,
I'll be sharing that Tuesday afternoon.

If you haven't entered the Big Book Give Away

Hope you'll come back tomorrow for

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Keeping those that have lost their homes and properties 
in these terrible fires in our thoughts and prayers.

(I've had a nice email asking me about my use of the flags in decor, and this is my personal opinion: because these flags are antiques and relics, and not "dedicated to service or commissioned flags" I don't feel it's wrong or disrespectful to use them as I have. They have been salvaged from flea markets and swap meets, etc.  under those conditions, boxed, folded, and wadded up. So my use of them to me is perfectly respectful and honoring of my love of Country and the American flag.)



  1. Oh, Girl... I am with ya ! It's been 107 degrees here
    and I am also counting the days until FALL.. my fav
    time of the year.
    Love your flags and the way you can see thru your
    cute, new slipcovers for the dining room chairs !

    Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July.


  2. Debra,
    Love all your patriotic decor.And your box looks great on your dining table.I know you will make it look pretty in the fall too.We too are experiencing the heat.Thank God for our AC.But I do wish I could go outdoors more.I poor flowers are not looking well either.

  3. That's one thing about decorating in neutral whites, you can add almost any holiday colors and it looks fabulous! Love your style!

  4. take it from someone who works is aweful. it is all i can do to keep things watered, but even water won't help the plants that can't stand the 109 degree heat. all of your red white and blue looks so festive. your dining room slips have made such a big change in the dining room and it feels more casual and the change! well, it is too hot for me to go into the attic to find my fourth of july decorations, so it may not happen this year....

  5. I find that if I can get out about 6 a.m. it's not so bad but I've given up watering the yard. My tomatoes are even getting sunburned. Your table looks great.....I haven't done one thing to decorate for the 4th (& probably won't). Have a good holiday & I'm certainly saying prayers for the fire victims. Jan

  6. Joe just put flags outside and he nearly melted from the heat. Your inside flags are glorious in that window box. Now Joe is taking MINI WEES for a motorcycle ride. I am not old enough for that big bike yet. hugs, O

  7. Aren't we all counting the days till fall. That said, we had a pleasant morning of 75 and scattered showers. The first rain we've seen in months, though hardly enough to jump up and down about. Beggars can't be choosers though, so I'm thankful for every little drop.
    Fun to see more of your patriotic decor. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  8. How beautiful, Debra! Love that window box! It is terribly hot and humid here, too...we are at the lake and no one even wants to go outdoors...

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  10. Beautiful and patriotic!! We are just outside of the burned area and its been hot here to thank goodness for the clouds the last few days.

  11. Lovely, Debra! Between the flags, your windowbox centerpiece and those slipscovers, I'd be walking in and out of that room all day! : ) The heat is horrible, but you're right ~ I don't have to be outside and I am so thankful we are not one of the ones who lost power.

  12. Your dining room looks so pretty Debra! I have the flag still draped behind my St. Francis statue on our dining room mantle and I just love seeing it there. Stay cool my friend, I just finally managed to sweep my front porches after far too long because I couldn't bear to be out there to do it! We have one small ac unit in a window and fans going everywhere... thank goodness for those! t.xoxoox

  13. Your dining room looks so fresh and bright with your newly slipcovered chairs and accessorized tabletop!

  14. Debra,
    Love, love, love the drape of the Flag in your dining room! Your added touches of flags to the exsisting decor is stunning!!! The heat has been intense here on our side of the Prairie,indeed.Instead of our usual cook~out...I'm thinking maybe fried chicken indoors sounds like a "cool" idea this year!!! Have a safe & Happy Fourth of July, dear friend!

  15. Hi Debra; I'm so sorry that a lot of you are experiencing such hot weather so early in the season. So far, here in Norther California, it has been warm but not really hot, just comfortable. It will heat up later on though. Your patriotic touches around the house are just the right pop of color. It looks so festive and well done..Happy Sunday..Judy

  16. I love your touches of patriotic decor! Those flags look so good against all the white you have in there. I've been outside alot this afternoon working on a project and watering our vegetable garden. I feel like a need a cold shower now!

  17. Debra, I love your flags. We need to keep our freedoms alive!
    Mary Alice

  18. Debra, it is way too hot out. Yes, good thing we have ac. Love all your patriotic touches.

  19. Debra, that looks so pretty! The heat here is unbearable and we really can't go out. Fall is my favorite time of year.

  20. Debra, I love, love that window box, and what a great idea to put it on your table. We also hide indoors in July and August only coming out when it cools down a bit. Love the old red, white and blue!!

  21. Love all your patriotic touches to your beautiful decor. I absolutely love the basket on the little chest with the flags. That vignette is so sweet!

    Happy 4th, a little early! :)

  22. The centerpiece, and the basket are so pretty, Debra.

  23. Yeah, that vicious extremely hot weather is not my fav..been from NY nothing is more beautiful to me than FALL WEATHER. Here, in the Andes weather is like spring all year round..a little colder, a little warmer, dry, sunny and rainy; it's fickle this way, but really confortable. Now, where daughter Sofia lives is humid and HOT, HOT and I could die, lol..
    I love the decor and the beautiful box and lovely and patriotic. HAPPY 4TH. OF JULY to you!!!

  24. So tastefully done Debra, bet I wouldn't expect anything less from you.
    The flag on the church pew took me back to church. This morning, our Pastor spoke about how this country was founded on Godly principles and how our government has twisted the meaning of separation of church and state, taking God completely out of the picture. He invited us all to our knees as we prayed for our country to repent and be healed.
    I will now be on the hunt for a pew and a flag of my own.

    Thank you for the inspiration,

  25. debra, i love the ticking pillow with the flag on your pew! and the cute flower box and runner look so pretty with your new slips! beautiful room--have a great 4th!

  26. Hi Debra, I just love all your decor! Your table runner looks fabulous.I'm still drooling over your slips,and flower box.


  27. Loving the subtle use of the red, white, and blue in your pictures. So tastefully done! ; )

  28. Love your flags and how you've displayed them. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. I understand what you mean about the flowers outside. It is sweltering here. My garden flowers are struggling to live and are producing few blooms.
    Love the window box on the dining table. The flag draped across the love seat is beautiful.
    Stay cool, Ginger:)

  30. Debra, everything in your home looks absolutely beautiful and so pleasantly patriotic. The flag draping gives a beautiful touch.


  31. Beautiful! I don't usually decorate for the 4th. This year we are having a last minute BBQ for friends and family. I am wishing I decorated now! I love the planter on the table! The whole room is sweet.

  32. Wonderful post. I love the pop of patriotism.
    I"m so fortunate to live in the Northwest where it has been in the 60's now with 70's coming later this week. That's about as hot as I can go. I get really crabby if the thermometers creep above 79〫.
    I do have great sympathy for all those with the heatwave and in the fires around the country.

  33. Beautiful! I love the centerpiece and I adore your dining room.


  34. Love your old wooden box and the red, white, and blue pops so prettily in your dining room

  35. I love the way you have rescued and used the flags to decorate your house and demonstrate your patriotism. Also love that white box with the flags & flowers--really looks lovely on your table.

  36. Debra, your display is fabulous. So sunny and cheerful.

  37. I am so impressed with your dining room decor. This should be in a magazine...on the cover for that matter. I never would have thought flags could look so pretty.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  38. The dining room looks fabulous! And yes, the box on the table needs to stay! Another scorching summer here in Va too....sigh...

  39. Oh love your box and the flowers are lovely, plus the flag is the perfect finishing touch. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  40. What a gorgeous table arrangement. It's so lush and full and just plain beautiful. I too, love the window box on your dining table. Smart move!

  41. Times have changed. I served in the Air Force during the Viet Nam war. People today decorate with the flag to honor it, not to denigrate it, as was the case in the 60's. I think your decorations are tasteful and full of respect for the flag. You go girl!

  42. I adore your box on the dining table! Your decorations are lovely. We too are sweltering making it a long summer I believe. Today after a week of this weather I am too counting down to Fall.

  43. Oh, Debra, it is all so pretty and well done! Sighing. Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you again next week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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