Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The "White" Stuff!

Hey Everyone,
 it looks as if a good portion of blogland is under a heavy blanket of white, today.
We probably have about 12 inches here and more is falling.
We dodged the ice and thankfully the power outages that usually come with it.

So today, I wanted to share some "whites" that I put together to stay in keeping with not only the snow, but add a few sprinkles of hearts for February, our month of Romance.

Remember my chairs that we used for our sunset lakeside dinner last fall?
They've found a spot in the Living Room
but today one is holding some of my ironstone and linens.

I've realized these are of Gustavian (Swedish) design.
Definitely old, but recaned. I found them for 13 dollars apiece.
I know!!!!!

love the carving on the back

We went to the Springfield City Wide Garage Sale last Sunday,
and I picked up a few pieces of ironstone to add to my platter collection from England.

This one is the same from the top photo and is Johnson Brothers.
It's in pretty good shape but has a small chip on the rim.
I have a stack of these fancy scalloped edge English serving platters on my kitchen counter.

(vintage crocheted heart I've had since forever)

This little pitcher was given to me recently by my Mother-in-law.
It belonged to her grandmother.

This Meakin platter has been used hard...
it has a small crack, and lots of pitting,
and was definitely a workhorse.
It weighs 4 pounds!!!

I found this lovely linen runner there too. 

a little taste of winter here in SW Missouri

Right outside my sunroom door on the deck

...and speaking of sunrooms,
If you haven't been by to visit Jill this morning,
we're hanging out on the porch!

I'm linking to Kathleen for White Wednesday

Stay warm and snuggly!
Happy February!


  1. Glad you're safe and sound. We've got 10 inches so far and more on the way tomorrow. I honestly don't know where we are going to put it all. We had a least 18 inches on the ground already! Spring, please come soon!


  2. Okay, I'm very sorry . . . but I will just have to have those gorgeous chairs! And that charming vintage heart. What some beautiful things! Thanks for sharing and stay warm and plugged in!

  3. The chairs are to die for! And $13 each??!!! I bet you were having a hard time not jumping up and down, grinning from ear to ear and clapping like a little girl. LOL

    I really like the postage stamp hearts. What a cute idea. And outside? The picnic basket tin? I have that very same one! What great taste have!

  4. Hi Debra, those chairs are 2die4! I just love the carvings on them. I have been after some scalloped plates, actually a dinner set for a while, but the only one I came across was $500! Can you imagine what I'd do if I broke a plate!! Yours were a true bargain. The snow outside actually looks lovely from my neck of the woods.. it's 9am and it's already too hot to go outside. We're having a bit of a heat wave in NSW at the moment. take care, Maryann

  5. I am glad your weren't to affected by the bad weather! I used to live in Wichita and my husband traveled back & forth to Springfield for work. The weather was always crazy! I hate to tell you that I am sitting in shorts with 75 degree weather right now! Gotta love Florida!

    I love your chairs! What a find!

  6. Hi Debra... your whites are so pretty, love the little crocheted heart too... also loved your porch at Jills... left you a comment there too!... can't you make this winter weather go away??? You are covered in snow, and today we are under a high wind warning with our east canyon winds that gust up to 100 mph... iffy power off and on... stay warm in all your snow!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. Pretty Valentine header! Love your crocheted heart and all your white platters and pitchers with the cute hearts made from old stamps.

    The snow pictures are very pretty but I hope you keep your power and it is over quickly.

  8. Meant to say clever blog "title" too!

  9. Your whites all look so pretty! I love that little crocheted heart. I think it would love adorable framed.


  10. I love those chairs! What a deal! I'm also loving the ironstone, so lovely. Well, stay warm up there.
    My dad is in Branson, Missouri right now on vacation. He sent me a snowy pic this morning from his condo window.
    Becky C

  11. Just too lovely. I adore the crocheted pieces!


  12. ...adore all the white heart valentine's ~
    all of it EXCEPT that fluffy, cold, wet stuff!!!

    March 20th can't be here soon enough!!
    Happy?? White!! Wednesday ~ lol!!
    xo, Rosemary

  13. I will be dreaming about those chairs tonight. It's a good thing I don't know your address! LOL Now every chair I find this weekend when I'm out junking will be compared to those....sigh. ;-)

  14. They sure don't make things like they use to. Love that ironstone! And the sewing machine table outside. I have those tables around the house. Serves so many purposes! Stay warm!

  15. Everything is so lovely, you make me want to throw everything out and start over. Love your ironstone! Bundle up and stay warm!

  16. Hi you snow bunny with the bestest white chairs ever! Stay Warm Please♥

  17. Everything on my screened-in backporch is covered with snow & it's still blowing. Wasn't it 70 on Sat.? Oh, well, we didn't get the ice. Loved the little hearts made from stamps. Great post!!!! Stay warm! Jan

  18. I know you guys are tired of the snow, but it is awfully pretty!
    Here in the South we just have rain and wind.

    I love the chair. $13.00??? That's just crazy!

  19. We're in the midst of the BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY, from what I hear, Debra! UGH!!! Twenty inches is forecasted here in Michigan. Spring could not come to soon..... :) Your treasures and photos are just beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  20. Great price on the chair and pretty! The only time I like to see snow is in photos (like yours). I am ready for Spring.
    Citywide garage sale this time of the year ? :( Did I read that right?
    I am ready for Spring.

  21. Hellooooo Debra... I am Sooooooo Loving YOUR Deck In Snow!!! All those finds are now getting nice and chippy!!!
    Hugs... Jeanine

  22. Hey Debra
    It is howling here tonight! We are getting hit hard with wind and snow, a good night for soup and blogging:)
    Love that ironstone, and your chair turned out just fabulous.
    Stay warm and talk to you soon

  23. Hi Debra, A message coming from Northwest Missouri. We had the freezing drizzle yesterday and last evening with the blowing snow today. We have had 10 inches so far with it still snowing. The wind is causing drifting and whiteouts in our area. I haven't worked the last couple of days because I don't like the ice. I am glad that I was home today because of the blowing drifting snow. Stay warm down there in Springfield Ares. I enjoyed looking at your white chairs and valentine heart. Take care, A Missouri Friend.

  24. Oh wow, Debra, I just love all your treasures! The chairs are gorgeous & a steal, and I love your linens and ironstone. Most of all, that crochet heart grabbed my heart. I crochet a little bit and would like to make one some day...when I have more time, right?
    Happy happy White Wednesday! (It's extra white here in the Boston area, too!)
    - Susan

  25. Absolutely beautiful. Love the pillow. Stay warm ~ we're getting snow too but we supposed to get the freezing rain right after. Get the generator ready :-)

  26. you always find the best stuff!! love, love, LOVE the swedish chairs. stay warm, if you can!

  27. Such beautiful whites today, Debra. I love the screen behind your chair.

    I have a question for you? Do you have to pay for your linky list on VIF? I noticed yours was different than mine and I was just notified today that I'm going to have to start paying to use it for WW. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and stay warm and safe.


  28. Your whites are all so beautiful. I love the chair with all it's charming detail. Stay warm,

  29. Oh those chairs are killer!! And the ironstone work horse platter is wonderful too! So much history. I have a set of little pink hearts from Denmark like your white one. Is yours scandiavian too? Anyhoo it sure is sweet. Vanna

  30. Debra, that chair!!! The carving is sooooooooo beautiful and delish! Not to mention the English Ironstone. I want to go shopping with you! And those little cut out vintage postage stamp hearts? Did you think we didn't notice? hehe, I love stopping over here. xoxo tami

  31. I love love love that little Crochet or Tatted Heart! The patterns for the older needle work items are always so great. It's such a perfect accent, and the little bits of color in the Stamp hearts totally round things out! Such a Great Idea, and I love the mix of photos. All that snow is scary (crossing my South East Weather fingers!).

  32. Just LOVE that chair - what a find!!

  33. Just hopping thru some blogs and found yours.. Love it!

  34. Dear Debra,
    your Gustavian chairs are beautifull- --and so very expensive here in DK- wonderfull buy,
    and so are the ironstone pieces,sweet-
    the little pitcher from your mil- is so cute---- can one say that about a pitcher ??--
    Love all your white stuff- Debra, dear friend.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  35. I believe your heart is tatted. I tat and while looking at your site I was drawn to it first. Beautiful things. After looking ay several blogs with white furnishing I want WHITE!!!!

  36. Loving your whites Debra (um, maybe not the white outside...sick of snow)! Your little stamp hearts are so cute too!

  37. Lovely whites to say the least. Love the ironstone and white chair, makes my heart swooooooonnnnnn ;) Thanks for sharing such beauty to behold.

    Take care and stay safe in all the wintery mess.


  38. $13? Are you kidding us? Always love your posts and this one is so beautiful.

  39. I so love Toile and Red is wonderful ,Stay warm!
    I am your newest follower!

  40. Everything in your photos is so very pretty! And I agree with Carm above. When I saw the little heart, I thought it was some very pretty tatting. Nearly a lost art it seems. I tried to teach myself once, but didn't get very far. One of these days! This is my first time to visit your blog and it's lovely. Bess

  41. Your pitcher and platters are beautiful sitting on that wonderful old chair.

    The outdoor pictures are gorogeous. Here in Tennessee we don't get a lot of snow, but when we do, I am quickly outside snapping as many pictures as I can.


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