Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm In!!!

Well, I made it, but not without lot's of help. My hubbs and son-in-law, Chris;
my two trusty sidekicks, did the hard work.
I still have more things to bring in, but at least I'm there.

This is the first time I've moved into a space
 that I didn't bring enough stuff to fill it up.

So I still need to put a few more tubs together of smalls,
and bring in a few more prints.

The huge architectural window piece has been in my garage for a year or two.
I thought it made a good statement sitting there in the middle.

that was sooooo much fun,
and I have the scar to prove it!

I had the wicker settee in my Dining Room,
but it's time to let it go.
I traded it out for a church pew that I recently painted white.

Here's lookin' at ya!

If you live in the area, Relics is a lot of fun.
Located on West Battlefield and Kansas Expressway.
10-6 M-F,
12-6 Sunday.

The new Tea Room is scheduled for late Spring.
(can't wait!)

Hope you all had a good weekend,
I've been a bum today.

love ya,


  1. Debra, Everything looks fabulous!!!! You are going to sell out of all that good stuff quick:) Good luck and have fun with it:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Sounds like you need to rest up some! I will forward this post to my oldest daughter, who is setting up a booth in Tulsa. You have great display ideas!

  3. debra, you are off to a great start! you will have so much fun creating vignettes and tweaking and fluffing. i miss having a booth so much! best of luck for massive sales!



  4. Sounds like a fun day setting up your new booth! Everything looks great! Lots of great finds!!


  5. It looks great and oh so springy and gardeny! I love the throw on the settee. I'm curious- let us know what sells first.

  6. Everything looks great...I hope the very best for your success!!!

  7. It looks fabulous. Much success.

  8. Beautiful! You will have that place triple stacked in no time. I love the big architectural center piece.

  9. It looks wonderful...I see lots of fun goodies! Wish I could shop!

  10. Debra, Looks great!!! OH I LOVE that little black Shelf.... I need that for my Office I wish I were closer .. I see you in the mirror...LOL... Happy Sunday...


  11. Debra, it all looks just great! Wish I could shop there.

  12. Hi Debra,
    It all looks so great..I am in CA and have been following you for awhile now as you live close to my Mom...she lives in Buffalo about 45 minutes away, she would like to get into a small space somewhere like a 5x7 or so...we are called Tattered Goods and we do what we call industrial/cottage decor as well as our dish towels and pillows that we offer at retail and wholesale and many other things. My Mom is here in Ca now and will be back home in MO April 1st. I would love to get the 2 of you together so she can find the hot spots to be and such as we are needing/wanting to have a booth in Springfield or the Ozark area...check us out at or email us at


  13. Looking good! Looks and sounds like you deserve to be a bum today.
    Enjoy your evening.

  14. I love that big window! That is fantastic! What a focal point for you booth. This looks like a fabulous place to shop. I wish I was closer...I'd come shopping!

  15. Debra, it really does look great. I wish you all the success in the world!

  16. How exciting to move into a new place.


  17. Debra, everything looks fabulous.... I know you will do wonderful!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  18. A beautiful start, Debra! I just might have to dash over and check it out tomorrow on our day off from school. Best wishes on your new endeavor...XOXO

  19. Wish I was close enough to shop. Booth looks great! Tiff

  20. I'm cleaning out the garage too...just too much stuff. Looking good at your booth.

  21. I'm exhausted just imagining how hard you worked but it certainly looks great. Love your header. I finally got Picasa to download for me so next I'm going to try the 3 pictures. May have to yell for help. Take tomorrow off!!! Jan

  22. How exciting!! Your created a very beautiful and inviting space. I think it's time for a road trip.

  23. Oh dear Debra, LOVE IT! You have some really interesting, eye-catching pieces and OH IF I ONLY LIVED closer:) Congratulations on the big move! HUGS!

  24. Wish I lived closer - it is looking so cute! Good work :-)

  25. Good for you being a bum today. I bet you needed the rest. Have a great week.

  26. What fun!!! You get to be shopgirl but not have to be there every day......too far for me too, but sure is beautiful!! WIsh you lots of luck.

  27. it looks wonderful Debra~ you certainly have a talent and fine eye...


  28. Hi Debra! Your booth looks wonderful...I see several things I would just love to have!
    Good luck in your newest venture! Have fun!

  29. Looks great. Too bad its not closer to me!

  30. It all looks soooooo good!
    I know you have more to go, but it looks most excellent right now.

    Okay. But the photographer in me has to ask this, based on your last photo...are you framing your shots using the LCD screen or the viewfinder?

    Talk soon!

  31. Debra your booth looks great, I hope you sell out and have to put lots of new pretties in. Have a wonderful week.

  32. Your space looks GREAT - love the large architectural piece!

  33. It's the 2nd weekend in March. We decided we needed an extra week. See you then.

  34. Good Morning Debra! You booth looks beautiful, the window is perfect right there but I bet it won't last long! I love the old window with the bird picture on it too, really sweet. I can see it hanging on someones porch... oh and one of those zinc tables from your last post too! Have fun fluffing! Theresa xoxo

  35. That arched piece is wonderful and certainly makes a statement! I have no doubt that in just a few weeks, you'll be lamenting not having enough room instead of stuff. 'Course that really won't be a'll be flying out as fast as you bring it in!
    Looks fantastic. You and your crew did a beautiful job.

  36. Everything looks great... wish I were close enough to shop.

  37. It all looks so nice...wish I could visit in person!


  38. Ohh, such great treasures...and displayed so beautifully!
    Have a great week!

  39. Deb it looks wonderful! We heard about Relics from Ruthie and it sounds so exciting. We hope to make it back to Springfield this spring. Maybe to look for a home....we'll see what God has planned. Say "Hello" to Melony and Brian for us. It's been several years since we have seen them. You all look like your doing fabulous! May God continue to bless as you look to him for all things. Blessings, Judy and Sara

  40. Dear Debra,
    such a great beginning- in this new place, it looks wonderfull, the arch window piece is a fantastic thing- and the prints ,so lovely--
    and....I spottet the one table with "balls" on its legs- how sweet is that,
    All the best of luck, dear friend- I wish I could visit :)
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  41. I wish I could stop by. Everything looks wonderful!

  42. It all looks great wish I lived closer!

  43. Like a moth to a flame, I'd be drawn to your booth! I love everything, good thing I don't live near you.

    Blessings, Rhonda

  44. Oh Debra! You're space is already looking so lovely. I sooooo love that architectural piece of window. And already found a few other pieces I would love to have for myself. If only I live closer.

  45. Congrats on you new beginning! I wish I was closer so I could come take a peek! Hugs, Janna

  46. Hi Debra,
    I know it's hard work putting together a booth, but isn't it wonderful when you can stand back and look at how pretty it is.
    It looks wonderful and I love your backdrop of burlap walls. Everything looks wonderful and my guess is you will be filling it up again next week.


  47. Great looking blog. I wish I was close enough to shop. Glad I found you. By the way, I have a contest giveaway on my blog you might find fun. Take a look.

  48. Please tell me you did not lift the tea cart. You will fill up the space in no time at all. I am on a gardening binge and feel like I have been thrown down the stairs. loveya♥t

  49. What fun, Debra!! You are going to be so busy in that awesome booth! It looks just wonderful!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  50. Your booth looks fantastic! What fun! What a great space for all your finds. Thanks for sharing.

  51. OOOOH! It looks wonderful... Congratulations!
    How exciting to be there, it is a great place and I can't wait to see the tea room all done up! It looked so cool when we were there.
    You have been working girl! I have been a bum, not even on the computer!
    Trying to get back in the swing of things now
    Have a great week

  52. Love your look,so clean and fresh. Wish I was in the neighborhood,but just a bit far away.

  53. It's GORGEOUS!!! I wish wish wish I was closer!!!


  54. Debra, your booth looks sooo pretty. I wish I could come shopping there! laurie

  55. Debra,
    It looks lovely. Can't wait to see even more goodies in it.
    Love the simplicity of the bird picture right in middle of old frame. Is it glued on edges??

    barbara jean

  56. Debra, it looks great..I will watch for you as I am stocking at Relics. Hope to see you soon.

  57. Quality, not quantity, it all looks so good. I only wish I lived closer, I'd be a loyal customer. You'll be constantly busy with re-stocking. It all looks fabulous.

  58. Lookin good Debra! Doesn't it feel good to get it all organized and out of your house? I sometimes wish i had a bigger space, but i don't want to get in over my head and this size is easy to manage.

    Take care my friend.


  59. Wonderful booth! You have loads of especially nice things, so hope you do well. Love the print of the robins! Bess

  60. Congratulations Debra, it looks just wonderful!! It's always so much fun setting up your booth, I miss having one.
    Have a great day.

  61. Hello Debra, how exciting for you! Everything looks just beautiful!... I especially love that gorgeous picture of the Robins and their nest... do you sell any of the things from your booth online? I also love that gorgeous brown and white pitcher... thank you for visiting and your heartfelt comment on my latest post... you are such an inspiration, and I appreciate your friendship so!... xoxo Julie Marie

  62. Hi Debra ~ your space looks awesome!! You did a great job! Thanks for letting us browse with you!!

  63. Debra,
    That looks fabulous! Congrats on your new booth!

  64. I was really taken by the door, table and shelf that you put together so it looks like a hutch. Love it!!! I have featured it on my latest INSPIRED BY post -


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