Monday, May 4, 2015

Potting Bench Progress

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend...

I've spent most of my time outside this last week. First, working on getting the container planters filled with flowers for the deck, patio and front yard, then coming up with more things for the potting bench area. 

Here's what it looked like a week or so ago, right after we brought over my bigger pieces from storage. When I first showed it to you all I just had the counter and a few random garden goodies.

I sold my little enclosed scalloped bookcase that I'd had on the potting bench at the other house, so I was trying to come up with an alternative, when I spied an old bookcase in the garage that hubby had made about 35 years ago. It had gone through several transformations, none of them very good, and was currently painted black with lot's of wear and tear (I'd used it for years as display at my antique mall spaces) I took off the back which was MDF and painted the shelves and frame with two good coats of ASCP Pure White and some antique white interior latex. It covered most of the abuse and so now I have a little place for some pots and watering cans.

This little concrete statue has been missing his foot for ages, and has lot's of cracks and problems, but I love him, so he's sitting here for now. At the other house he'd been near a bird feeding station, so he was covered in 2 year, stuck on, old bird seed and droppings. really sad. He had a good bath and hose down. I think he's now good to go...

I have most of my flower pots filled with flowers, that I'll share with you this week, but I have a few last minute planting additions. You all know how much I love my Crystal Light (faux) Mojitos and what's a Mojito without fresh mint? gotta have fresh mint. It will go up on the deck in the sun, so I can run out there each evening and pick a sprig or two for my Happy Hour fun. (it doesn't take a lot to make my Happy)

My Sis and I both have these cute little moss baskets, so I'm copying her with a little Maidenhair Fern tucked inside. It looks like an Asparagus Fern is trying to hitch a ride...hmmm...not sure what that is sprouting up.

One of my many bunnies is eyeing it for lunch.

I have to thank my hubby for taking such good care of all my assorted garden goodies and statues. I was out of commission for a good part of the first move and he lovingly and carefully wrapped each and every one for me. (Actually, he would probably have liked to set them all at the curb with a big "FREE" sign, but he knew if he did, he'd never hear the end of it)

I have more arranging to do out here, but it's been fun pulling it all out of boxes and cartons, to bring together again. I miss having the sun porch, but this is a wonderful area under the deck, which is sheltered with a nice large patio. I painted my park bench this weekend, so hopefully I'll have the seating area presentable soon.

Remember my little Picket Fence Gate from the Sun Porch?
It's here for now; it makes a fun vintage, chippy backdrop for photos.


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See you Wednesday Evening at 6 PM for the party!

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