Friday, May 22, 2015

Jelly Cupboard Paint Makeover

I've long been a believer that a can of paint can be a room full of mismatched furniture's best friend. No matter where we've lived or what my current style might be, I've always had a mix of odds and ends; new pieces, antiques, hand-me-downs, and flea market finds. Each piece has a story or memory that keeps them there, but sometimes too many finishes, colors, and wear and tear can make trying to pull a room together totally a nightmare.

If you read my post from earlier in the week, you know I was in the middle of a paint makeover of this little primitive reproduction jelly cupboard. I knew when we were getting ready to move in that my painted furniture was going to have to undergo yet another metamorphosis. This is an odd spot, because the wall was left lopsided by Hubb's leather recliner. It's a short wall, and really not big enough for much at all.

This is what I started with on Tuesday.
 It was made by hand and has interesting details like square nails.
but the stained finish just wasn't working for me here.

I had started with a couple of coats of ASCP; French Linen, then a mix of several other colors, but none of them were working. Then I remembered that some of my furniture had a top coat of my old house Master Bedroom wall color. It was a custom mix by Benjamen Moore. Slightly darker than our current wall color Ben Moore Smokey Taupe. This matches the other painted furniture and the wall color. I'm letting it "cure" for a bit before I put on a Liquid Poly clear coat. You can't distress latex until it has a chance to cure for a bit, otherwise you get a "peel-y" mess.That's why I always put down a base coat of ASCP on first. That makes the paint grab on without sanding and allows for much better distressing.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome because it blends right in, but still balances out this strange wall and furniture predicament.

I won't be able to put much on it to accessorize, because of the large antique print. I think a basket or something like the two pitchers will be all it needs. It took me awhile to figure out what needed to be here, but shopping the house and and a little paint really can pay off. 

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  1. Oh, it's perfect, Debra. What a sweet piece. Love the new look. Deb

  2. Debra - that piece looks like it belongs there especially since you painted it. Really nice job.


  3. Lovely. It looks perfect there. And that last photo is such a nice shot looking toward the breakfast room, too! I love all the layered richness of your decor.

  4. Nothing better than a piece of painted furniture to tie a room together! Perfect!

  5. It was definitely the right call--looks fab!

  6. Looks great Debra and I agree paint can do wonders and tie things together!

  7. I learned something today. I didn't know you're supposed to let latex paint cure before sanding it. That's what happened to my coffee table legs! Now I know! I love the color you used on that jelly cabinet. I agree that too many different colors or finishes in a room is distracting.

  8. It turned out great, Debra! And I love the tip about using AS chalk paint as a primer of sorts!

  9. I really did not think I would say this, but the transformation is beautiful.

  10. Debra,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E the transformation of your jelly cupboard, dear friend!!!
    I agree with its originally finish there was too great a contrast with your other furnishings!
    Moving brings many challenges. . .
    you're doing a marvelous job of blending the pieces you love into the area you have!!!

  11. Perfect! It adds interest and balances that wall!

  12. I love your jelly cupboard and its metamorphosis Debra! I have a couple of painting projects that I've been dragging my feet on :)

  13. Debra what a wonderful piece! I like the two toned look but painting it actually makes it look like part of the architecture of your room. And your sofa table is styled exquisitely!
    XO Barbara


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