Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Garden Girl, some Hydrangeas, and thinking out loud...

 This is one of those posts that is a little of this and a little of that...
just some small things to share with you.

Blogging has changed so much from when I first started almost 6 years ago.(You hear that every day, but it's really true) It used to be that you could confidently share a pretty photo or vignette, how you made a small change on your kitchen counter, or a new "whatever", without feeling like you were supposed to be entertaining everyone. We were excited to show our latest flea market and garage sale finds without feeling "less than". I still love those kind of posts, because honestly, it's those kind of "everyday life" posts that let us in on the real person that's blogging. It really intimidates me that blog posts now are expected to be some kind of major "production", elaborate DIY, or fabulous room reveal. And that if they aren't, then what you may post might be considered as irrelevant, blah, or boring.

(found my sweet little fountain last week)

Don't get me wrong...
I totally love a great DIY, Room Reveal etc.
but I have to tell you...
my life is just not that darn exciting,
 or productive, for that matter.
...and I really don't need or want it to be.

So today, 
I just want to show you where I put my little French Girl fountain,
and that I bought some Hydrangeas...
one pink, and one blue.
Now I just need to pick the right place to have hubby plant them.

 and that for right now they are in my black goat cart 
that I finally found, 
and sitting on the front porch.

'Endless Summer"...
they bloom all summer long 
and then have the most amazing colors come Fall.

 I can't wait to get them planted.
Last year I really missed having Hydrangeas
and Peonies, and Roses, and Black-Eyed Susans...

 Hydrangeas are my go-to flower.
They're beautiful in any season.

 and that my "Little Miss Muffet" is sitting on her tuffet...

taking a bath.

sorry for the cord in the pic.
I'm keeping it real today.

Try as I might, I just can't get "into" Facebook or Instagram.
I know Instagram has real possibilities,
 and it seems like so many bloggers are heading that direction
 because there's less "pressure".
Even there, many blogger photos look "professional",
 and that my little phone pics look silly in comparison.

Oh well,

Let's not miss out on sharing the sweet small things 
of everyday life on our blogs.
Let's not let blogging turn into a "Professional" sport.
Here's to feeling that as people and as bloggers,
 we are "relevant" matter what.

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  1. I so agree with you! I'll never have photos that look professional, and will never have an offer to "shoot" my home. But that's not what I'm about. I enjoy my small projects, and sharing them. I've noticed too, that people are much to busy to comment nowadays. I'm doing good to get over 4 or 5 comments, now. It wasn't that way at one time. I'm happy to say, though, that I have more in my life than blogging. So, I don't put pressure on myself to be like everyone else. I like doing my blog for me, for my followers, and my friends who keep up with it. Other than that, it's just a hobby.

    I love your little girl, and hydrangeas are a favorite of mine! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I loved this post today. You are so right. I think some bloggers put so much pressure on themselves and make their blogs a lot of work. They want it to be perfect and take hundreds of picture and ponder over just the right thing to say. I like the honest blogs, the flawed, the human. I like to know the person...and that she has bad days, or a picture that didn't turn out right.
    Love your little lady!

  3. Little Miss Muffet is a heart stealer...such a pretty cat. I'm just fine with sharing finds or a simple project. Sometimes I worry I'm doing a project that is way too simple...and often that's the one the people like best lol! I love your vignette, the urn is so lovely...and the hydrangea plants are beautiful, too! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Debra!

  4. I try to keep up with a mix of blogs for the reasons you stated. Some I consider friends, and enjoy their smaller projects and life moments. Others I admire their style but don't feel as connected with. I do enjoy your blog and variety of posts. Hydrangeas are my favourites too and I just planted one in our backyard to replace an older one that didn't make it well through our harsh winter. I try to add a few new plants as our budget allows. Hoping you have a lovely weekend. It is our Victoria Day long weekend here.

  5. This is such a great post, Debra. I haven't been blogging for that long, but already I feel the tides changing and the pressure mounting. It is for that reason that I don't spend as much time at it as I did when I started. I love that you are "keeping it real" here :)

  6. This is a great post, Debra. I agree with everything you said. I have been blogging for almost 6 years too, and things have sure changed. I only blog when i want. At this time in my life i don't need any pressure. It's a nice feeling to just blog about whatever you want, I think all your flowers are beautiful, and your kitty is so cute.


  7. I love Endless Summer hydrangeas and am hoping mine bloom this year - last year was a major haircut year for mine which, just by dumb luck, was timed perfectly with that wickedly bitter winter that killed so many plants in 2014 and left most people who had hydrangeas without blooms last summer.

    I'm a keep it real kind of girl and I could not, from the very beginning, ever understand the competitive nature that blogging seemed to be, and still don't. Most of it reminds me of the corporate world I worked in for 25 years, and I know not much of it really matters when you walk away. I very much value those whom I now call my blogging friends, and engage with regularly, and that's been my best bonus takeaway from blogging so far, which was (and still is) intended as my photo essay journal for my Panoply ventures with my sisters. Oh, and that Marketplace feature you used to host? I have met some fantastic sellers through those features you did. I really enjoy when other bloggers introduce people, and I find like-minded souls who I can connect with. We all matter, yes, and little things matter too. And a little kindness goes a long way. Good, thought-full post.

  8. This is a wonderful post that I think all bloggers can identify with. The older I get the more I appreciate what I have even though it's not the latest trend. I am glad I am not a young blogger that probably feels more unsure of herself simply because she hasn't grown her "own patina of age."

  9. Debra, I so agree with you about the change we have seen in blogging. Some of pressure has made blogging less fun and more of a business to some. I'll continue to blog , even about the small things . Your flowers are pretty and I love the fountain.

  10. I couldn't agree more.. Most of my reveals or what I blog about is my makeovers to furniture. It's what I do. It's not that exciting to most, but it's what my everyday life involves. I enjoy a good flip and being challenged to be more creative. But, you most likely won't see some big room reveal. BTW I am in love with that's perfect!!

  11. YES, yes, yes, Debra! As you know, I keep it very real. I rarely do projects. How these bloggers churn them out all the time is beyond me. When do they sleep? I'm old school. I want us to go back to the way things were. It was so much fun back then. I can't get into Facebook either (and then there's the fact that someone steals my identity, which makes it worse) and I don't have the kind of phone for Instagram. Besides, I'd rather take photos with my camera. Why can't it just be simple? Why do we have to be on all the various social media, which new ones spring up all the time? I just can't do it. I love writing and taking photos and our community. You know exactly what I mean. Thanks for this post!

  12. Thank you Debra. I am a fairly new blogger and I got the feeling that if you weren't spending a ton of money and were not in a magazine that you were kinda looked down upon. I don't blog every week and only try to post when I feel that I have something to share and I also don't advertise. I don't know how they have the time to spend with their families, clean house and do all that blogging.everyday.
    Your hydrangeas are stunning & I am afraid that mine aren't going to be very pretty this year due to the drought. thanks for sharing this post and I really feel a lot of bloggers feel the same way.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Hi Debra. I loved your post. I am a late to the game blog reader not a blogger and I am definitely not "techno" savvy. In the last 18 months of reading I have been amazed at the changes in bloggers sites. I personally love to decorate, garden and cook, I'm retired and these are now my creative outlets. I most enjoy the posts where the blogger is comfortable with herself and her own style, then it feels like you are visiting a friend. Your blog is most enjoyable so thank you for being yourself. Cheers for your honesty,

  14. Hi Debra.....I'm not a blogger, I'm a reader of blogs....and I love your blog, and your post today is spot on! I have unsubscribed from quite a few blogs lately.....because as a reader, I feel the presser that bloggers must be going through, and it makes me feel like I am not supportive if I don't follow them on whatever social media they need "followers" on. I like hearing about how you miss some of the things you had in your previous home....or how excited you get when you find one of your treasures buried in a box in the garage. That's real life. I look for things like lamp cords....and I give you a hip hip hooray for letting one show. That's real life. I could go on and on.....but I will end by repeating....I love your blog and you (and your hair style)....I love your great displays, and your kitty, and those geraniums! Please don't change a thing.....if you go over-the-top-pro.....I will cry. No offense to any of the other bloggers....I just like getting my inspiration from people who make me feel like I could really be their friend, and feel welcomed and comfortable in their home.

  15. I am not a blogger. I just enjoy the stories and photos (regardless of how they were taken) It's just the fact that one cares to share fun ideas with anyone who cares to view them; like a never ending favorite magazine (I have cancelled all my mag subscriptions b/c they are always just filled with advertisements now and costs continue to rise).

    So many blogs I had subscribed to a couple years ago, now take forever to load b/c of all the ads on their pages. It's refreshing to see the "real deal", that also loads quickly!

  16. I could have written this post, Debra. I've blogged for over 8 years and many times felt less than adequate. When I begin to feel that way, I remember I why I began blogging back in early 2007. It has always been a creative outlet for me. Plus, it keeps me active and interested. I've turned down and continue to turn down opportunities. I don't believe I have the stamina to do more than I do with BPM and still keep up with transitioning/downsizing, while keeping watch over J and all his health issues plus spending as much time as we can with our children and grandchildren. I like slow blogging.:-)

  17. Glad to read about "keeping it real." I am a newish blogger of a certain age (ha!) that is having fun taking pics and sharing with others of like mind. Glad to hear about how it was...but I think I might be there. No way I can compete with some of the blogs out there! I like making new "virtual" friends and appreciate it when a more experienced blogger offers me a tip. I am using my blog as a creative outlet and also to help me learn new tech things too. I once had a blogger tell me that until I had at least 100,000 readers a month I would not be successful enough for advertisers. Well, I am over that and just have fun with the process now. Yes, I would love more readers, and maybe in time I will reach more people every month. Just for fun...I guess I would love for a magazine to approach me for a shoot just once! :-) doubt that will ever happen though. Ha!
    Thanks for the fellowship Brenda and friends!

    1. Debra and friends! I was thinking about Brenda's reply above and typed her name instead of yours Debra. Yep..losing it. Ha! :-)

  18. I'd rather see a cat and a cord any day ! :)

  19. good read Debra-I am pretty new to blogging and I only do it as a hobby and a way to share my creativity. My posts are not professionally written or photographed and I really like taking the photos but not the writing part. For me at least, my blog is for me and my new friends in bogland and I want it to stay fun and easy so I do it the way I want to and I don't worry about how to do it different. Love your blog!

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  21. Debra, I really appreciated your post. I started blogging 2 years ago and then quit because of what you're talking about. It had caused me to 'strive' and I didn't want to do that. I was also spending money to have something to blog about and I didn't want to do that either. I came back a couple of months ago and I'm enjoying it and not feeling any pressure. I really enjoy getting to know some of the lovely women of Blogland and I feel like you're one of them. Keep posting. I'll be visiting your house daily.
    love and blessings~
    ps I still think of you every time I see a cute sheep! ;)

  22. The name of your blog is Common Ground and that is why your readers are here. Simple, satisfying and interesting. When someone subscribes they form a bond with you, they care about your health a transformation of a table. Advertising loads up the page, I then delete the blog because that's not what I'm interested in. I don't do Facebook or Instagram , so there is a fan base that's "common" and that's why we follow you. Thank you.

  23. Hi again, in re~reading my LENGTHY comment it sounded like I was really on my soap box so I deleted it dear Debra!... I totally agree with everything you have said in your beautiful post today... you know how many times I have stopped blogging then started again... you are the real deal, so down to earth and well, just YOU!... love you precious lady!... and I am so happy you are getting to plant all of your pots and flowers at your new home, they look beautiful!... and Miss Muffet on her tuffet!... tooo cute!... I will always follow you and totally be inspired by the love, beauty, and honesty you so warmly share... xoxoxo Me

  24. I love your posts. I come here because you are honest and forthright. I appreciate that. I would love to blog but I do not DIY or do a lot of crafts and our little farmhouse is our humble abode -- nothing very fancy. I have enjoyed your writing about finding your treasures. And thank you for a picture of your pets and one with a cord in it. Can't wait to see where you plant your hydrangeas.

  25. Oh Debra, your talking out loud, I'm listening and I so get it. I started blogging due to being home bound caring for my husband after a stroke at 57 and I was 54, 9 years ago! So, I had to keep busy, as not to go crazy! I love photography, playing with pictures, decorating, gardening, family and so I was urged to start a blog and it's filled my time with so much joy and the friends are amazing. I'm not ever stuck at home, husband had his stroke years ago and is doing great! But I'm still blogging and what you've just written about is so true! I'll continue to blog and will always have it for family and friends! I love meeting new blogging friends! They are the best! I'm not crazy about the competition of blogging at all. Blogging to me is a hobby and an outlet! Cheaper than therapy!! Plus I love to post about my other passion, my grands! I've always enjoyed your amazing blog and so enjoyed it and may not have commented much, but your blog on faith, truly hit home. I'm filled to the top with faith! Do you not have that anymore? Ekkk. I went on too long! I must say, I love hydrangeas and my first ones ever, are blooming! Oh, I like that you are keeping it real!

  26. After reading, goodness, that question didn't sound right! Lol..I wanted to know, do you have your other blog anymore? I've not seen it. It was wonderful.

    1. Hey Nancy, yes, I still have it, but I haven't posted too much lately. After what I'd been through with my health the last few years, I just felt I needed to "lay low", do you know what I mean? It's been hard, but it's still there and I probably need to go back and re-read it for my own self. LOL!

  27. I'm not sure who "they" are and frankly don't care. I blog for me!! . I don't advertise on my blog. I don't have a fancy camera. I have a pretty simple and blessed life that I share with whoever wants to read my is not about "them"...I don't have a huge fancy home. I have a home that the Lord blessed me with. I share about my hobbies, faith and things that I do.

  28. Hi Everyone, thanks for leaving your thoughts on this post. Many of you that have left comments are No-Reply Bloggers, and I really wish that I could respond to your comments personally. I have a post coming out Sunday morning that I hope you all will read. I've come to a few conclusions that I've known all along, it's just nice knowing that so many of us have a mutual understanding, and a desire to be "real". You all are the best!! xoxo

    1. Derba, I know I'm one of those no-reply bloggers, but Google seems to have the upper hand on any fix suggested. Believe me, I've tried, but I have provided an email option and given my email address in my About on G+ to try to compensate. I know you're listening, and I am a loyal follower of yours, so I hear your voice, regardless of it being spoken. Thanks again for this post.

  29. This was quite the post Debra.

    As a new blogger, it made me feel better and relaxed me. I read a sadness in your words but know that, the little things will always be appreciated, the homemade photos will be loved and posts like this, will always be read.

    I wonder what your tomorrow's post will be about.

  30. I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't go through. I agree on all counts, Debra. Thanks for writing this!

  31. Three cheers for Debra! I wholeheartedly agree. I love it when you have short and sweet posts such as this. Now that I am back in school full time, still working and the chief cook and bottle washer I truly appreciate a quick post. I don't always comment due to lack of time but I am reading! I too decided to take back blogging and now every Friday I have a series called Bits of Bliss. I just share little snippets of the previous week. It's generally 3 pictures of happy things that occurred in my life or something I found enjoyable. This past Friday one of my happy things included finally, after five months, putting an outlet cover over a hole of gapping wires. Yep. ZZZZZ. But that one small thing brought me bliss.Which is what blogging should be about.

  32. Your post resonates with me, because frankly, sometimes I wonder why I keep blogging when I'm not interested in becoming what I call a "commercial" blog. Then I'll receive the loveliest note from a nonblogger in which I'm reminded of what I thought blogging was all about...easy inspiration for everyday living, simple new ideas that anyone can do, and just the sweet moments or challenges in a person's life.
    I'm glad I'm not alone...
    Mary Alice

  33. Great post and I agree with all of it. I blog for me and I wouldn't last long in the blogging world if I had to worry whether I had perfect photos or a perfect life with the latest new whatever to talk about. My posts have become fewer as life has become busier lately and that's okay, too. I fully understand that real life comes before blogging. I will not allow myself to feel pressured to have a post up every day. That would make blogging a chore not a joy. Blogging should be a joy for all of us, otherwise why invest time doing it?
    Cheryl (who is also from Missouri and will your new follower)

  34. Debra, blogging certainly has changed and I think you and I started around the same time. Yes, it was fun just sharing little changes in our homes. I'm still changing things and sharing them as I always have. I do run ads and without the income from them I would not be able to do the updates in my home bringing it up from 1995 to present. I enjoy reading blogs who also share updates and finds just like you do. Blogging changed when companies and brands realized there is a cheap way of getting some good exposure and advertising by using bloggers. I am not approached much by these companies like so many bloggers are, but hey I'm okay with that. I just want to create and update and share with others.
    Great post and I am so thrilled to see your cute goat cart again.

  35. Amen to all of this! I've always believed that it's the little things that count. Your beautiful hydrangeas made my heart smile and that's really what all of this should all be about. Thank you for this!!

  36. For some reason, I'm not receiving updates on my blog roll when people post something new. So I'm just now seeing this post! I bet I've missed a bazillion new posts from everyone. I don't know what is causing this. I get a different feed from Internet Explorer and Google Chrome too. Crazy! I don't use instagram even though it's becoming popular. For me, it seems redundant if you already have a blog. The only feeds I look at are of those who don't blog regularly. I know what you mean about some blogs feeling too commercial. You can tell when they have a lot of sponsored posts and they are careful to blog every day. You can tell it's their "business". I don't have a very exciting life either to blog about exciting trips and elaborate projects every week. My favorite blogs are the ones that cover what's been going on in their own home and do things that are relatable. If they are renovating a mansion or shopping in Europe then I can't relate and move on. But, everyone's blog is personal and they have the choice to do as they see fit, so who am I to judge? I guess that's why we can all choose to read whoever we want right? I like the fountain that you got. I would love to have one somewhere. I love the sound of trickling water.

  37. Great post, I love that you are keeping it real. I haven't been bloggin very long but things are changing alright. I do feel the pressure at times but I just can't compete. I don't want to. I can't churn out serveral professionally photographed super duper posts every week. I have to be me. One per week, if I'm lucky with crappy iphone pictures that gets 4 or five comments. I'm in it for the interaction with the amazing bloggers I've met. And I have met some fantastic people like youself. Keep doing it your way Debra!!

  38. Debra,
    I L O V E keeping "it real"!!!
    Your hydrangea are gorgeous hues, dear friend!!!
    So~o~o happy for you that you've located your little black cart!
    I know how comforting it is to find a favorite piece after a move and items in storage.
    Our move was thirteen years ago, but once we finally had everything in one place, I felt a sense of"peace"!
    "Little Miss Muffett" seems to be right at home in her new surroundings and dwellings!!!
    It is my wish that you keep sharing your everyday life with all of us in The Land of Blog!!!

  39. Thank you for this post...glad someone finally addressed the issue. I don't know how long I've had my blog, but things sure have changed. For too many it is a business, the ads are ridiculous and annoying. Some were downright offensive. At the beginning is was fun, then found myself sucked into spending money I don't have to buy the latest whatevers to dress up my table settings or vignettes. So, that ended for me!! I am amazed at the disposable income so many bloggers have to be able to 'change things up' over and over again!! Whatever happened to being content and using what we already have to brighten our lives??

    My life is not interesting and I don't have a big expensive home and don't travel. But I love to craft, sew, cook and garden and decorate......I gave it my best shot and have now laid back for awhile. I also don't have a cell phone, Ipad, or any of those other gadgets, also do not like FB, and do not use any other of those social sites. I enjoy visiting and have made many new blogger your kitty and enjoy your blog so much......

  40. I love your pretty new fountain and the black cart on your porch. I wish I could grow hydrangeas well. Those are gorgeous! I so agree with you about how sometimes very professional and polished blogs make me feel that my little personal blog can't possibly be valid anymore. I feel like my "hobby" blog is a bit outdated and irrelevant in comparison, kind of like comparing a personal diary to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. In fact, I was feeling so inadequate about it lately that I almost ended mine. What I decided is that I blog mostly for myself, as a record of my life for daughters, and as an expression of my artistic creativity. So if I don't get around to updating my blog's look regularly (okay, ever) it's okay. It's just me. :) One of the many things I appreciate so much about your beautiful blog is the consistency of your style and your "voice." It's comfortable and lovely, and I'll never grow tired of it.

  41. I love what you said about blogging about the every day life experience philosophy of blogging..I so agree......I have enjoyed reading your blog and gaining much inspiration from it...I limit the amount of days I blog...I put my family and other priorities at the top...I must say that I love blogging for the friendships that I have made...the wonderful people I have met...thanks for this post...Love your goat cart with the hydrangeas...I may have to buy some this year in order to have hydrangeas. Mine did not bloom last year and I am crossing my fingers that they bloom this year..I missed them!

  42. Perfect post, Debra! You've managed to catch my feelings re: blogs lately. Especially the fact that there seem to be less posts from my favs and friends as well as less comments. Oh well, such is life and I don't let it bother me. I just don't have that many projects to do around our little condo.

    Love your hydrangeas. I bought some a couple of years ago when I was missing the dozen we left behind in NY. After that I also planted a rose bush and this year I got a first for me - a lilac bush. I am really looking forward to some of those blooms and I planted it outside our home office window so that when it is open I will be able to smell that glorious scent.

    Love your statue. That is something else I have missed from NY. I had three that I loved but left them behind. I did get one this year and I'm on the look out for a reasonably priced bunny one.

  43. I have been carrying on about this for a few years now. I started almost 8 years ago, quit altogether once, started again... I have noticed that many of my old favorites have just gone away. We are retired now, and I don't have a million exciting things to blog about either, and since I don't want to get sued, I try not to use other people's photos just to make up a post everyday. On so many blogs now, there is no sense of the person behind it, and I despise blogs where ads pop up all the time in front of what you are trying to read.

    I took my main blog private, and I am sure that I invited you. It may have gotten in your junk mail. If you want, I can send you another invitation if you can't see my blog.

  44. You really hit the nail, actually many nails on the head. You know I'm also a long time blogger and meeting new gals and staying in touch with the constant friends makes opening up my laptop everyday a real treat. I started my blog as a way to get my thoughts out and to have an online journal with pictures. I'm still amazed that people listen to my drivel.

    That said what I see what has changed and disappoints me--- not so much the bloggers with ads (although their post are slow to load), or bloggers that do sponsored posts, I can click off. I simply miss the common courtesy in which you visit a blog for the first few times because you like it, and you get a generic email or no response at all. I don't have faith in joining parties anymore----people want to put their stuff out there but don't want to visit anyone. And that's sad because I met so many bloggers that way and we have been following one another for years. So that's just sad to me. I guess it's time restraints largely, but many of the bloggers I recently visited from a party I joined were new or with few followers. You simply shouldn't have a blog if you don't have the time. I know that sounds harsh but it's the truth with all due respect.

    Thanks again for an enlightening post. And I have to add, your hydrangeas are gorgeous, I want to try Endless Summer-I've heard good things. And Hello to Miss Pretty Kitty! :)

    Jane x

  45. When blogs become a business I no longer want to read them. I don't like having to fight my way through pop up ads. . That blogger is out to make money not to share their days with friends. Stay true to your blogging style that makes you happy.

  46. Debra, I'm always happy to see a photo of a flower or a flea market find! I love that you brought your garden girl indoors to enjoy. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite too with so many different varieties. We just planted some oakleaf and I'm wanting to plant some more limelight. On the blogging front, people blog for lots of different reasons, I started blogging for a creative outlet. Regardless of what you're sharing, I think people prefer it when you're authentic, whether it's a recipe, a coffee table vignette or a rock star DIY. :)

  47. Great post Debra and I so agree. To each his own, but I do love the simple sharing between "blogging friends." Those sweet little things that have brought joy to your day, the tweak in a vignette, the new flowers blooming in the garden. These are the blogs that I love...and yours is one of them!
    (I've had a hard time reading this whole post or commenting, couldn't get past the add located just beneath your archive list. It kept playing and wouldn't let me move in any area on the post where the add wasn't visable. Just mentioning it in case you've hard that from others? Finally got past it on the 6th try. :)

  48. Thank you for this post Debra. You've struck a chord with so many. I have only been blogging for 3 years and I see the changes even in that short time. I read the posts on growing your blog, connecting through social media, making money on your blog, etc. and have often felt overwhelmed by how much it would take to keep up if I did everything I was supposed to. I've often been discouraged at my own blog's steady but slow growth. Why IS that growth so important? Aren't people and relationships what really count?

    I had an accident where I broke my right wrist almost 3 months ago and am now suffering complications with my wrist and hand as I cannot fully close my hand without nerve pain. It has caused me to slow down as I physically can't do all of the projects that I had planned to share on my blog and I can't be on the computer except for very short periods. Slowing down has had the effect of reducing my stress level greatly and I'm wondering when did my blog become such a source of stress. Now, I'm re-evaluating how to change that and what's next for me.

    I love blogging but I am just me and not a big business. Just me can't even begin to compete.

    Thanks for sharing your heart. I love your blog and the fact that you are the real deal.


  49. I am not a blogger, but I follow several. I love your blog, it is one of my favorites because it makes me feel like I know you. It's not just pretty pictures that can make me feel inadequate, lol. I want to plant some Endless Summer Hydrangeas too. They are supposed to be hardy in my area, but our winters have been kind of crazy the past few years. I live in northern Missouri. Keep up the great work!

  50. Hi Debra! I'm catching up on your posts and enjoying them all. I can totally relate to what you're saying in this post. Blogging does seem different these days and I haven't felt able to live up to the pressure of it all. Like you, I'm not into Facebook or Instagram and that's where a lot of other bloggers seemed to have 'gone', 'left the building'. But truthfully, I still prefer blogging. I joined Instagram just to find other bloggers that never post anymore and to boost exposure for my Etsy shop. But it's too 'instant' and once you see a photo and like just seems to be gone from your mind forever. At least we can pin blog posts and re-visit friends here. I'm trying to get back to blogging more these days with new enthusiasm, and assurance that I don't have to make a production out of every post. Thank you for all your wonderful posts and for your comforting words we find there!

  51. Hi Debra...loved your post today! But I just wanted to let you & other bloggers know that I like your style of blogging and want you all to keep "keeping it real"...I agree with the ladies above who haven't gone to Facebook or Instagram--I like to read about the everyday life and for all those fabulous ideas you all show to help us make our homes more beautiful...I just read blogs and never really thought about making comments because I thought all the bloggers were busy and wouldn't have time to read a comment but that has changed in the last few months as I want to encourage all of you to keep blogging! Love your post and glad that you are healthy! Hugs...


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