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Monday, May 29, 2017

Potting Bench and Patio

Seems like it takes me forever to get a task completed lately, I guess that's because it actually does. I've been wanting to finish up here on the patio for weeks now, but I still needed to find a fern and a few other plants for the urns. I have to wait for Hubbs to help me out, so that means the weekend. And at that point, if it's rainy, forget it... another weekend down the drain. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Patio Seating Area

Hi, Everyone, hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend, 
mine was nice, but pretty quiet.
 My goal last week was to finally get the lower level patio sitting area cleaned and put together so we can have a place to sit and relax. This is under the deck, so it's somewhat covered, but not waterproof. I found the two seat cushions and bench cushion online at Lowe's, and they were just what I wanted. They're outdoor friendly and have the look of heavy linen or hemp in a dark khaki/taupe color. I wanted something neutral, that would match most of my pillows and quilts, and not show pollen/dirt/or grunge and I think these will work out fine.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Container Planting and Painting Styofoam Pots

Like most of you, I've been excited to finally get some outside work accomplished. Earlier this Spring we had our deck rebuilt. It was torn down to the studs and given a complete overhaul. This is the point that I can get really negative on the previous owners for neglecting an amazing 10 year old deck and landscape, but I won't do that. So instead I'll tell you how nice it is to have it mostly finished except for some painting we need to do under the floorboards, and how it's quickly becoming a comfortable place to relax and enjoy our beautiful back yard.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Container Planter Inspiration

I was starting from scratch this year when it came to getting containers planted. Up until last year, I had Geraniums that were 5 and 6 years old, as I would winter them in our basement. So last week I went looking for some container pot inspiration. I was mostly interested in plant varieties that would work for full sun. I do have some shady spaces that I will get to later, but my first round has been for the deck, lower patio, and a large concrete container for the front courtyard.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Potting Bench Progress

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend...

I've spent most of my time outside this last week. First, working on getting the container planters filled with flowers for the deck, patio and front yard, then coming up with more things for the potting bench area. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #42: Potting Bench Inspiration

Earlier in the week I mentioned that I've been working
on putting together a potting bench.
I've had a lot of great inspiration photos to pour over like these first 3 images,
found in the premier issue of Flea Market Gardens Magazine 
which is on sale now.

love this cute chalkboard paint idea for the herb pots

So many fun ideas for gardens using flea market pieces,
 plus potting benches, sheds, and outdoor spaces and dining.
I think I found mine at Barnes and Noble back in April.
(a new issue is due June 27)

here's more...

Country Living (?)


And this is one of my favorite images from Carolyn Westbrook Home

love this green bench!


last 3, Google Images

Below, is a sneak peek photo of my own potting bench.
I've been having a lot of fun with it.

I've made good progress with mine but I wanted to wait and share it later,
as Friday, (tomorrow) I'll be having a day in the hospital for some heart tests.
So, I may be a little late on making visits and comments.

 I didn't want to cancel Vintage Inspiration Friday,
because there were so many great links from last week that I wanted to share.

So, just keep a good thought for me and say a prayer,
and I'll be back by the end of the weekend.

BTW, if I'm ever "missing in action" go to the sidebar
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She'll know where I am.

You all are the best with coming up with fun vintage ideas.
here are just a few from last week...

makes the most beautiful handmade headbands and combs

One of my favorite people in blogland, Olive Out,
shares finding rare painted concrete

restored the most amazing armoire.
You have to peek inside!

shared her gorgeous ferns in all kinds of  "junk" containers.

(if you've been featured at VIF, I'd love for you to grab the button on my sidebar!)

And remember next week the theme is
Vintage Summer
and we'll all be linking up to the
Humongous Block Party with At the Picket Fence

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love ya bunches,
see ya soon,

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #41 My Latest Find

I'm still working outside trying to get things "presentable".

The Spring was so rainy and yucky
and now it's in the 90's and hasn't rained for 2 weeks.
When it's this hot my body just rebels against weeding
and anything relating to outside work,
 it just wants to float in the pool with a glass of lemonade.

I wanted to share a fun outside find for my flowers,
that I located a few weeks ago.
This perfect size, red antique wheelbarrow.

Even though I might not have painted it red myself,
I have to admit it really looks cute with red and white flowers in it.

I winter all my geraniums in the John Deere room
(the majority of them are coral red)

So I thought I'd try to do white ones here in the wheelbarrow.

For some reason I couldn't locate many white ones,
so I just planted a variety of flowers
along with the few white geraniums that I did find;
petunias, million bells, lantana, and some vinca vine.

This gets most of the day's sun
and the lantana seems to do well in the heat.
petunias, not so much...

If you're wondering about the brick barrier around the pool
it's our chipmunk deterrent.
With all the chasing and fun that a chipmunk has when it falls in love,
once in the pool, they can't get out.
This has helped tremendously!

Here are a few other planted wheelbarrows from Pinterest

I'm working on putting together a little potting bench under the deck.
Hopefully, I'll have that to show soon.

How are your outdoor spaces shaping up?

Now, some great posts from last weeks VIF:

 Pretties up a rustic box with her gorgeous peonies.
If you haven't met Lara you will fall in love
with her gorgeous photos.

Lemon Lane Cottage
sets a table with her family heirloom

Debbie, from Confessions of a Plate Addict
shows us how to make Frenchy Anduze Pots
without the trip to France!
(love this!!)

And my good friend Donna,
of D. R'eyne's Everyday Elegance
shares her wonderful Tinker House.
(magazine material for sure)

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oh, and don't forget the
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I'll be showing some fun ways to enjoy summer
that have a vintage twist!

Have a great weekend everyone.
lots of love,

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