Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Antique Armoire

The post I shared last week about the Kilim rug really started out to be about this armoire. You remember it? I had it in the kitchen sitting area at the lease house as a pantry/cupboard. Before that it was in the lower level family room as a quilt and pillow cupboard. Now it's morphed into a TV cabinet for the Master Bedroom. I added the little Kilim rug to give the space a little interest and "oomph".

After I dug the rug out of the boxes in the garage, I knew I just had to give it a little spotlight. I hunted for antique rugs this last week in St. Louis, but I didn't get a chance to visit our antique shop where we've purchased others, so I'll have to wait a bit to find it some companions. I'd like to layer them in Hubb's "reading room" since it's a masculine cozy space.

Here it is in the kitchen last year.
It held everything from paper towels and lightbulbs
 to phone books and linens.

We need a chair in the Master, so I brought in this one
 that had been by the fireplace at our previous home. 

I had made chairslips for this one and her "sister" several years ago.

One of my little embroidered footstools and a "linen" traincase are here too.

I have several of these little footstools, enough to say "a collection".
They're spread throughout the house. I need to do a post on them.
Since I'm short I grab one for a stepstool at times.
Let's hope they're sturdy...

I still have some men's hatboxes to find,
I think there's room for another one or two up here.

I just have one print in here, and as you can see the curtains aren't hung yet either. We worked in the basement storage going through boxes marked "Prints"...all two dozen of them. We finally wore out, and just brought a few upstairs to hang. It was late and I wanted to hang my prints for the kitchen before anything else. So this room is taking awhile.

As you can see, I'm starting to get a little behind in the decorating. It's been too cold to do much work at the storage units or the garage. Once it gets warm I hope to make up for some lost time.
Hope you all are having a good week, and if you're on the East Coast, stay warm and safe!

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