Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Decorating with Kilim and Turkish Rugs

I've been on a bit of a rug kick lately. Actually, ever since last Fall when I needed to decide on rugs for the new house, I've been pinning and perusing "rugs" in all sizes and designs. I had been on all the rug websites and then some. I've saved pics and ideas and sizes and colors and designs for all types of decor.

I even went through some of my old and vintage rugs to see what might be usable here. I found this one in the garage, and honestly, I'd almost forgotten I had it. It's worn and threadbare in places, but it's a genuine one of a kind antique. But more on this rug, some ideas, and where I'm using it later...I don't want to get ahead of myself.

I had to switch gears here at the new house when it came to my decorating style. My white, only neutrals, Frenchy way of looking at all things decor, needed to be tweaked, rethought, and redefined. I love vintage and all things "French", but the layout of this house and our changing needs of the rooms forced me to be open to change.

In looking at rugs, I realized that with our new light wood floors I needed some contrast and definition of the spaces. Something to anchor the lighter sofas and painted furniture. I still didn't want to commit to a lot of color, (because honestly, I get tired of certain colors really fast) but I needed "pattern" and "texture". I've always been a person that votes for neutrals on the big ticket items and then goes with "trendy" on the accessories and smaller pieces.

I like "color" and pattern in small doses; amounts that I can change out at a moment's notice or change of season. I like to let the house dictate the style and colors and function of a room's layout and design.

And if you've been looking through many magazines lately you'll see that color and pattern are making a huge comeback. In the pic above you even see wallpaper. Now I'm not going to go that far because me and wallpaper have a love/hate relationship. But...I'm using more color here at the new house than I have for awhile.

What do all these photos have in common?

Some wonderful vintage and antique Kilim rugs and upholstery.

Their classic designs can be used throughout a home...

In the kitchen.
to me, nothing is classier than an oriental or turkish design rug.

 or bath...

They mix with antiques of many styles,
lights or darks...

or more modern spaces.

with other pattern... 

used with other rugs or layered...

or used as upholstery fabric...  

They are a classic that never goes out of style.

Here are a few rugs that I found for purchase, check them out and then you'll know why I dug the one I had out of storage....

Old New House

Sweet Lake Vintage

Kilim Rug Mall

One Kings Lane

New from Pottery Barn

Etsy Verdigreen

all photos and links found on my Pinterest Page Kilim Rugs

And here's a link to Kilim.com for everything you'd like to know about them.

this little worn and tattered rug?

next post!

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