Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Temporary No-Sew Table Runner

...or the "I'm lazy 
and I don't want to sew this right now",
table runner.

Last week I was sharing with you all my love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. That I'm not too fond of sewing, but I find myself frequently needing a change-up in decor with pillows, table runners, curtains etc. And actually, my sewing machine is (a) over at the storage unit(s), (b) it's too cold to go hunting for it, (c) I'd have to bribe my hubby to go spend an hour or so messing with it. (Do any of these excuses sound reasonable?)

I had another runner that I had made a few years ago on the Dining Room table last week, but the background of the fabric was too creamy/yellow. So I put it away, hoping I could find something that would work better with my new taupe/gray walls and busy black area rug. I thought that I might try a more trendy design like a bold damask, (and I think I WILL go back for it)

But when I saw this subtle Toile print in a brownish/taupe with off white pattern I grabbed it instead. You know, I've been feeling a little "Toile-ish" lately. I felt the need to go slow with "pattern" sitting on top of my area rugs, but the more I think about it, the more I think the damask will work also.

Maybe I'll get crazy and do something like this for Spring...

And the whole thing about "no-sew" is that I need to make do for a while until I can get Hubbs to round up the machine in question. I wanted the main pattern to be in the middle, so I just measured things out and ironed it accordingly. There are raw edges at the end, but no one can see them right now, so please don't tell anyone...

I just have them neatly folded on the chair, and because these end chairs have "arms" and the linen slips you can't tell what unsightly things might be hiding there. Honestly though, you could use fabric hem tape or fusible binding to make it look professional. No need to drag out the beast.

After Christmas I needed something for a centerpiece and I thought of this urn. I had used it on the coffee table before, with a live ivy. My living room here doesn't have alot of direct light, so I thought I'd try it out here on the DR table with a faux moss orb...with a base of faux twig garland... and some faux ivy which needs to straightened out...

maybe this looks a little more presentable.

Here's a close up of the Toile fabric. Once I get it sewn properly, (is sewn a word?) the lumpy bumpy ridge in the middle should go away...

This Dining Room (area/space) is growing on me.
 It's awfully small, and not very functional.

But I like how it all came together. I just have to avoid the urge to put too much stuff in here. I also need to style the top of the china cabinet a little better. I don't have all my things unpacked and it's looking a little off balance and haphazard. This also requires Hubbs on a ladder juggling breakables.

I love these slipcovered chairs, but we were laughing the other day as we pulled out of the driveway that through the blinds on the window it looks like a bunch of pointy headed people are sitting at the table. hilarious. oh well, either that or they're "cardboard" chairs. (just imagine a pointy bump on top)

So now you know all my secrets...
I have tacky table runners and cardboard chairs.

Let's face it.
I'm not a perfectionist.

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  1. I think it's lovely, Debra...and I won't tell anyone...iron-on tape is my good friend...

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you can simplify your life? I love the look of your dining room. It's so inviting! Have a great week.


  3. I love your little trick, Debra. I am definitely going to try it. I don't sew and I've used iron on tape for several runners. Sadly, I find it difficult to keep that tape going in a straight line with something long like this. If I try to do it in spaced segments, it looks horrible after washing.

    I love the urn!

    Jane x

  4. I love the new runner - sewn or not. Your story about the chairs is hilarious.

  5. I love your toile fabric and how your dining room all came together. You inspire me. I have a heavily patterned rug in the dining room and I want to go totally neutral with everything else in the room. You have given me some ideas. Thanks.

  6. LOVE that fabric Debra and the pretty centerpiece you created...so pretty!!

  7. I really, really like that runner!! The color is perfect and the texture of the cloth adds more interest. Nice centerpiece too. Funny about the chairs.....

  8. Hey...I love your no-sew runner and thank you for sharing it at my party this week.


  9. Oh I love the fabric you picked out. Print itself is so pretty but I really like the fact that it has washed/faded look to it also. makes it so charming.

  10. Oh, I love how it looks! So light and pretty and feminine down your table.

  11. Oh yes, I love that fabric! Your dining room is beautiful! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. Sewing isn't my favorite task either and your secrets are safe with me. It all came together beautifully.

  13. Hi Deb ! I was wondering where this beautiful fabric came from ? It looks to be linen . I just love it . Thanks so very much . I realy love your blog and your new home is scrumshious . Karen P.

  14. Love the toile fabric. I, too, would like to know where you found it. I think the dining room looks terrific. Those are really cardboard chairs?

  15. Debra, I think your dining room is really lovely. I love the new table runner, so elegant, and matches everything else. Hubby on a ladder with breakable objects is a little scary, though..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  16. Love the color and pattern of the runner....I avoid sewing and use lots of stitch witchery!...and as for the pointy headed chairs...I love them...!!!...


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