Friday, January 9, 2015

A new teapot and a bit of Toile

I have to admit, I have a few small rituals that I really enjoy. Having a few cups of hot tea in the afternoon is one of them. This last week has seen really low temps, so that just adds to the comfort level that having something "hot" to sip on can bring. I'm not a cup and saucer and "pinky in the air" type; I love a generous and heavy mug; something to wrap my hands around.

Unfortunately I've broken two teapots this last year. My favorite was a Churchill Chintz teapot from England that I had inadvertently left on top of the stove and I turned on the wrong burner. not good for teapots. The second was a Godinger China teapot, that cracked after a few months. So I decided I would look for a new one that was stoneware, maybe it would be more durable and take the daily use I would give it.

I researched the Internet, and then decided I'd try a Le Creuset this time. I wanted a white or antique white 4-6 cup size. They didn't have teapots in the "Cream" color that I have in the Le Creuset oblong dutch oven, so I ordered the White.

I'm in love, once again...

It comes with a stainless steel infuser for loose teas. I usually use a tea bag, but I think I'll try some loose teas now that this is a built in feature.

I have tons of mugs, and I like to rotate them. This royal gentleman kitty mug came from World Market a few years ago for Christmas. He serves up the "purrfect" cup of tea.

Our new house sits on a bit of a hill, with only one house sheltering us toward the west. That westerly wind can really be brutal. Most of our weather comes from the west, so I hear the wind whistling at all hours of the day and night...brrrr.

And I just realized I never showed you the rest of the red/yellow Toile in the kitchen sitting areaI made this square table topper years ago, to compliment Waverly curtains that had been up, and it's found it's way back. It all sort of brightens up the place on these dull, cold, and gray days of January.

On a side note...

Are you as tired of most Network TV as I am? We've been watching a lot of series from the BBC on Netflix (streaming). (All this talk of tea reminded me about it) I much prefer a series than a one hour sex marathon, which is what most dramas are, on American channels. I'm not a prude, but I want something with some meaty character development and a good storyline instead of seeing how many different liaisons the 20-40 crowd can dish out. The cable channels have better stories, but my ears are burning with obscenities and the sex is even more graphic...

OK, just had to throw that in, because our latest "Last Tango in Halifax", while it does have several "situations", at least you don't have to watch them in detail and ad nauseum. The British feel a good cup of tea ("I'll put the kettle on") can help sort out any problem.

warm wool socks, my Uggs, and a hot mug of tea.
oh, and a cat on my lap...

stay warm.

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