Monday, December 15, 2014

Treetopia's White Tree Mystery Give Away

Hi Everyone! I know most of us have finished our Christmas Decorating, and that most of us decorated our Christmas Tree first, but I have a fun Give Away to share with you that you can use now or after Christmas for next year. Wanna hear?

Out of the blue, Treetopia emailed me last week and asked if I'd be interested in participating in a White Tree Mystery Give Away, and that they would send me a gorgeous white Christmas Tree of my choosing to decorate and share with you. Well, of course!! But I hadn't checked my emails for a few days, so I didn't know if they still wanted me. A few days later this beauty showed up on my doorstep. Holy Cow, it's totally amazing!

(tree with ribbon only)

It's been awhile since I decorated a larger tree, and this one is BIG. I ran out to search for decorations, hopefully now on half price. I knew I wanted to keep it in neutrals, to let the tree shine on it's own. I grabbed every white, gold, silver, and cream ornament that had a vintage "Shiney Brite" look to it. I started with a burlap ribbon that had a gold thread running through it and then some sheer gold ribbon to fill in.

The tree was really easy to put together, and it had great instructions. (I even did it by myself.) Hubbs was at work and I wanted to surprise him when he got home that evening. See these ornaments, don't they look like vintage Shiney Brites? love them. 

I moved the "grandfather" clock to the other side of the china cabinet, (hardwood floor Sliders) and then nestled the tree in the corner. This tree just other way to put it. It lights up the Dining Room with an almost Heavenly light. It's by far the prettiest tree we've ever had. I've wanted a white tree for years, but just hadn't made the purchase. So "thank you" Treetopia, this was a big blessing!

I could have used a much taller tree, but I don't have the space in here in the Dining Room. This one is just right. It's beautiful in the daytime and in the evening!

I made a few changes to the dining room table, placing a vintage white basket in the center. It still has the "Nature" theme, with a birdie and nest. I want to find some white faux birds, like doves, to add to the tree next year.

Now, here's the Fun...
Treetopia will send one of you a $100 Gift Certificate for a tree of your choosing... all you have to do is check out this page and make a guess as to which tree this is. I won't be publishing any of the comments until the Give Away is over, this afternoon.  I'll keep them a "mystery" too. So you have a chance to win, no matter when you comment and enter to win.

Thanks for joining in on the fun.
This is a great time to take advantage of the Sale prices at Treetopia,
then you'll be ready for next year!

(Treetopia gifted me with this wonderful White Tree, 
but the fact that I'm ecstatic is all me!)

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