Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A little more Christmas around the house...

I had promised myself that I wouldn't get out this week. I thought I had everything done, then I remembered my older daughter's favorite chicken salad at HoneyBaked Ham, and I was short one Christmas gift bag, and a present I had been waiting for, was back ordered so I ran to the mall to pick it up, instead. Never fails. I hate the traffic this time of year, it seems there are more crazies out and about, preoccupied and in a hurry. Not that I could put myself in that same category or anything...

So now that all that's done and the last present is wrapped and bagged, I still have a few more Christmas pics to share with you. This is "my" chair since moving out of the old house. It had always been in the master bedroom, a place where I stacked pillows and threw the occasional piece of clothing or laundry. Now it's getting a workout. I love the two kinds of fabric; I'm a nut for fruity fabrics and this happens to be in a yummy taupe-y brown. I'd love to find a stash for sale to make co-ordinating throw pillows, but it's over 10 years old. If you know what the design and fabric maker is, I'd love to hear from you.

This spot is hard to photograph because of the light through this window. It always throws everything else off to be too dark. And you can't see my sweet Robin pillow well because of it. This precious Christmas Wreath with Robin Pillow is from Elliott-Heath Designs. Heather has some of the most beautiful and fun designs. If you have a minute run by and check out her store. No matter what the occasion, she has a pillow just for it!

This is my little LED "Winter Tree", but I had it out last Fall, and I think it will get some flowering buds when it's close to Spring. I think I'll just leave it our all year.

I always have a Nativity set out at Christmas. That is the real meaning of Christmas, and I don't want to forget that...ever.

How about you... are you wrapped, bagged, and baked out?
I'm trying not too make too many goodies,
 even though I will certainly indulge on Christmas.
 If I bake it, I will eat it...plain and simple. 

Hope you're having a wonderful week, 
sending Christmas Blessings and a Hug
to each of you. 

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  1. That is a lovely spot, Debra. The twinkle tree will be cute decorated for different holidays or seasons. Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and good health and happiness in the New Year. Hubby and I did some running around yesterday to finish up. We also (with help from two siblings and our sons) unpacked my dad back into his apartment after a flood from the unit upstairs. He was staying with my brother and sil for several weeks. We had to box and store every last bit for the renovations but happily we got him settled in for the holidays.

    1. oh bless your heart, Elizabeth. I'm sure that was hard for your daddy. Glad he's back in his home for Christmas. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas week!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful holiday week! Merry Christmas!

  3. Completely enchanting and totally swoon worthy my friend! May your days be merry and bright.

  4. So pretty dear Debra... I love "your" chair... the fabric looks to be Waverly, but not sure what pattern?... beautiful though!... sent you an email with a pic of what I choose for my giveaway from you at Treetopia... thank you again so much!... I am still down with the flu, so will wish you a very Merry Christmas now, love you, xoxo... Julie Marie

  5. Love your new home Debra and your corner space. I have been in the kitchen for the last four days, and tomorrow is the big event for me, hosting 25 of my family in town. It'll be a long day/night, but I always look forward to it, and to the end of the night in the wee hours, when it's just me, the lights and the quiet, reflecting on the joy of having together what family can join us. Merry Christmas!
    Rita xo

  6. Debra, your chair is beautiful. The pattern does look like Waverly. I had to go out yesterday and finish my shopping. I will do my baking tomorrow , because it is just my hubbie and I. Our family celebrated at Thanksgiving. You know if you do not live in the same state it is hard to be with family. You have to pick a holiday so the kids can visit their inlaws.

  7. Hi Debra, your chair looks so pretty and cozy. Everything looks so lovely and festive. We are definitely having a 'different' kind of Christmas this year. The kids and I are still camped out at my mom's house, trying to figure out what comes next. I *think* I'm all done shopping, but planning on making homemade cinnamon rolls for family gifts tomorrow. You'd better believe I will eat my fair share of goodies, too! I wish you a very Merry Christmas!


  8. Love your pillow too! Merry Christmas Debra!

  9. Sooooo pretty that chair! Merry Christmas!!

  10. I love it, Debra! That tree with the glittery birds and the jingle bell wreath - so pretty! And - yes, let's never forget the Reason for the Season! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  11. Love all of your beautiful decor!...Merry Christmas Debra!!!


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