Sunday, April 21, 2013

a little family news...

OK, I have to admit that this photo below of the adorable baby French Bulldog has nothing to do with my family news...except maybe that it has the sweetest most nibble-able ears I've seen. I looked for a more appropriate illustration of the situation, but believe me, you'd rather see these sweet pink ears!

google images

...Now on to the news...

If you've been reading me for awhile you'll know that I've mentioned several times that my hubby has been dealing with an inner ear condition called Meniere's Disease, which causes hearing loss, vertigo attacks, and a bunch of other awful symptoms. It's been almost two years that this has been a daily struggle, and it's only been since October that he's been diagnosed and we've been seeing a specialist. 

The doctor has had several methods of treatment that he tries before considering surgical options. Well...none of those have helped enough for my husband to lead a normal life, so he will be undergoing surgery this week to have a shunt inserted into his inner ear through the bone behind the ear. The shunt will relieve the fluid build up, which is the culprit in all this.

After much prayer we believe that this will be the means to get his life back, and feel like himself again. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers this week. I'll be scheduling The Marketplace, and  Be Inspired Party as usual, but I'll be out of the loop so to speak. I'll be keeping one eye on the blog, but he'll be in the hospital for two days as they keep an eye on him, since this is a major surgical procedure with general anesthesia. I'll be giving an update on things later this week.

see you tomorrow for

and Thursday for

just wanted to let you all know...
and say thank-you in advance for the prayers.

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