Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Planting Paperwhites

One of my late Fall traditions of the last few years has been planting Paperwhites for the upcoming Holidays. Each year I look forward to their wonderful pristine white blooms filling the darkening days of Fall and Winter.  I've collected quite a few vintage "containers" in the last few years, so part of the fun of planting the bulbs is digging out my stash and deciding which ones to use.

I unbagged my bulbs and have them in an old strawberry flat with boxes that I've whitewashed. I just enjoy looking at them, while they wait their turn to be planted.

I'm going for a Nature themed Christmas this year,
so these will be just the first of that inspiration coming up.

As you can see, my helper is here.
Now if I can just keep her away from them.
I don't want chewed shoots...

A McCoy matte vase, an old chipped sugar bowl, and a new find, which is a French measuring pitcher, are readied for my first planting.

I use pea gravel as a base, then just a little potting mix. Just enough to cover the bottom 1/3 of the bulb. Too much water or soil will cause them to rot. In a day or two I'll sprinkle moss on top, which helps hold in the moisture.

They'll be here on the baker's rack for a while,
so they can have some good light to get started.
If you haven't planted them before I'll encourage you to try it,
the kiddos love them too.
You can hardly mess them up,
and I love to see them grow each day!

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