Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little tweaking makes it Thanksgiving...

Drum roll please...
"The Late Fall Mantel"
da ta da da!!

OK, hope you know I'm kidding.

Just a matter of bringing out the turkeys 
in exchange for the snowy owls.

I've kept everything else that I started with back in September. My mantel has been through a few change outs, but now that it's Thanksgiving, most of it will be swapped out for Christmas in just a little over a week.

Here's the Mid Fall Mantel

and the "Super Early Fall Mantel"...

you can see I tweaked the flowers a little too.

Now my Johnson Bros. Turkey Platter gets center stage.

A few small changes in the Entry

 with a white turkey covered vegetable...

same for the hallway sideboard;
you guessed it...
more turkeys.

another turkey platter...
(I got more folks)

Salt and Pepper turkeys

big fat turkey painted white...
(He used to be multi colored but was obnoxiously loud,
so he was slapped with the paintbrush)

I'm not done with the turkeys.
You have to suffer through at least one more post of them.
maybe more...

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joining in with these parties this week:

Make it Pretty Monday at The Dedicated House
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm
Tweak it Tuesday at Cozy Little House

Thanks for putting up with all my craziness,
Have you seen the chipmunk video?
it's a must see!!


  1. Beautiful Debra!Can't wait to see your Christmas mantle too! LOVE that turkey platter!

  2. Loving your turkeys! You have so many. Love the owls also.

  3. I'm loving your turkeys. I tried to find a big one to paint white this year but no luck. One day I'll find one. I am looking forward to your next turkey post.

  4. Debra,
    Love all your Turkeys and platters. Your mantel is so pretty and love the entry way. So beautiful as always.

  5. You've had 5 different looks to my one on our mantel and every one of them is stunning! Mine is staying "as is" until the day after Thanksgiving. :@

  6. LOVE your late Fall mantel Debra!... and all your turkeys are just fabulous, especially love your Johnson Brothers platter... xoxo Julie Marie (It's not nice to slap a turkey around you know! tee hee hee )... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. have a lot of those little gobblers! Your mantels are always such inspiration (you must hear that all the time, but I really do come here and leave with ideas). Seeing your turkey platter reminds me I have two! I don't need those until the big day so guess where they are going?!!

    Have a great evening, Debra!


  8. Very pretty, Debra! I love your turkey platter. Except for having a platter myself, I don't think I have anything else "turkey" going on.

  9. I love all your turkey platters, you sure did a beautiful job decorating with them:)

  10. Those turkeys would bring me so much joy every year

  11. it all looks so pretty and festive. Oh, and by the way, you can never have too many turkey platters =)

  12. No apology necessary ~ I love all your turkeys and your displays are inspiring. Hmmm, how is it I don't own a turkey platter?

  13. Fabulous Thanksgiving displays. Your turkey platters are gorgeous and Big Fat Turkey is looking mighty fine with a coat of white paint. Thanks for sharing:-)

  14. I love all your vignettes, Debra. Still in love with that entry table. Crazy for that painted turkey. Super cute.

  15. Debra,
    I so love your ceilings! I love the decor (especially those arrangements on mantle), but couldn't take my eyes off those exposed beams and high ceilings. Gorgeous!!


  16. Debra, bring on the turkeys. Love seeing what you have. Those turkey platters are gorgeous. I've long admired these transfer ware platters, but don't have one. ;-)

  17. I always love seeing your changes Debra- you have such a wonderful way with your vignettes. I have a pretty antique turkey platter and your post makes me want to get it out and put her on center stage like yours!

    bee blessed

  18. Your mantel is beautiful, Debra! I LOVE the wonderful platters, especially!

  19. Can't get enough of the Turkeys, Debra. Keep em coming..Happy Monday..Judy

  20. Oh how envious I am of your turkey collection! Precious little chipmunk :)

  21. That turkey platter is my favorite. I am ready to start with the Christmas decorating. It takes a long time around here :)


  22. Beautiful mantel! Love your turkeys!

  23. Your mantel is beautiful. I especially LOVE your turkey platter and the large painted turkey! I still haven't gotten my Thanksgiving things out...I'd better get moving or I'll miss it entirely! Can't wait to see what you do next!

    YOU INSPIRE ME!!! xo

  24. Debra, you make it look so simple, but I know a lot of thought goes into each and every display you come up with. Just when I think you have to run outta do it again.

  25. I LOVE the old wooden wine crate! great touch, and the huge white turkey is too fabulous! I am so glad that Thanksgiving decor is finally gaining importance, I love it all. Thanks for sharing some beautiful vignettes!

  26. Each and every change has been so pretty, Debra. I'm glad I didn't have to pick a fave! Adore your turkey collection.

  27. You should be designing and setting up store window displays for the holiday seasons in all of the major department stores! You have an incredible way of arranging gorgeous vignettes! Bring on more turkeys!!... Donna

  28. Beautiful, as always, down to the minute seasonal decorations! You have a great collection of turkey platters.
    Mary Alice

  29. I think you have been over run with turkeys. I have a pin that says "Some of my best friends are turkeys." But seriously how did you get all those platters? Love them. You could do an e-book on mantels. xo, olive

  30. Ha, why am i sitting here smiling at your post.. Love your quick change out. Your home is beautiful ! Thanks for sharing! Jules ~

  31. I love all the versions of your mantel! Thanksgiving decor never got unpacked... I'm going straight from early fall to Christmas!

  32. Debra,
    Your mantle is stunning! All the turkeys on the mantle and in your vignettes are fabulous!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving, dear friend!

  33. Hi!!

    Your mantel look great!! I really love the mirror in the entry way. It is so beautiful and elegant.

    Have a great week!!


  34. You have a great collection of gobblers! :) And I love the mirror in front of the mirror on the mantel! Great effect!

  35. Love your turkeys Debra and all of your pretty vignettes.

  36. LOL that's alot of turkeys! :) Love them..what a collection!

  37. Oh, Debra! You really are a talent!! It's beautiful. You will be one of the features tomorrow at Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Can't wait to see what you bring to the party tomorrow. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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