Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Magic of Paperwhites

A few years ago I discovered the beauty and magic of paperwhites. This magazine image from an old "Country Living Gardener" has become a favorite of mine. To me it epitomizes the grace, tranquility, and delicacy, that says "Christmas".

Three years ago I started gathering vintage sugar bowls and creamers, pots and kitchen bowls, humble mismatched cups and vases; containers of every kind. I planted paperwhites and sold them at the store and gave them away to family and friends. I enjoyed it so much, they were great gifts, so this year I did the same.

These next two photos are of last year in my space at Leola's.

Milk glass and pottery and ironstone cups.
An old bread pan with checked ribbon, a little more primitive.
I think I had around thirty containers full.

This year I planted twelve bulbs in a green
transferware vegetable bowl for the Dining Room.

Christmas coffee mugs with a paperwhite bulb
I had four of these matching mugs,
 they went as small gifts.

I tied them with plaid ribbon
 and attached a "mitten" ornament and tag.

Old Staffordshire blue transferware soup tureen,
 missing it's lid, found for just a few dollars.

A little over a week ago...
And today.

Shabby china sugar bowl.

And old McCoy cream planter in the kitchen.

Paperwhite Narcissus are really easy to grow. Just find a container that doesn't drain, because they need to stay moist at all time. Place some pea gravel in the bottom, with about 2 inches of potting soil mix, then nestle the bulb, root down in the soil. Water and keep in a bright spot. You will be amazed at how fast they grow. Paperwhites bulbs don't keep well, so I just discard them after bloom time. Buy several bulbs and plant at alternating times. You can have them all winter long!

Are you finished with all your shopping?
Have a wonderful weekend!
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