Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mr. Squirrel says "we have 2 winners!"

"It's time to have some fun out here on the sunporch with a new old muffin tin and some pumpkin tealights. I have to be able to see all those acorns that this crazy lady picked up for me last Fall. The problem is that all the little caps have glue on them which doesn't really taste so good... they look cute, just taste like phooey."

ahhh...I smell something fabulous...

 Yum...pumpkin spice

I hate to tell her this
 but she should actually be baking
 something pumpkin spice
in that teensy muffin tin...
(looks a little rusty-crusty to me)

 Oh yeah, she wants me to announce 
the Give Away winners...

And the 2 Give Away winners of the 

Marianne from Vintage Gal

Congrats gals, 
just email this nutty lady your mailing addresses
 and She'll get your names to the Candle Co!
she says to be sure and send hugs and kisses!

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