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Fashion for Fall

I think I've only posted about clothing as many times as I can count on one hand...maybe less. But lately I've been drawn to blogs that throw in a little current fashion. Don't worry, you won't find me snapping pics of myself daily, showing you what I'm wearing...cause let's face it, pajamas or yoga pants aren't all that interesting after the tenth time you'd see them. But I think it's fun to see what people choose to wear. What do clothes really have to say about a person? And besides, we know each other's houses, decor, even what we like to cook.

So...what are your go-to clothes on a normal day out? 

(I'm sure you all realize this isn't me...)
Ralph Lauren Fall 2011

This last six months I've dropped close to 20 pounds.Yes, I still need to take off another 10 or so, but I'm on the road. I'm 5 foot nothin' so 20 is like a miracle for me. Because of that, I'm having a little more fun thinking about what I wear. I'm basically a person that wants to be comfortable. I don't like fussy or fancy. Oh, I love a ruffle and some lace, but usually it's on a top with a pair of jeans. Bury me in my stretch jeans please. I'll be comfortable.

I even gave in to the colored denim trend this Fall...
pumpkin please...

also, brown and black.

And then there was the day I went out looking for a denim shirt.
...and came home with 3 of them.

Also need several of these...

And I identify with Nora Ephron
may she rest in peace.
I'm not happy with my neck...
Good grief, over 50 sometimes is a bummer.

So I wear a bunch of these
(just only one at a time)

 a basic black sweater

or a tailored white shirt.

gotta have some leopard in a cardigan

then give me a pair of boots...

And just this weekend 
I added one of these for those chilly drizzly days.

Now, do you know me a little better?
what about you,
what's your style?

Heading home from a weekend trip,


  1. I think we dress very much alike. I love my jeans and soft sweaters. Then there are days I never get out of the comfy yoga pants. I love scarves to dress up an outfit. Don't get me going on boots! lol!

    Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm still struggling along!


  2. Congratulations on the weight loss. I think our styles are similar. At home it is yoga pants and jeans, and at work dressier jeans or casual pants. I love love a simple blouse, turtleneck or tee with jeans. I love my jean jackets, cardigans, hoodies and down vests in several colours -it's all about layers in our colder seasons. The only thing I seriously drool over that I don't yet have are some awesome boots like you pictured. Between the price and my wide calves I am still searching. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good for you on the weight loss!!! I've started swimming, so hope there will be results

    I wear mostly sweats and t shirts at home and slippers......going out with blue jeans, denim shirts, pullovers, denim jacket, cordoroy jacket, wool monk's coat....sandals in summer, boots in winter-nothing fancy but water proof and warm!!! Do not like turtle necks or sweaters or anything around my neck....get too hot!! Not much on hats either, but love my hoodies. And always have a shoulder bag or purse, no clutches for me. and warm gloves for winter....that about does it for me!!! Oh, and I love the capri pants for warm weather, at this age, no longer wear shorts!!!

  4. Well....I lost 26 pounds over 2 years ago and I get in front of the camera all the time! lol I'm older and I feel good about myself after years of not smiling at the camera. I like comfy clothes, too and definitely want some of the colored jeans this Fall. I like Lee jeans...I wonder if they have any! I live in Florida for the winter so we don't wear many scarves or jackets but I like to layer a long sleeve shirt over a tee. You've listed some fun clothes! I need to update my wardrobe!

  5. Its so fun to be able to go shopping for fall clothes especially after losing 20 pounds
    awesome Debra
    love all the clothes you picked too
    fun post

  6. Found you on Mary Ellen's blog and wanted to say that I Love this post...and your style is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh Debra, you and I would have fun shopping together, I love all of those same clothes and accessories you have shown... I am no prissy missy... give me jeans, a soft cozy sweater and boots, sometimes even my cowgirl boots... gotta have a beautiful handbag though! (I know you love your LV too!)... and I ALWAYS wear one of my special pendants I have ordered from you, and I always get so many compliments!... wearing my squirrel one right now... fun post!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Debra - Congratulations on losing 20 pounds!! That's great. Due to an eye problem, I've been on steroids for nine months, so no weight loss for me. ugh.

    Cute and comfy clothes.


  9. My every day style is sweats and jeans . I haven't figured out my good days style ,what I like and what looks good on me are a long way apart !

  10. Ohh I love Fall fashion. In fact it is my favorite. I need those boots:)

  11. OMG!!! Congrats Debra!*!*! YOU keep going girll...
    And as for me ~ I run into the Thrift Store & usually score more times than not - that is in the CLOTHING DEPT. I don't have time to shop the Mall...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  12. Hey Debra! Congratulations on the weight loss, girlie!! That's fantastic!! I totally understand how difficult it is to lose...even one measley pound...much less 20! I've been running for 6 weeks and my scale keeps telling me that I'm spending all day eating donuts. Agh!! Anyway, my style is much like I decorate my house. Boho-chic. Lovvvve my jeans, fringed bag, poncho, boots and lots of bangles and rings. :) At home it's definitely yoga pants and a tee....and bare feet. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  13. I see we have very similar tastes! I have a dozen denim shirts. My husband scratches his head at that one. I got a similar animal print scarf this year from Old Navy. My style is pretty simple: comfort for day-to-day (flannels, jeans, tees) and then I amp it up over the weekend with chunky necklaces, sequins, plaids, etc.


  14. I bet you feel like a new person! Congrats on the weight loss. I can't even remember when I last LOST a pound or where it went. :@

    With the cold weather here, my go to clothes are jeans and cable knit turtleneck sweaters in all my favorite fall colors. If they're cotton knit, all the better.

  15. I love your style! I want those boots too! I wish I had a fashionable look like yours. To be honest I grew up shopping at a thrift store for clothes that I never stopped. I can now afford nicer clothes but I am spoiled with thrift store prices that I have a heart attack whenever I go to the mall. Therefor my look is drabby shabby. Congratulations on the weight loss. Keep it up

  16. Applauding you mucho for losing weight. The older you get the harder it seems to be. I've had a problem with weight since I was a young woman. Born with a inactive thyroid is a real pain. Once I started having kids, oh boy was it a problem. I recently lost about 20 also and it's so great. One nice thing about not having money to buy junk and soda, you lose weight, lol.
    Looks there are lots of us that enjoy dressing in a comfortable style. I'd never win any awards from "what not to wear". If I'm going somewhere I always try to look presentable but have to be comfy too, is that possible? When I'm around the house cleaning etc. I'm definitely comfy. I have around the house clothes and going somewhere clothes. Luckily hubs doesn't care.
    Love your blog and I'm a new subscriber.

  17. Congratulations on your weight loss Debra! I love your style, I'd be wearing every one of those choices (and even have several of them myself already!)....
    Yep, I'm feeling that over 50 complaint... I guess we just have to do the best with what we have and you sound like you've got that weight loss thing covered! Good girl!

  18. Well, that's about how I dress and have for years except for the scarves. Being 50 this year means a not so nice neck anymore. Been putting lotion on it like crazy with little results. Think I need to pick up a scarf and see if I can do that. Congrats on the weight loss, I have dropped over 80 in the last 2 years but have hit a stand still right now.

  19. We share the same style! Love all of your fall pick! :)

  20. Hi Debra! Love your style and we are so alike in what you posted! I like comfort when I'm at home so it's really yoga pants and sweater in colder weather. My next purchase is boots, I've been looking but haven't found any that I like. I need a denim shirt so I need to add it to my list!
    Love your post about this!

  21. Do yo know the source of THOSE BOOTS?!?
    Oh please, oh please, pretty please!

  22. First of all I have to ask HOW you are losing so much weight?? I am 5 foot nothing too and STRUGLLE for each pound. As for dressing; I LOVE to dress. I wear black jeans, a fall top and a Fall jacket most days now. I LOVE jackets and get alot of them at Marshalls. On the weekends I wear dress pants, a nice top and jacket. I have a COLLECTION of coats and jackets, LOL. XO, Pinky

  23. OH! Forgot. I wear BOOTS too, and always a kitten heel. Used to wear nice heels, can't do it anymore.

  24. about like you dear.

    great job losing those 20 lbs!!

    next time can we see a pic of two of you in your jeans and sweater??


  25. What a fun post. I love your style, I'm a comfy jeans gal all the way. And I'm so happy for you on your weight loss, you must feel so good! I'm 5'2 so I know how much difference even a few pounds can make.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)


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