Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Burlap Tied Metal Basket

Ahhhh the joys of metal baskets...they can be used for so many things.

towels, books, magazines, toys, garden supplies...
I'm out on the sunporch, my favorite spot, to show you
 this roomy metal basket that I've had in my garage for the last few years.
(I know....the story of my life.)

I of course, did not come up with this cute way of embellishing it...

adding burlap ribbon and some sort of number or tag.

I have a problem with plant eating kitties,
so anytime the plants are made more difficult to access...the better.

This pastel  "Tumbling Blocks" vintage quilt
 is one of my very favorites for Spring.

I'm trying it out on my baker's rack here on the sunporch

But guess what...
after looking at it all day,
I decided I wanted it to be WHITE!

It doesn't show up as well in the photos,
but I love it's fresh coat of paint!

I DO like it better!

I can't take credit for this idea,
as I saw it on a recent shopping visit at Inspirational Home.

I think it would work for almost any metal basket,
it's a fun way to dress them up just a little.

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