Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some weekly randomness...

This last week my mom, sister, and I decided we better try to get one more lunch date in before school was out. My nephew is a high school football player, (and a real BigManOnCampus) who isn't driving yet, and my sister becomes the taxi service for his crowd once school is out. So we headed to one of our favorite spots, Spring Creek, for lunch and a little shopping. I had a space there for several years and loved it, but it was hard to get my hubbs down there for furniture moving. Anywho, we always love the food and that there are always bargains to be found.

I'm a total sucker for a linen suitcase...doesn't matter what kind of shape they are in,  they're just one of my favorite things. So when I spotted this for $4.50 it didn't matter that it was worn and tattered, it was coming  home with me. The gorgeous gray satin on the inside was in much better shape than the outside. And that it still had the key was amazing.

I collect these old trays with fruit designs, and this one had an odd texture as it felt like it was leather on metal. I love the deep rich Old World Style and colors. They all come out for Fall decor, which I think everyone knows by now is my favorite time of the year. (I'm already plotting ideas)

Anyone who has booth space, especially in a big mall, knows how frustrating it can be if each week you find lots of items that don't belong to you. I'm on a corner intersection at Relics, so it seems that if someone changes their mind about an item, they conveniently drop it off here. I know none of us have ever done this...
But look what landed in my space last week... I took one look at it and sort of felt it was divine "happenstance". A little blessing in the shape of a nature book. Of course I bought it and will enjoy the short stories of life on Cape Cod.

See the title? 

This little berry basket that I also found at Spring Creek
 will be holding Black-Eyed-Susans soon.

 I've been on a mission to clean up and declutter the guest room downstairs. It's one of my rooms that things land in. It's only used a few times a year so it's way too easy to end up in there than actually being put away in an appropriate place...anyone else out there...? 

 This is one of the "cardboard" backed prints I mentioned last week that I did a little repair on. When you can find one for a few dollars, don't pass it by, all it takes is a little craft paint to fix it up.

Let's see, I also found new drapery panels for the Master Bedroom and a new pillow to match, I was going to share those, but my hubby was napping when I needed to take the pics, so they can wait.

Hope you're having a great weekend, it's pretty quiet around here. actually floated around the pool on a raft for a couple of hours yesterday...ahhhhh. Yes, I love summer too!

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  1. Great finds! I adore that old tray!

  2. How funny that someone put that particular title book in your booth, Debra! You definitely had to buy it! Wow, I'm surprised that suitcase still had its key. I actually have to get in our guest bedroom closet and clear that up. Some stuff has to go up in the attic, but some of it is stuff I just didn't know what to do with when we moved in.

  3. That suitcase is awesome. I never find those around here and what a steal. How cool that that book landed in your space. And no, leftover stuff does not land in other rooms. Nope nada. Okay, maybe.

  4. The Common Ground Book is wonderful. Love it. You know that suitcase is so sweet and I am glad you got it as you are so good at styling them. I am working on culling some of my things but I will always have TOO Much stuff. love ya, Olive

  5. Seriously, how could you NOT buy that book?! It was meant for you. And the tag on the suitcase (although not spelled the same) is pretty funny. I went to an estate sale on Friday and for the first time EVER bought absolutely nothing. I'm so glad I didn't stand in line in the cold morning, because I could probably find better stuff....hidden away in my spare bedroom. :@

  6. The rich colors of that berry basket, and tray are beautiful. Great finds, Debra.

  7. I love Black-eyed Susans. Will you please post a photo when you place them in your cute little basket? :D

  8. Fun, Fun finds!! I love the suitcase and... wow, what a neat book!

  9. Like minded for sure on the guest room downstairs in my house, being a landing place for "things". Mine tend to be things that just should not be out in the warehouse or garage for the website...
    Great find on the linen suitcase.. I actually have a pinterest board for vintage suitcases ! lol..


  10. LOVE the awesome suitcase, debra! and your "cardboard" print is just beautiful with your pretty bed:)

  11. debra,
    Who would have ever imagine a book titled withthe name of your blog??? Amazing! Something unique, indeed! Great tray and suitcase find, as well! Have a wonderful float in the pool, dear friend!

  12. Wonderful finds Debra...LOVE that suitcase!!!


  13. Came over from Nifty Thrifty to see your finds. My favorite is the Wheary suitcase - I would have to display it so the label and the key are shown. I have a corner booth also, and often find the oddest things. I found out that one dealer will put an object in your booth if she thinks you might want it!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  14. I have landing places in my house too. Nothing is above being used as a holding cell for overstock.



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