Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's new, and the pussycats...

You have to be over 50 to remember that song!
(eeck, enough over 50 talk...)

Today, I wanted to share with you the new rug I found on Overstock.
They have great buys on rugs,
 and this one turned out better than I'd hoped.

The "former" rug went to live in the basement shabby wicker seating area.
and the one before that, which was the dark one,
 now lives happily in my master bedroom.

I added a few faux hydrangea blooms to my Woolf pottery 
from Restoration Hardware to bring the mantel more into Summer.

Here's Miss Jenkins with some beauty shots

she's also enjoying the new rug.

I call this one below...
(You know, eyes glazed over and staring)

Here's the other one, Miss Wrigley

After the pastel of the Easter Mantel, it was pretty boring in here,
so I brought back my old card table as a fireplace screen.

Love the colors in this.

The hearth is a little crowded with the conservatory my husband bought me for Christmas and the French Wire Basket that is usually on the Dining Room table. I suffer from the "too much junk" syndrome. 

Then, I've brought back my round mirror to the entry hall...

 I missed it being there, and it helps bounce more light around.

and I added this wonderful cardboard plaque 
that I found at Relics a few weeks ago for $6.00.

It reads, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever."

sweet birdie on a book stack

Gosh, this wood floor looks so orange-y,
but it's really not. 

I'm headed out to do some yard work,
Hope you're having a great Sunday!

See you tomorrow for

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  1. Such loveliness! I have a couple of Overstock rugs very similar to yours. They have wonderful prices on their rugs. I LOVE the fireplace screen! It's a card table? I've never seen one so pretty before.

  2. Debra-

    Wow, I am ashamed.. not been so productive Love your family room- very similar in coloring to mine actually- at least we managed to get new draperies hung yesterday, really softening the entire room.
    Yeah !
    Enjoy your Sunday.


  3. Love the rug! Everything looks gorgeous. Like the layering on the white table! You do such a fabulous job!

  4. Well, you've been busy doing some fluffing, Debra! Love the rug. It goes so well in between your sofas. I like the soft colors to it.

  5. The plaque is my fave, Debra. Your rug has such beautiful muted colors, and I'm always swooning at your hall table. Great vignettes, as always.

  6. Hi Debra,
    Love your new rug. It goes so well with your livingroom. I so envy those of you who can pick a rug and stay with it. I have a hard time choosing rugs. Right now, I'm rugless! LOL!

    Love your fireplace too and all the changes you've made in your lovely home.


  7. Oooh Debra, everything is so beautiful!... I love your new rug and your mantel, and well, everything!... Miss Jenkins and Miss Wrigley are gorgeous!... kitty kisses sweet little ones... and yes, I remember that song well... and Tom Jones... he was pretty easy on the eyes himself!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. I just love that room! My favorite is the beams at the ceiling and that tall fireplace. It's so fresh and white and lovely. I like your rug in there. I know it's nice to change things up from time to time. Putting your card table on it's side in front of your fireplace was just genius! I didn't know that it was a table. Love the floral design on it.

  9. So beautiful!!!

    Your Miss Jenkins has the exact same face as our Sheba cat!

  10. I can not tell you enough how much I love your room! Your sofas are to die for! That rug is drop dead gorgeous!!

  11. Your room is so pretty Debra!! You have found some amazing treasures!

  12. Love the rug but the kitties are so darling they stole all my attention. I want a jute rug because we live out side (and drag grass in) and would sleep out there if we could.

  13. sweet kitties, debra! love your new rug:) and the mirror and shutters look lovely!

  14. I love your style Debra! I never would have guessed that the fireplace screen was a card table!

  15. Love your rug! Can you tell me the name of the pattern? I need one with similar colors and I was just looking on Overstock last night. Thanks!

  16. Debra,
    Your new rug is stunning! The card table such a treasure and in great condition! Now those are two beautiful cats, dear friend! Hope to see more of them in the future! The one single item that captured my heart was your cardboard find...PTL... He is the same!

  17. I adore Overstock (found a few rugs there myself) and your rug is fabulous!

    Love the layered mirror over the shutters.

    And those two kitties!!

  18. What a gorgeous room, Debra! I don't think there's too much stuff in there at all! The way you style it all and create those amazing vignettes makes it feel warm and cozy yet light and airy. :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. That rug and room is beautiful . Hey Im only 4 years away from 50 and even I know that song lol . Pretty kitty. Have a great day !

  20. Debra, it's a visual treat to see images of your home. Love the beams and tall ceiling in the living room. All your details are fabulous. Not too much at all! You've got wonderful style. ~ Sarah

  21. love that rug and Miss Jenkins is so adorable with her catatonic look! Your mantle looks great. I love the basket and greenhouse at the botttom and the screen too. It sure doesnt look like junk to me!!!
    The entry looks great as well, I love the mirror and how you have it all arranged.

  22. This whole room is gorgeous!!!!!

  23. Your card table firescreen is beautiful! I passed one up at a sale many years ago and always regretted it.

    I can still picture Tom Jones with his tight shirt unbuttoned halfway to his navel. Too sexy!Grrrrrr.....

  24. Gosh I can't stop looking, trying to take everything in. Your room is so lovely with the new rug. xx

  25. Your home is absolutely gorgeous and I love the rug! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  26. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful

  27. Miss Jenkins and Miss Wrigley have stolen my heart!! Miss Jenkins has a tummy just like our sweet Tiger used to have (she's almost 19 now and has lost some weight over the past few years!)...
    Your home is STUNNING. Right out of a magazine. I love everything. The table is the perfect fireplace screen!
    I love the plaque you found, and I think that round mirror is just beautiful - especially with the crucifix reflected in it! Have a good week, Debra!... Donna

  28. Love the rug!! Everything looks so beautiful!!

  29. I love that 'fireplace screen' It's perfect. All your little touches are just adorable, and make we want to sit in your room and just take my time looking around.

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE your style! I am visiting from Thee Blog Hop and I am a new follower! I hope you will stop by and do the same.


  31. it's a terrific rug. Your have a lovely home . Hugs and wishes for a week filled with happy!

  32. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful.

    If you want some outdoor inspiration..check out my new post:)
    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at

  33. It's all looking mighty purty for your famous visitors coming next month!!!

    Famous Visitor #1

  34. Dear Debra, I LOVE your new rug-
    those colours of browns and a littel blue, are so lovely, and I could so use something similar here.
    Then I am alwayes being sheered up visiting your beautiful home, and seing all the sweet and gorgeous decorations-
    You live so lovely- and the two sweet "misser" (that`s danish for cats) are wonderful companienship.
    Hugs and love,

  35. What a gorgeous room, love the rug too! The colors are perfect in the rug. Beautiful plaque. This room should be on the cover of a design magazine, really!
    Have a great evening Debra.

    The French Hutch

  36. Debra- a truly amazingly beautiful post! (I would recognize your signature vintage shutters anywhere! ;) ) LOVE IT ALL!

  37. Stunning, exquisite room....there is beauty in every inch of your space.....just elegant!

  38. Beautiful post. Your house looks great--love that round mirror! Your kitties are just too cute:)

  39. You are a genius! I have seen those beautiful old card tables at sales and wanted it but didn't need another table. Never ever thought to just fold it up and use as a propped up print or firescreen as you did. FABULOUS and so is your family room. Happy Tuesday.

  40. Beautiful rug and your room is just divine.

  41. Looks so beautiful Debra ~ I just picked up a round mirror similar to yours! It's going to look beautiful white!

  42. This is a great room and the rug just fits right in. I love looking at all the details over and over again. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Omigoodness! It took me awhile to get through this post because I couldn't quit looking at the beautiful photos! I was staring at them ... much like your cat's stare ... just kinda gazing all dumbfounded. Your room is heavenly, so the sign about Jesus fits in perfectly. :) And I love the card table turned fireplace screen. So clever! I would sit all catatonic in that room, too. Gorgeous.

  44. Your home is beautiful so pretty.

  45. It's hard to note one or two things that are wonderful, the space is so serene and lovely. I love your style, and it doesn't look "decorated" it looks fantastic!

    Tanya :)

  46. I'll try not drool all over your pretty rugs and all that fabulous stuff. You just have such a talent for putting everything together. No matter how many things you have in one area, it looks completely styled and never cluttered. Amazing! How DO you do it? Thanks for the sweet visit at your house.

  47. Oh Pussycat, love what's new! I also love what's old. I still drool over your beams everytime I see them. I think the card table is fabulous too. I have that same conservatory. Mine is not on a base. Did you add that? It's pretty darn cute. Mine is in my bedroom, but think I might have to pull it out on the hearth now and then, The pussycat is a real ham and quite photogenic I might add. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  48. All lovely, so lush and elegant! Nice to live in a place like this.

    philippine real estate

  49. Debra,
    I love your living room with the beams. It is so lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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