Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hall Bath Project

I know, that's a blah title for a blogpost.

If you read my post on Sunday then you knew that I had my hand forced on a bathroom re-paint. This is a bath next to my studio, that isn't used much, except by me. I had some spots on the wall that needed to be touched up, (I do my own haircolor) but the paint had been a homemade color concoction by yours truly.

(Note to self...NEVER Never, do that AGAIN!!) 

So when I tried to get the color matched, it DIDN"T match. I can't blame it on the paint people, the sample was old and small, yada yada yada. 

When I painted a bigger section it was a gray-green, not a bad color...the problem is this bathroom is dark. No natural light but a skylight. So painting it a darker color wasn't going to work. I figured if I was going to have to re-paint, it would have to be "light and bright". I went to Home Depot and bought my fave paint, the two in one primer and paint Behr Premium Plus 2 in 1, and got to work.

It's a really pretty neutral paint color; a shade of linen that I love. I went to look for the paint sample sheet,  but it's nowhere to be found. My hallway is a disaster with all the stuff that was previously in the bathroom, now being on the hallway floor.

This little metal table and the oval antique mirror are the only things I've moved back in. Everything else is pending...I want to do something different. Uh huh, pending all over the hallway floor...

The 80's have called and they want
 my tan and white cultured marble vanities back.

It's impossible to get good shots in here,
especially with me NOT in the mirror.

Here's the paint color "before", a green that was similar to my Dining Room.

You can see I tried out some gray, 
but with the tan tub surround, it just wasn't happening.

So now I'm going to have to shop the house and garage for some decor,
and I have to repaint some frames for prints...
but at least I'm able to cross this off the "need to do" list.
I'll keep ya posted...

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