Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Gray Day

Each day for the last four years when I have walked into the house from the garage, I have passed these amazing gray shutters leaning against a stack of plastic bins.  I'd glance at them and think, "what will I do with you?" and each day they would say to me, "don't sell us, we can be something you'd love".

So the day finally came when I decided to act on that conversation.

I have been having that want-to-do-something-different 
feeling since New Years,
and I thought I'd try them in the Entry above my white console.

You see, I've had this issue with gray and tan.
I wasn't sure that they would work together,
 but I thought I'd give it a shot.

I think I like them together...

The white helps balance them out.

I moved my round white mirror to the other wall.
I'll see how long this stays like this,
but for's satisfied my urge to make a change.

What kind of changes have you made since New Years?

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