Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chirp, chirp

You know how they say "a little birdie told me"...?
well, my little birdie has a message he wants to share with everyone.
He's a sweet little birdie with a smile on his face,
but he's sad cause he's having a hard time leaving comments.

So many blog friends where he's tried to leave comments.
Those that have word verification, 
have been a real bummer for the last day or two.

I haven't had word verification for over a year, maybe longer.
Blogger is doing a great job on filtering spam. trust me...
99.9 percent of the looney tunes are filtered out!

and on another note...
thanks for all the sweet comments on my new blog header.
After the shock and upset of Picnik calling it quits,
I've spent hours and hours looking for alternatives,
(those of you who are Picnik addicts like me 
are having advanced withdrawal.)
Picasa seems to be a contender, but I'm still fussy and fumey.

If you have issues, (and who doesn't) just Google your questions,
there are some great tutorials out there.

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