Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mini Design Challenge

 Jeanne over at Perfect Imperfections contacted me last week about doing a Mini Design Challenge concerning these great pieces of furniture that she has. Below is the blogpost she did earlier this week. Take a look and see what you think. Say Hi to Jeanne and leave a comment about what you might do.

Here's Jeanne "In her own words..."

I'm not really sure if these two pieces are what's considered Art Deco. But, I believe that's what they are called. I was really excited when I picked these up for a great price. But then I've been stumped as to what to do with them. So I thought I'd put it out there for all my blogland friends to help me with some ideas. I'm not sure how many will actually read this, but it's worth a try. Without further they are:

Lots of great details that will pop with the right treatment!

Just a little close up of some of the details.

This vanity has wood wheels. How cool is that!

Should I try to save the design painted on the drawers?

I was thinking these might be my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint projects, since I really don't want to sand and prime these babies! What do you think? Also, should I cut the back board off the vanity and leave it as is, or should I put a mirror there? What do you think of the drawers with the design already painted on it? Should I try to preserve that somehow? The details on the trim and legs really need to be highlighted. I'm not sure if just distressing will do the trick, or if I should try some other technique like gold leaf? I'm sure there are other questions I should ask, but that's all I've got for now.

So put on your creative thinking caps and give me some feedback friends! Thanks for your help.


Thanks everyone, let's see if we can give Jeanne some inspiration with these two great pieces of furniture. What would you do?

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