Monday, October 10, 2011

Finding Fall in the Kitchen

I feel like every post I need to say,
"You know how much I LOVE Fall!"
OK, so I said it again, 
but never so much as this year as I've decorated
with all the new "white" in the house and here in the kitchen.
(I repainted my kitchen and cabinets at Thanksgiving last year)

I keep this carrier on the table year round 
and just change out the flowers in the old blue mason jars for the season.

Last year I mentioned that I couldn't find 
faux hydrangeas that were Fallish,
so I just used light ones and swiped them with some "distress" ink.
worked great!

The biggest change I make is to change out my curtains.
I have a set for Spring and Summer,
and a set for Fall and Winter.
The brown floral is my favorite.

(view to the sunroom)

This silver footed tray is a "staple" too,
I just change out the flowers and accessories seasonally.

In the Fall, Smiley comes to live in here.
Gosh, you'd think I put him on a pedestal or something...

And welcome to one of my newest obsessions,
Bath and Body Works Slatkin Candles.
This season it's Salty Caramel.

Let me tell you it's unbelievable!!!
(you actually want to eat it!!)

I'm a "tweaker" and a "tucker".
This year I just tweaked my vignettes
 and tucked in some new Fall color.

This Spring an iron bird was on the white pedestal, 
now one of my Lefton chipmunks is there.

And the little arrangement under the large cloche
changes out seasonally too.

I bought this little silver creamer last year that is a candle lamp,
and just added some real bittersweet to it.

Up on the double oven, things haven't changed much either,
but I added the bittersweet and some Fall leaves
 to the large tureen of apples.

Here's our new fridge that we bought this summer.
It's an LG French Door with the freezer on the bottom, in Bisque.
LOVE it. It matches my cabinets perfectly!

And here's my flower tote again.

Just found another bread board this week at Relics for three dollars
so here it is with an old white Harker Bow and Arrow Mixing Bowl,
some old linens, and the last of my dwarf zinnias.

I buy every white ironstone pitcher I come across.
another of those small addictions  obsessions collections.

I can't wait to show you what I did today.
But I will tell you that I'm going to be sharing 
Fall Tablescapes for 
Vintage Inspiration Friday.
just sayin'....

and I'm linking with these parties this week.



Have a great week everyone!
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