Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Design Challenge: Korrie's Entry/ Living Room

Hi Everyone!

Today we're talking to Korrie from Red Hen Home.

She has a smallish Living Room/ Entry Room
that she wants to remake in the worst way.
Korrie isn't lovin' this compact space
 and recently sold most of the furnishings that were there.

Let's hear from Korrie and take a peek at her space.
She has a great place to work in and it's pretty much a blank slate.

"In her own words..."

One day last month I woke up and decided I couldn’t stand my front room for ONE MORE MINUTE!! 
 I’ll be frank…I have always hated this room. Why is it that the architect who designed this home decided to make a tiny front room and a slightly larger family room (that connects directly to the kitchen), instead of making ONE decent-size room (and an entry wouldn’t have killed him)?? It’s been my bane for the last eight years. It’s a room that really serves no purpose.
So back to that fateful August morning…I started the process of selling everything out of the room!  I sold the chairs.  I sold the huge monstrosity of a wall unit.  I sold the rug.  I even sold a picture off the wall!  (I did move a couple of pieces I still liked to my bedroom.)  Note:  If you want to see pics of what I got rid of, look here.
Wanna see what the room looks like now?

Here I am right inside the front door, looking slightly to the left.

Looking straight ahead (please ignore all the stuff I shoved into the family room so I could take pictures of the front room).

Now looking to the right (the window is on the same wall as the front door).

Here I’m standing in the corner looking back toward the stairs.

And last I am standing at the doorway to the family room/kitchen,
 looking back toward the front door.

Impressive, no?
So my challenge is this…how do I make this tiny, useless room (10’ x 13’) into a tiny, useFUL room??  And pretty would be good, too.

What I want is for it to have more of a “library” feel.  I love this picture from Mallairdville Manor.

I’m thinking a wall of low bookcases wouldn’t make me feel claustrophobic in that tiny space (maybe on the wall opposite the window and door).    I love the look of the two comfortable chairs (although probably not in white)
For more seating, I’m considering the idea of a loveseat by the window.

Then that leaves this wall…

…and I don’t know what to put there.  The card catalog is a new acquisition, and it seems like it ought to be in a library!  I would either like to paint it or re-stain it dark.  I am considering a china cabinet of sorts, since right now all my pretties are stashed away in a dark cupboard!  I’m not sure about style, or about how it would look to have the card catalog and a china cabinet on the same wall.
I would love to change the look of this staircase!

I’m thinking that getting rid of that half wall (and the ugly yellowed wood) and replacing it with an actual banister would open up the look of the room.  While I’m dreaming, I’d also like to rip the carpet off the stairs and put wood stair treads down.  At this point, that’s all the de-construction I can consider. (Let’s just assume for the purposes of this challenge that removing the wall between the front room and family room is not an option.)

A little more about me…I love warm colors, old woods, and vintage accessories.  I’m not too Frenchy or beachy or frilly.  I’ll choose comfort over looks most days, and practicality is a must!  (I have six children.)

Thank you, Debra, for allowing me to participate in the Design Challenge!  I would love any help ANYONE can offer!

Sincerely, Korrie (Red Hen Home)

OK, folks, let's share some ideas.
Take a look at her inspiration photo again
and let's get crackin'!
Remember, this isn't just for professionals,
Share your thoughts, please.

Leave a comment even if someone else has the same idea.
The more ideas and feedback the better!!

thanks a bunch everyone!

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