Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Design Challenge: Eileen's Guestroom/Studio

Welcome Eileen, from Cottage Beach House,
who has a Design Challenge that many of us empty nesters face.
College kid moves out to start life on their own,
and we are left with an extra room...
but it's one that inevitably needs a makeover.

Eileen is a gal that pretty much knows what she wants.
She has great ideas,
a wonderful room with great bones,
and some sketches that will make you envious
if you've ever started something like this.

Take a look at her photos from "Pre Move-Out" first,
so you can see the space.

Here's, Eileen
"in her own words..."

What I want to do is make this room into a guest room/studio for my sewing and paper work. The closet will be made into a craft closet. I want this room to have a Frenchy feel to it and I am partial to the soft greys, and very pale blue with whites and natural burlap or canvas.
 So from industrial young man's room to Frenchy style guest room studio is the challenge!  The intent here is to not spend anything except for new bedding and curtains and paint. I have all the pieces I need in storage from  previous rooms before their makeovers. I am open to painting anything and everything.

The first 5 pics are of the walls in the room, just before my son left. He liked it bare bones industrial, not even a bed frame.

The next 6 are the furniture pieces that I have and wish to incorporate into the room.  I plan to paint the bureau white and marry it with the large mirror, which I will also paint white. I think they will pair up well.

The night table which has been in the basement for years will get some respect and a new paint job as well.

 This great Frenchy chair that I found curbside, will get a fresh coat
 of paint and I am planning on re-covering with maybe some drop cloth and french script.

I'm adding a vintage bed frame I plan to pull out of the shed and paint and set up in here. I am totally stumped as to what I should do to the entrance which as you can see by the picture below, is an odd shape. I'd like to keep the bureau to use for paperwork and things like ink and scissors but I can't really envision how to create a Frenchy look with this one, (the upright dresser)

The next 4 are my sketched ideas of how I want the room to look,
now that I have a free hand.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Debra for the inclusion in your design challenge!!

You are so welcome, Eileen,
so now let's share some ideas that come to mind.
Bed linens and window treatments
 are something she's needing thoughts on.
Keep in mind the French feel she's going for.

So you see, Eileen has a good plan,
she just needs help with choosing a wall paint color,
and adding some "Frenchy-ness" in with the accessories.

Remember, we're not all decorators,
Let's just throw out some ideas that come to us.
Even if someone has left a comment with your idea,
leave a comment of your own.

We love lots of feedback!!
Thanks everyone!

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