Friday, August 5, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday#49 and Design Challenge #1 Heather's Dining Room

Are you confused yet? I know it's a lot to take in in one sitting, but I wanted to do the very first Design Challenge as part of Vintage Inspiration Friday just to spread the word. Next week back to normal...not sure what "normal" is around here but you get my drift.

There's a link for Vintage Inspiration Friday at the end of the photos, please link up there as usual, and besides, a good design challenge is great for inspiration, don't you think?

Today is the first Design Challenge here at Common Ground. If you've missed earlier introductory posts, the premise of this new weekly feature is to help out one of our own in Blogland with decorating challenges, by sharing ideas and inspiration. You don't have to be a professional decorator to weigh in with your own opinion. Actually, we all have some great ideas.  Even though they all can't be used, bits and pieces can be sifted for a more comprehensive and cohesive design strategy...OK, more easily said, don't be afraid to throw in your own 2 cents! And really, don't overthink this, say just what comes to mind.

So now let's get this show on the road...some thoughts from Heather and then photos. Please leave comments that are kind and constructive (I know you will). Also let's be realistic like not saying that a whole new room should be purchased. Keep cost and concept in mind to give some good honest decorating and design thoughts.

In Heather's own words.

Here is what I'm hoping to achieve with my dining room:
It is very traditional. With a beautiful formal cherry dining set lovingly passed down from my mom-in-law when she didn't have the space for it anymore. I was so excited to finally have a “formal” set. But, I feel like my dining room has become TOO formal and dark. I want to lighten the room up a little. Have it blend better with the Vintage Formal Farmhouse feel I’m going for.

This room has a connecting wall between my entry and the dining room. I am not opposed to painting it but would need to paint my entryway as well. I love pale yellow's, whites and soft robin egg's blue right now. Those colors would go with my new kitchen redesign. I have attached a picture of the fabric I purchase at a STEAL to recover my seat cushions with. This is what I'm hoping to design the dining room around. As you can see it needs a light fixture now, since I transferred and painted the chandelier over my kitchen table. Also, the hideous brass and glass sofa table has got to go.

I am open to painting any frames, mirrors, lamps. etc. I would love to reuse and recycle as much as possible but will make new purchases if necessary.

Here is the link to my pinterest board that has some of my inspiration links on it, for people to see what inspires me. :)

At The Picket Fence

Heather has shared some great photos that really capture her space.
Did you check out her Pinterest Board?

She's found some fabulous inspiration,
this is my favorite and I can just "see" this room
transformed using elements from this design.

OK, Your turn!!!

Link up your vintage inspiration,
then leave a comment here on this post for Heather.

thanks for participating,
and I'd love you to grab the new
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