Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Fabulous Italian... coverlet, that is.

Every once in a while I run across a really amazing find.
That's what I want to share with you,
a beautiful antique Italian silk tapestry coverlet.
That I think is from the late 1920's.

Below you can see a handsewn tag that says,
"Made in Italy".

I've used it in my Living Room for the last several years,
but now I've decided it needs to find a wonderful new home.
So I just listed it on Etsy in my Petite Boutique

It's all silk, in creams, melon-umber, dark blue
and the design consists of young women;
 one playing the tambourine
the other playing the mandolin.
(it has a little "gypsy" spirit!)

It's in wonderful condition,
just some "age" wear and slight discoloration.

The light in our bedroom isn't good,
so it's draped over one of my sofas in the living room.

Here you can see it draped over the back.

The fringe is pristine, no matting or tangles.

just sold!
thanks so much

It measures approximately 88 inches by 74 inches,
not including the fringe.

I think it would be beautiful in many settings,
folded at the end of a bed,
on a chaise lounge,
or draped over a baby grand piano!

Just wanted to let you know this is available on Etsy.
Hope you're having a wonderful day.
I'm trying to get a few things accomplished today.

See you tomorrow,
and if you haven't entered the
Romantic French Style
Give Away,

Please click HERE



  1. that is lovely,, very french!

  2. Drooling over this beauty! What a gorgeous piece! Enjoy!

  3. oops not french ,,, what am i talking about!! I meant to say it looks very nice on your sofa,, my husband was talking to me and I went and typed what he said,, wow I'm losing it!!!!

  4. Beautiful piece Debra. It could work with a variety of styles.

  5. What a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Oh that is ABSOLUTELY Beautiful...WOW!!!

  7. When I read on my dashboard....fabulous Italian, I was so sure you were talking about me! lol
    Love the tapestry Debra. Ciao Rita

  8. That is a beautiful tapestry, Debra! And all silk?? YUM!! It is very unique, and will probably get snapped up quickly!!

    Have a lovely evening!

  9. yes, very lovely indeed. love the colors....


  10. The color is fabulous...just in time for fall. We are going to have a fall this year...right?
    P.S. I'll now have Cher singin' "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" in my head all night. Can you imagine the dreams I'm gonna be having?

  11. Dear Debra, this is so very beautiful- and certainly not to be found every day- love the look of silk, and the mellow colors with the blue- what a buy.
    Hope your day is not as rainy, as mine .
    Love and hugs,Dorthe

  12. Here I thought you were going to introduce us to an Italian singer or something! ha!! Love the pretty!!


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