Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Design Challenge #6: Let's help Dianne!

Hi Everyone!
Dianne has a Design Challenge

Not only is she designing her Living Room
She's Designing a new life.

Here are some photos of Dianne's Living Room
which is pretty much a "blank slate" to work with.

Here is Dianne, "In Her Own Words"

My name is Dianne and i live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Beautiful city. I am 57. As you can probably see by my lack of design from my pictures that i have no design. I think i did before, but it has completely changed over the years.

I was married for 32 years and one day my husband went to a other town where his brother lives and never came back. He did not want to be married. I have 2 boys, all grown and they were shocked. My style back then was comfortable but truthfully not my own style. This all happened 4 years ago. Time went on and i am presently living with a wonderful man. Who really doesn't mind what kind of style i have in my living room.

When he moved in i had all my old furniture, well about 2 months ago i decided to ditch the couch, love seat, lazy boy, dining room table, buffet. Out with the old!!!

Now comes the dilemma. I really love the shabby chic/french/romantic kind of feel. There is a blog out there "Simply Me" and i just love her style. I really don't want to paint the walls, as part of the purging i got BF to paint the walls "Cottage White". The floors are new also, dark bamboo flooring.

I was thinking of an Ikea couch, Ektorp. I have heard from some blogs they love that couch. As you can see most of the walls have nothing on them, except one wall.

Inspiration Photo Ikea: Ektorp sofa

I have a hard time in regards to placing the furniture once i have some furniture. My living room is a place where we watch movies and tv. I live in a small three bedroom townhouse.

I truly appreciate Debra putting this out there and am really looking forward to reading your comments. So whatever you think of that would help me to achieve this shabby/french/romantic feel for my living/dining room would be greatly appreciated. I am completely open to new things.


I believe this wall must be directly across from the large window.

Dianne has some wonderful Romantic/Shabby pieces.

The coffee table, buffet, several mirrors,
writing desk and chair, and an end table
all look like they could be used in her shabby design style.
and hmm... is that a white dresser I see (without the drawers)
and a chandelier, too?

She just needs advice on how to pull this look together.
Let's help her with some ideas
such as art work, possibly a rug,
and furniture placement so she can get this plan in motion.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts,
it really means so much to the recipients!

Remember, you don't have to be a "professional"
to weigh in with your ideas.
Just share your immediate thoughts on what
you would do.

And your welcome, Dianne,
we're happy to help!

If you haven't entered my
Romantic French Style Give Away
you still have this week to enter.


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