Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Sale this Weekend

See all this great stuff?

Well, it's all at Relics Antique Mall
in Springfield, Missouri.

We're having a giant Mimosa Party,
and your invited!

And what's a "Mimosa Party" you might be asking...

Let's just saaaaay there's some champagne in the house...

And most dealers are having a sale.

These next pics are from my spaces.
First row west of the soon-to-be tea room.

it's all 30 % off!

See this darling round white coffee table,
 I nabbed at the Seed Box Open House?
yep, it's 30% off!

There are lot's of great booths.
Come check us out this weekend!

Relics Antique Mall
corner of Kansas Expressway and Battlefield Road,
right next to Grizzley's.

Have a great weekend everyone,
I'm feeling better!
love ya,
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