Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Block Party and VIF #43: Vintage Summer

I had a lot of ideas about what to do for this post,
but I really wanted to convey some memories from growing up
 that embodied summer to me.

So many things evoke that feeling of summers past;
swimming in the river, cookouts, picking dinner from the garden,
sitting in the porch swing on a warm summer night.

But one of my real enjoyments would be to grab an old quilt
and head outside under a tree with a glass of lemonade.

Drawing and reading were two of my favorite "alone time" joys.

Savoring my latest copy of Seventeen Magazine,
or the summer I vowed to read War and Peace.
(I did)

We lived in an old white farmhouse just outside of town;
no immediate neighbors,
and spending quiet time, uninterupted, was a perfect afternoon.

Today I'm enjoying Celebrating Home,
a Country Living decorating book that I've had for a few years,
but always brings new inspiration.

And don't forget a game of croquet with friends after dinner.

Hope you'll be sharing your thoughts on Summer.

And now for some great posts from last week...

Carolyn from Sweet Chaos Home shares her wonderful Flea Market Finds
oh my gosh, that color!!!

Just met Christy from Dora's Cottage last week at Relics.
She's such a sweetheart. Be sure and go by and say hello,
and see her darling dachsund silhouette.

Suz from Hometown Girl shared her Welcome Summer Party on the lawn.
Gorgeous photos of a wonderful setting!

And Theresa from Momma T's found THE most amazing
French Bed. I'm drooling here!!

So, here's the info on the party,
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Only once per individual blog post link.

This has been a lot of fun,
whew...I haven't posted this much for awhile,
I'm gonna have to go crawl back on that quilt!!

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                                            lot's of love,

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  1. That looks like a sweet spot to take a nap, too, Debra!

  2. Goodness Debra... I'm going to be entertained for HOURS going through all of the fun links!!!

    I think I'll find a quilt and take my laptop... your daisies are GORGEOUS!!!

    LOVE this post!!!


    That's a lot of links to view ~ creativity as far as the eye can see:)
    Happy VIF!
    xo, Rosemary

  4. Love your quilt and what a sweet memory. I love to be outside and just sit and read also. Great post. Hugs, marty

  5. Oh Debra,
    This is a beautiful post. I would hang out like this too. I grew up on a farm and it was peaceful and quite outside of town. Thanks for having us!!

  6. Pass the lemonade lovey! I read Seventeen and War and Peace about a hundred years ago too! hugs♥O

  7. This is my first visit, and I'm so glad to find your blog! I love the croquet set! I looked for one last year but they were really expensive here. Thanks for hosting!!!

  8. If the rain ever stops here this sounds like a wonderful way to spend a summer day.

  9. What a dreamy, cozy spot to unwind on!


  10. Hi Debra, oooh how I love this post of yours!... Reminiscing about summers past as children is one of my favorite things to do... your quilt is just beautiful and what a pretty place to relax with your lemonade and a good book... I hope your thoughts drifted away to happy childhood memories at your farmhouse... I can just picture it!... I am happy you received your little book, and you are most welcome for it!... I just linked an old post of mine to your party... please check it out if you can and make sure I followed all the rules correctly (I think I did!)... I added both buttons, and a link to you... now, I am off to visit everyone!... xoxo Julie Marie

  11. PS Mine is #810, Wow!... Rose Petals and Night Crawlers... I want to play by the rules and not sure about the buttons? I hope I did it right Debra!... xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Debra - This is such a comfy spot! I actually played croquet for the first time a few weeks ago. I had a blast! I even played with a vintage set. Summer is so fleeting- before we know it, it's gone! I'm going to savor every day of it!
    ~ Sue

  13. This is a beautiful nostalgic post, Debra. I love the quilt and that beautiful pillow. I wish I had lived in an old white farmhouse just out of town. I think I'm often trying to get there! Love this summer memory. xx

  14. Thanks for linking up at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Hi Debra! My first time linking up here - found you through Sandi at Rose Chintz. Love the nostalgic summer picnic you took us on. And, for heaven's sake - I posted eight hundred and something! Ya! I guess I have my reading cut out for me over the next week or so! Loving my new blog self and all the creativity and inspiration I'm soaking up. Happy to be writing just to write instead of writing to work. Hope you have a moment to meet me over at The Writer's Reverie.
    Joy to you!
    Miss Kathy

  16. Debra,
    Your summers sound a lot like my own childhood summers right down to the croquet with those fun croquet sets. Loved your summer picnic spread.

  17. Oh Debra! This is so lovely. I am sure you were so busy setting up and taking photos that you didn't have too much time to sit and actually enjoy it but I hope you did get a little bit of relaxation in this beautiful spot! Thank you so much for helping us host the Summer Block Party! Love ya!


  18. Wow!!! It took me forever to get to the bottom to link to the party!! This is one big get together!!!
    You created a very cozy and pretty spot for summertime reading. Lots of great memories.

  19. Love all your pretty picnic goodies... everything you need for a summer afternoon! Thanks for hosting... there are so many links--how fun!

  20. Really great post. I *LOVED* Seventeen magazine, that was my favorite in high school!

  21. Your picnic is so wonderful! I love the quilt!

  22. Seventeen magazine -- this post reminded me of all the hours I spent reading that as a teenager! Croquet was part of my summer along with Jarts - remember those - the giant darts you tried to throw into a circle on the ground at your opponent's feet? No wonder they don't make then anymore! :-)

  23. Wow...after finally making my way thru all the party goers, I almost forgot what I was going to say!
    Talk about having a Rocky moment! Can you say squirrel!!!
    I love your setting and sweet remembrances. Seventeen magazine...was it really that long ago that was our go-to for how-to?

  24. Hi Debra, So lovely! Thanks for sharing some of your past. I want to lay on that blanket, take a break, and read a book :). You do an amazing job of creating a welcoming space.
    Thanks for hosting the block party ~ so much fun!
    ~ Julie

  25. Hi Debra,

    LOVE your double wedding ring quilt and the rambling rose pillow...I am currently working on my own DWR quilt, love the colours in yours! What a beautiful spot to spend a hot summer afternoon!! Thank you for Hosting! Have a great weekend too!
    All the Best,

  26. i love your little picnic setting, so so pretty! makes me want to curl with with a good book! thank you SO much for the mention of my summer party!! Suz

  27. So summery Debra...what a FUN party, (I'm late to the party as usual!)


  28. Hello Debra, I hope you are enjoying your day. This is so huge, it's the biggest linky party I've ever seen, Wow! Thank you!
    XXX Ido

  29. What wonderful photos!! And Seventeen magazine, how funny!!!

    Great party!!! This has been fun!

  30. I of course was smitten with this post with all its lovely outdoor images. But then I spotted the doxie link and well as a certified weiner owner and lover my heart was completely captured.
    Thank you!

  31. I love your outdoor photos. It makes me want to lie down and read, nap or even try to draw. :) Blessings to you...hope you are feeling great.

  32. What a full house you have Debra!
    Summer picnics never looked so good!
    Thanks for the memories!

  33. This looks like a perfect scene for a perfect summer day Debra...gorgeous and so relaxing that picnic basket and quilt :) Thanks for's such a pleasure to join in this week...hope you have a nice relaxing weekend...I can hardly wait to make my way around the the other party attendants :)
    Big hugs,

  34. Your summer vintage post is incredible and a feast for they eyes! Even though I'm running late, it's a please to join up with your part of the Party!

  35. I love your picnic vignette. We had a picnic basket just like that when we were first married. I think I purchased it with green stamps. I got rid of it several years ago, darn it. Who knew it would be considered a classic!!!

  36. I'm with you Debra. Being alone with a book, lying all comfy-cozy in the shade, sipping a refreshing drink - total enjoyment!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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