Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Sale this Weekend

See all this great stuff?

Well, it's all at Relics Antique Mall
in Springfield, Missouri.

We're having a giant Mimosa Party,
and your invited!

And what's a "Mimosa Party" you might be asking...

Let's just saaaaay there's some champagne in the house...

And most dealers are having a sale.

These next pics are from my spaces.
First row west of the soon-to-be tea room.

it's all 30 % off!

See this darling round white coffee table,
 I nabbed at the Seed Box Open House?
yep, it's 30% off!

There are lot's of great booths.
Come check us out this weekend!

Relics Antique Mall
corner of Kansas Expressway and Battlefield Road,
right next to Grizzley's.

Have a great weekend everyone,
I'm feeling better!
love ya,


  1. Hi Debra... most important, I am so happy to hear you are feeling better!... next, I would LOVE to be able to go there!... You have the BEST stuff... I love those old tv trays!... xoxo Julie Marie PS A nice glass of champagne sounds yummy too!

  2. If I wasn't so far away I'd be there to snap up that white shabby garden gate and that FANTASTIC yellow metal lawn rocking/gliding "sofa"!!! Looks like just my kind of spot...


    Oh.. and I'd definatly like one of those mimosas!

  3. I agree with above,, you have the best stuff!I love the bird prints,, glad you're felling better too!

  4. Debra, I didn't know that you where so close to where I live not going to be able to make this one but now I know its not that far you have to let me know about the next sale please email me with details and I will be there. I see a few things that I would love to buy... thanks and have a good weekend


  5. Let me get my plane ticket and I will be right there.

  6. Looks like you should "toast" a great sale! Looks like lots of fun! Have a great weekend.

  7. That looks like my kind of store!
    Good luck with the sale this weekend!

  8. Oh my! Lots of beautiful treasures! I've had a Mimosa - at the Spa my children sent my husband and I to - it was lovely!
    Hope all goes well,

  9. The design of birds with nest is very beautiful. Here all kitchen cookeries are availble in 30% off offers. Your blog is very interesting.

  10. Debra,

    We have mimosas every Sunday with brunch! I think we should all chip in and buy a blog bus that drives around the country stopping at everyone's lovely shops. Yours would be the first stop!

    Your Friend,

  11. Dang girl!! I miss out on all the FUN!!
    Wish I could hop on a plane and show up SURPRISE!!!

    I see wat to much I want, the slipped sette yummers!!


  12. Hi dear Debra, so happy you are feeling better again,- and wishes you a GREAT sale from your booth - so many goodies there, -have a wonderful week-end.

  13. So much great stuff, Debra! I think I'd be walking out of there with a lot of it! Good thing I don't live close by.

  14. Wow if only my chariot would come and pick me up I would be there!! lol So glad you are feeling better! God is good!!

  15. Look at all that eye candy. If it was just a little closer you would see me there. Just a little too far from Ontario Canada.

  16. I'm so glad you are feeling better ! Man ! I wish I had some money ! I would be there at that sale with mimosa in hand . Have a great weekend !

  17. The mall pictures look amazing and I love your booth! wish I lived in the area, have fun at your mimosa event and I hope you sell tons!

  18. Wow oh wow! So much great stuff. Sure wish I could be there, but I'm thinking Kuwait is just a bit too far from Kansas Expressway! :/I've never seen a wingback loveseat before. Sure wish I could make that one mine. :) Wishing you much success at the sale. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  19. I'm wondering just how long it would take me to get there...

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Looks like some seriously fun and yummy stuff! I wish I were closer. Actually, OK isn't too far away but oh well.......

  21. Hope you sells tons of goodies.
    It sure looks great!

  22. Mimosa's? Darn it. I picked the wrong holiday weekend to come a-visitin'! saved the best news for last...and I'm so happy to read it. Still keeping you in my prayers Ms. CG!

  23. Whoa! that's a lot of great stuff, I sure wish I could shop there. I'm so glad you're feeling better.

  24. You are feeling better...Thank The Lord. I want that gate you have things hanging on...just say'in

  25. Dang, I love a good sale.Wish I was closer~Cheers Kim

  26. Glad you are feeling better Debra!
    Soooo many treasures to be had there!

  27. What a great place to Shop! I'm loving that Yellow Glider! And the Patriotic Theme for Vintage Inspiration Friday is perfect... now if only I can remember to photograph whatever I have in Red, White & Blue! *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  28. Oh, I'll take it all...tell 'em to wrap it all up for

    Love your new banner...very festive!

    Mimosas are my favorite. xo R

  29. white coffee table is such a awesome and very attractive stuffs you kept on it. The Patriotic Theme for Vintage Inspiration and I sure you enjoyed your Friday perfectly.
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