Monday, April 4, 2011

World War III

Take a look at these two cuties.
yes, there are two of them.

They are 6 year old sisters from the same litter.

Good buds...

until a few weeks ago.
Then World War III broke out.
They are very territorial and jealous.

What can I say...
I'm just irresistible.

anyhoo, lately they have been fighting,
And I don't just mean "fighting"
but all out war.

Growling, hissing, chasing. 
Now envision
the cartoon version of two
Tasmanian devils going at it...

in the house...
on the bed...
in my lap...

OK, so I took one of the little sweethearts to the vet...
no illness,
just bad attitudes all around.
The Vet says this happens in the Spring,
among female house cats.

So a bottle of kitty anti-anxiety pills,
and a diffuser full of of happy pheromones,
which has now replaced my
Bath and Body Works verbena variety.

Then to top it off, a "good behavior" collar for each.

All joking aside,
if you have more than one cat and there are problems
such as fighting or "inappropriate potty places"
then you might check into this.

The vet said that usually stress is the result
of urinary tract infections in cats and kittens.

Glad that hadn't started yet...

Now I'm off to see if I can find a collar that might fit me...

and back to the original programming...

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