Monday, April 4, 2011

World War III

Take a look at these two cuties.
yes, there are two of them.

They are 6 year old sisters from the same litter.

Good buds...

until a few weeks ago.
Then World War III broke out.
They are very territorial and jealous.

What can I say...
I'm just irresistible.

anyhoo, lately they have been fighting,
And I don't just mean "fighting"
but all out war.

Growling, hissing, chasing. 
Now envision
the cartoon version of two
Tasmanian devils going at it...

in the house...
on the bed...
in my lap...

OK, so I took one of the little sweethearts to the vet...
no illness,
just bad attitudes all around.
The Vet says this happens in the Spring,
among female house cats.

So a bottle of kitty anti-anxiety pills,
and a diffuser full of of happy pheromones,
which has now replaced my
Bath and Body Works verbena variety.

Then to top it off, a "good behavior" collar for each.

All joking aside,
if you have more than one cat and there are problems
such as fighting or "inappropriate potty places"
then you might check into this.

The vet said that usually stress is the result
of urinary tract infections in cats and kittens.

Glad that hadn't started yet...

Now I'm off to see if I can find a collar that might fit me...

and back to the original programming...


  1. Purrr~fection!... Kitty kisses sweet little kitty!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Hello to you too Debra!

  2. Sorry everyone, I accidently hit publish I guess, before I was near finished with this post. Now you'll find out how sweet they are...NOT!!

  3. Hello again Debra... I guess I commented the first time before you had added your text!... love those kitties!... hope their anxiety meds work... more kitty kisses!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. That is too funny..antidepressants for cats! Glad your vet had the solution and you don't have to deal with it anymore !~

  5. Oh my goodness, we had 3 female cats for years and just endured this. We didn't know all of this was available. It sure would have helped! They lived to be about 18 years old; 18 years of that behavior occasionally.

  6. Wow! I've never heard of this. I thought if cats liked each other...they always did. I'll be very interested to hear how this all works out.

  7. Oh, dear. I can't help because we are dog and horse people!

  8. wow...thank you so much for sharing this. i have cats that have done this same thing over the last 7 years BUT never knew why. i just use cat nip and that seems to help get them thru. :)

  9. Beautiful kitties!

    Hmmmm... That's interesting. I have one, neutered, female cat. She used to be my grandcat, but came to live at my house because she tinkled in "inappropriate potty places". We all thought maybe she just needed to be an only cat. But she does it here, too. She prefers the carpet over her litter box. She'll use the carpet right beside the box. But sometimes she uses the box, too. We can't leave anything fabric on the floor or she uses it. She's just weird, but I wonder if any of those products would help? I've started keeping pee-pee pads down where she prefers to go and honestly, it's much easier to throw out a pad than to have to clean out a litter box.

  10. Poor little kittens...they are so cute!! I hope they are feeling better and calm!!xx

  11. With so many wars around, I wasn't sure where this post was going! Cat fights WWIII is better that the other:)

    Hopefully your remedies will work for the kitties!

    Have a blessed day dear Debra! HUGS!

  12. If you find a collar for yourself, lemme know...

  13. I feel your pain. One of my cats started having urinary tract infections. She also is very territorial and jealous. I took her to the vet and she now has to take an anxiety pill everyday. Sometimes I have to chase her around the house to give it to her. It has calmed her down quite a bit though. Good luck with your kitties!

  14. OMG!*!*! I'm STILL Laughing... What devilish little cuties...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  15. oh, yes I have always known this happens is sick kitties from experience but not healthy ones.
    I had a video of from Youtube of two kitties fighting the other day and it drove my kitties crazy, they thought for sure there were two more cats in the house. Then, when they couldn't find the cats, they started fighting each other. LOL

  16. Thanx for the advice on the bad kitty behavior! I am passing it on to my friend that has a cat that often mis-behaves...Never have seen one of those collars...Remember to stop by my blog to enter the Giveaway! Tiff

  17. I have never heard of such a thing!
    Thanks so much for posting this. Did not know those products were even available!

    I have had maybe six cats in the last twenty years and have only had one problem where my little girl, Simba turned on her favorite companion, Maxie. He had accidentally gotten out, they are indoor cats, and when he came home he must have had a scent or unusual odor. No one smelled it except for Simba. For 2-3 days he could not get near her. She would screech and shriek and make the most AWFUL noises you've ever heard. Our vet said we should soap him down, which is no easy task, but we did and she finally came around! I will never forget the sounds she made....ouch!

  18. do they have some of those for teenagers?

  19. OMG you are so funny! What a tale! I'm sorry your babies are not getting along. That must be a ROYAL pain in the behind.
    Hey if you find any more of those collars - if it happens to fit you - it might fit me too...just a thought.
    WHO KNEW!!!
    Great post! Karen

  20. Your kitties sure look adorable. But, as for their behavior, I've never heard of such a thing. It kind seems like kitty :) I have a male cat and I've had my fair share of problems with just one!


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  22. lol, I hope they find some relief and you too! Lezlee

  23. Hi Debra:
    I can't even imagine all-out-kitty-war! Goodness, it must be awful for you. I hope your vet suggestions help. It'd be a shame to have to resort to buckets of water! (Just kidding. Really!)
    Thanks for stopping by and saying "hello". See you again soon. Whether your place or mine.

  24. Too bad someone can't come up with similar therapy for the human version of spring cat fever! I would so wear a collar...bedazzled of course!
    Tell's that diffuser working for you?

  25. Too Funny, who knew?! Glad the vet didn't recommend group therapy, as well. Hope you're all finding some relief.

  26. We could all use one of those collars! Here in tick country, I often wish there was a tick/flea collar for humans!


  27. Gee how come I'd never heard of this? Most of ours are lovebugs but two. Females of course. Thanks for the tip Debra!


  28. Purrr~fection!...If I may say so! ;)
    love your blog!!

  29. heeheeheehee. when you get that collar for yourself, could you please pick up one for me?? a large, i prefer purple, please!

  30. LMAO, this Post is going to start my whole day right, with a huge smile! We have a Female indoor cat who is over 20 years old, she won't allow ANY other cat inside the house so every other fur baby we've owned has had to be a strictly outdoor cat. The diffuser and collars are hilarious simply because you're replacing all of YOURS with THEIRS, but you know, I totally believe they will work... look how well our calming rituals work for us... so why wouldn't animals have calming natural remedies!? Your two fiesty fur ladies are gorgeous, perhaps age 6 is the Menopause for Female Cats? I could relate to that... LOL... humnnnn maybe I should try some Happy Pheromones and a Good Behavior Collar? *winks* The Man, our Son and the G-Babies would all be so grateful to the Vet! *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  31. Glad you were able to get things under control :)
    They are beauty's though......blessings

  32. I LOVE that first picture, Debbra... soooo pretty!!
    Glad to hear that the war will soon be coming to an end. There is a reason why girls get called "catty" when they argue... lol!
    Have a great day, friend!

  33. Thank you for a happy laugh first thing this morning Debra.....I, too, need one of those collars!
    Happy day!

  34. I love the mood collars and scents! A natural way to help them calm down. I've had this happen with foster dogs I've brought to the house--not a fun situation, especially when they are flying around running into things at 60 lbs + each! Hope things settle down for you!

  35. You funny girl! I hope I don't catch what your kitties have (or I guess I should say, my husband hopes I don't catch it) but this time of year really does stretch my patience a bit. Snow one day, wind the next and on and on.
    I hope it's only sunshine for you Debra.
    sending hugs....

  36. Gorgeous cats! Thanks for sharing that information because I'm sure it will come in handy in the future. We have five (I know!!!), each with her own very distinct personality. Bess

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