Tuesday, March 1, 2011

...rollin' in it!

...and lettin' it all hang out!

Last week I opened my new booth space
and I wanted to use burlap on the dividing walls.
The day before, I laid my material out to iron,
 and soon it was overrun by cats...
drooling, chewing, rolling, sniffing;
a disgusting display.

Sort of like a catnip trip

I was laughing the whole time I took these.

I get this way sometimes myself,
but it's usually around cheesecake or purses.

Just wonderin' if any of you who have kitties have seen this before...?
(love this next one)

Please excuse all the fur and fatness...
just havin' some burlap bliss.

Hope you can join in on
Vintage Inspiration Friday

and speaking of VIF,
I love each one of you for taking the time to come to the party,
and love seeing all that you all share,
but I'm having a little time management issue.

I'm trying to visit each of you.
please don't leave me if I can't leave a comment every week
(oh, guilt is a hard thing)
Just needing to keep it real, kids.

love ya bunches,
and no... that's not me in a cat suit.

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