Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday #24 Vintage Valentine Party

I guess if you want to be a little foo-foo,
then Valentine's Day is the perfect Holiday.

(these sweeties are BIG...over a foot tall)

And since Valentine's Day is about romance,
I thought I'd share a few of my vintage Frenchy couple figurines from Japan.
Try saying that fast three times...

I believe in letting a house somewhat dictate the mood and style of decor.
and since this house has a little Country French feel
I started collecting these figurines when we moved here.
My toile wallpaper is gone, but I still love my ladies and gents.

They live in my nick knack cupboard in my Dining Room.
I thought it would be fun to have them kiss.
Remember how we made Barbie and Ken smooch...?
but I couldn't arrange that and still take a picture.

A few years ago I started finding these little cherub pieces too,
They should be filled with dainty Valentine confections...
vous ne pensez, pas?
(don't you think?)
just love Google Translate!

My sis has resisted the "foofy gene",
so these fell to me.

This cherub chariot was broken,
but nothing a little china epoxy wouldn't mend.

Love the attention to detail...

aaaahhhh, those tiny rosebuds....

Maybe some day I'll get around to painting this little cabinet white.

hope you enjoyed a little frenchy romance!


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Hope you can join in for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday
Valentine Party!

Anything romantic or vintage inspired!

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Have a romantic weekend!
hugs and kisses,

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