Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's a Little Bit French!

Recently I found one of the most generous ladies out there.
Rhonda from her beautiful blog, "A Little Bit French"
has an amazing giveaway every Friday.

you heard me right.
Every Friday...

And I was fortunate enough to win one of her beautiful give aways.

She is so talented and creative,
so all her giveaways are from her own two hands.

This is a lovely pocket she put together out of old sheet music and scrim.
I'm so glad she did the research to name this wonderful piece of fabric.

And look at all the yummy graphics and lace she stashed in the pretty little pocket!
It's A Little Bit French
Ahhh, I'm in love...

Please go visit and get to know Rhonda,
hope you're having a lovely weekend.


I'll be starting the new Bible Study at
 a day in the life...
tomorrow morning in Galatians.

And I've been working on some new jewelry pieces
with pewter crucifixes and medals.
Can't wait for you to see them.
really pretty.

(sneak peek)

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