Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vintage Botanical Window

You may remember the post I did on the vintage botanical book, here.
I've had this large chippy paned window for a couple of years now,
 just waiting for something like this.

I didn't want to destroy the individual sheets
so fortunately the book was a spring binder.
All I had to do was lift them out and gently tape them in place.
This is how it looked when I purchased it:

Page after page of wonderful old yellowed paper with original dried
wildflowers and grasses intact.

I brought the completed window outside to photograph
along with my very old wicker chair
 and some wildflowers I gathered last weekend.

Queen Anne's Lace and Black Eyed Susans;
A beautiful bouquet just there for the picking.

My best guess is that this collection of wild flowers
was a school science project from the 40's.
The paper, tape, and typewriter set are indicators.
I found it for just a few dollars at one of my favorite flea markets.

I've never met a watering can that I didn't want to paint.
I love them a naturale,
but to me they just look happier with a paint color.


  1. Congrats to the lucky winners!!!!
    {Good thing I'm on my way to
    Barnes & Noble....got to have this one!}
    Love your botanical window!
    xx Suzanne

  2. I love your pretty little vignette! The window is awesome and I love the watering can.

  3. Congrats to your winners, and love that window make-over!

  4. Thrilled for the winners! Window of botanicals is white and wonderful.


  5. Congratulations to the winners! I love what you did with the botanical pages... beautiful!

  6. Well, I'm having a wonderful week! Love your window and the wicker chair with the watering can! I am sooo excited to win that book, Debra! Thanks again and enjoy your evening.


  7. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love what you did with the window sash. I just posted about using my collection of old sashes yesterday. Your blog is sooooo nice. Your vingette is precious.

  8. I'm in awe of what you created! Absolutely inspiring!

  9. Hi Debra,
    Oh, that botanical window is so lovely! You are so creative that it makes me cry!!

    Congratulations to the winner.


  10. Those botanicals were a great find and I love what you did with them. The window looks so at home amongst all your lovely garden items. Beautiful vignette.

    I can't wait to check out your online shop.

    Take care Debra.


  11. Congrats to the winners! That window is gorgeous Debra and I love that book you found! What a wonderful find and the florals work so well with this long window.

  12. I love that window with the pressed flowers displayed behind the panes. What a wonderful idea. I wish I could find a book like that.

  13. Debra,
    The botanical prints are absolutely fabulous, and the way you've used them is simply gorgeous =) Super job!

  14. Wow Debra, great treatment for that old window! Love the colors and textures! And the whole porch vignette is awesome!!!

    Congrats to you winners!

    (Finally, Summer has come to Washington State! It's going to be downright hot here for a while!
    Worked quite a bit in the yard today weeding and planting,,,,,,might actually have some flower beds after all!)

    Enjoy your week! Thanks for sharing!

  15. If I was any greener with envy, you'd have to start calling me Kermit! I LOVE this. You are one lucky (or maybe just a bit blessed) to have come upon such a treasure at a flea market. It is 2die4 wonderful....just like you.
    Congratulations to the winners and thank goodness I just happen to know where to get a copy! LOL

  16. That's just way too pretty!:-)
    It's an absolute work of art!

  17. The window looks fabulous. The botany book was a great find! ::Jill

  18. Love the botanical window!! Congratulations to the winners - the rest of us will just have to save up!

  19. Love the botanical prints in this window! Terrific look - very imaginative! Congratulations to your winners! I have two giveaways this month! Hope you stop by!

  20. love your new header too!

  21. Oh, poop! I didn't win but I send send my congratulations to the winner.
    Now about your project - it's marvelous! That is a great window to start with and I love the dried flowers in the book you found! It just looks like a million bucks!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  22. Debra, I fell in love with this book the first time you posted it, and I love what you did with some of the pages. That looks like something you would see in a high-end store! Great job! laurie

  23. What a great way to really enjoy the beauty of your book...it turned out so nicely! GL on your blog shop...I'm gonna have to go check it out:)

  24. Absolutely love what you did with your door/window...I have one very similar, now I need to find a fantastic book like yours!...dream on!!!

  25. I am so HAPPY!!! Thank you Debra. I am looking forward to enjoy the book. The old pages with the dried wild flowers are amazing. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  26. The paned window with the vintage pressed wildflowers is spectacular. Love it!


  27. congrats to the winners!

    Your window is just lovely!

  28. Love the botanicals and we must be kindred spirits...I never met a watering can I didn't want to paint either!

  29. Debra:
    I LOVE your new blog header, created from the images you've shared today. I would have been over the moon to score a botanical binder like yours. I'm a nature girl at heart, and this is a wonderful treasure to me.

    Congratulations to the winners of your generous giveaway, too.

  30. Congrats to the winners!!! I love your window, it's gorgeous!!!

  31. so very pretty and the botanicals are a wonderful treasure.

  32. This is wonderful Debra.
    Congratulations to your giveaway winners and best of luck with your online boutique!

    Have a great week,

    White Spray Paint

  33. I LOVE the window...it's absolutely wondrful. What a stunning treasure. Thanks so much for visiting me today, please come back to enter my GIVEAWAY and meet Connie. ~Lidy

  34. Absolutely love what you did with this window and the botanicals. GORGEOUS!!!!


  35. I LUV your botanical window ...... stunning!!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  36. oh my gosh that window is gorgeous! I would so display this in my home! Love it!

  37. Oh love your window, so beautifull-wonderfull idea.
    And congratulations to the winner.
    Wish you a happy wednesday.

  38. What a clever way to use an old window. The pressed flowers look amazing in the little panes. Great work!

  39. I just love the botanical window!!! Beautiful and very original.

  40. I love when something comes together so beautifully!

  41. What a great find that book was, and you really put it to good use! That window is gorgeous. And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who likes to paint their watering cans. I love them natural too, but I think you can appreciate their beauty so much more when they're painted!
    Happy WW!

  42. I am loving your window. Its a fab idea hugs Sara

  43. I love what you did to the window and the book is a real treasure! Now you can admire it all the time. Love the chair with the watering can too it all looks so lovely together.. great job! take care, Maryann

  44. What a great window idea...I have a vintage 6 pade window just sitting there...might try your idea. Looks great and love that wicker chair too.


  45. woo hoo! Love the window. The whole "staging" outside is just awesome. Love your setting. What a great idea for the vintage prints. Know you'll enjoy gazing at that. Thanks for sharing your creativity and Metamorphosis!

  46. Congratulations to the winners!!
    I love those botanicals and they are perfect in the window. It's really beautiful. I see you have some of the same wildflowers we do in Texas, just a little later. Gorgeous!!

  47. Debra, I LOVE the window!! It is SO unique! And I also ADORE the lamb beside the chair!!

    LOVE IT!

    Lou Cinda :)

  48. debra - this is just simply beautiful:) oh my goodness - i love it! best wishes on your little shop, too.

    warm regards,

  49. The window frame looks wonderful. I love that look. I am not very French inspired so I did not enter so someone that is could win. Congradulations to the winners and to you Debra for such a wonderful year of blogging!

  50. Debra, I adore your beautiful botanical window frame creation! Gorgeous. Congratulations to your two winners too. ~ Angela

  51. Hi Debra,
    Just stopping by to say hello. I love your boutique and that Botanical window is just to die for!! What a wonderful idea :) Your summer blog header loooks great too!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day:)
    I hope to see you again soon!

  52. Hey, Sweat Pea...
    You never stop... You totally inspire... In more ways, than one...
    My Love to Ya...
    Barb C.

  53. Oh Debra that is so pretty! The book was a great find and what you created from it makes it even taht much more special! I'm just back from a little camping with the family and doing some catch-up, congrats on the new store, you will do wonderfully I'm sure. Your jewelry is ofcourse, AMAZING! Theresa

  54. Debra, thanks for your get well wishes. I am in love with that window and the botanicals. I have 11 very similar botanicals that I have saved for just this look. Now to find the elusive window...

    Hugs and good luck on your shop opening,


  55. Congrats to your winners! How fun. And did you know that she (CW) had some sort of store opening in Dallas. I think its inside a shop called the Gypsy Wagon...looks beautiful, but I would not expect anything less from her. :D

    Love the window frame with pressed flowers. What a fab find!


  56. Oh no I'm late for that amazing give-away! I wonder how I could have missed discovering this lovely blog before! I'm so glad I'm finally here! I'm in love with that old door... please do share how you did it! (instructions ??) and how lucky of you to have found that precious old botanical book... truly a treasure!

    Nice meeting you


  57. CONGRATS to the winners...drats I am the wrong Sandi! LOL

    I LOVE your window and your chair with the old watering can. Just beautiful!!

  58. Hi Debra,

    Yeah to the winners. I hope that you'll stop by and enter my giveaway.

    Can you please send me your mailing address?

    I have a wee little package with your name on it.


    Laura decortoadore@hotmail.com

  59. it's "poy-fect" in the corner ..

    thot fursure' this one was mine ... goldarn'

  60. Debra ~
    This is so creative!!!
    I love it!!!
    Way to go ~ inspiring me once more!

  61. Debra!!!! Your window with the botanical specimens is GORGEOUS!!!!!! The window seems to be perfect for the paper size too ~ just beautiful sweet friend....congratulations to the winners of the books, this looks like a "must have" to me!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  62. Debra, I love the botanicals and the window you added them to. How creative! Love the watering can and the vignette you created.
    xo, Sherry

  63. Deb,
    I don't know how you ever get through all these comments.

    Love your window, and the great book you got the prints from.
    So nice you did not have to tear it apart.

    And what a gorgeous vignette!!

    In case I did not ell you, I got the lovely package of cards and the tag. You were so sweet to send those.
    Did you sweet hubby get tha little sold sign fixed??

    Have a super weekend.


    barbara jean

  64. Deb,
    Ok, 63 comments, your just as hot as your co-hort f&t. I'm squealing over your botanical display. First of all I'm OBSESSED with finding a book or herbarium like that. I'd pay anything (well almost), then the way you displayed them. PERFECT Debra. Just awesome. Oh, I think you may have made a mistake on the giveaway news. Although Rita & Sandi are certainly worthy, I think you meant to say Lisa! LOL Lisa

  65. WOW Debra this is an awesome project, look how many peeps love it. I can totally see why, because I love it too. Have a great weekend! Debbie

  66. congrats to the lucky winners and your door is just awesome project! love the chippy painted glass door. and lucky you are to got hold to the wonderful books of dried flowers.. just lovely!.

  67. Oh I just love this look Debra! You did an amazing job! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  68. Oh, shucks, I guess I'll have to buy my copy! Congrats to the winners... and I love the whole picture you photographed... the painted watering can, overflowing with wild flowers, the chippy window, with the awesome botanicals, fit just perfectly. Just stunning!

  69. Hi Debra! It was so good to hear from you yesterday. I hope everything is good in Missouri and that your having wonderful weather. Last week was beautiful here in the 80's (very unusual) but we're in a heat wave and close to 100 again.

    I love what you did with that window frame. What a perfect way to display your botanical pages. I love the whole vignette.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  70. Love the door!! I'm working on a couple of outdoor projects and something along these lines would be just perfect!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  71. Congratulations to your winners!!! I'm chompin' at the bit for mine to arrive in my mail box - THEN I'm gonna stalk Carolyn for an autograph. hee-hee

    Debra - your window with the botanicals is GORGEOUS!!! So are the black-eyed susans!

    Have a beautiful week-end!
    ;-) robelyn

  72. Hi Debra,

    Those pressed flowers sure were a labor of love for someone, great job on the window! I haven't been in blogland much this week, boy, I had forgotten how BUSY it is with the kids home every day!! Thanks for dropping by earlier.


  73. I ADORE what you have done with your window/door & those wonderful prints. Your vingette is so fresh & welcoming. Also, congratulations to the winners of your give away. But, most of all for having such a wonderful one! And thank you sweet friend for the kind & encouraging words. I am indeed scared, tired, stressed & worried. But, I am very thankful & positive all will turn out well in the end. I just know we have some really BAD STUFF ahead of us. The love & support of friends like you helps so much. You are so right that Men don't find it easy to slow down. I am thankful to be going to my event to relieve some of my stress & to fill my creative cup before things all break loose. THANK YOU! Hugs! Charlene

  74. Debra, I'm so glad you linked this beautiful project to Favorite Things Sat. It is one of my favorite things too. laurie

  75. Hi Debra, you and I have similar interests. I appreciate you stopping by.

  76. Oh Debra, I LOVE this beautiful window! You were so lucky to find the little notebook of treasures. I just love finding things like that. I like to think of the one who may have gathered the wildflowers and what was the grade they received on the assignment. I'm kindda weird that way!
    I want to congratulate your winners...I love Rita! I'm so glad that she won!!!

  77. I think this is beautiful! What a great idea!! LOVE it!!

  78. found you on FJI. Love this window. Makes a great statement with your old wicker chair and water can of fresh flowers. You are so lucky to find the scrapbook with the pressed flowers and grasses.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  79. gorgeous! I'm pinning too. Little Bit


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