Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Wednesday, It's My BirthDay!

Today is White Wednesday
 but it's also my

So I'm Celebrating!
Kathleen is always so nice to let us
play outside the "White" box.


Even though I am an avowed Chocoholic,
my favorite cake is White cake
with White Mountain Frosting
...and coconut.

(yummy, yum)
(care to join in on my big indulgence? Let me get you a slice)

And then, just as a lead-in to the rest of this post...

white frilly panties...

on the head...

Don't you just love it when your parent's
 made you the "butt" of their jokes
just for a great photo op?

I was going to title this post

"White cake and panties"

but I thought there might be some confusion
out there with that title...?

OK, get a load of those jowls,
can you blame me for now considering
a face lift?

If you haven't entered the

Celebration Give-Back

Please click HERE and leave a comment,
to be part of a fun "Thank You"!

Thank you, Kathleen for hosting White Wednesday.
Now go visit Faded Charm for the rest of the
White Wednesday crew.

Big hugs and Birthday kisses!
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