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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a Birthday Party!

Attention all you furry kids out there!
A superstar of the feline variety is having a special Birthday Celebration.

Baby Kitty
 our amazing "co-host" from
(click above to get party times and directions)
is turning the big 8 on Friday
and we're all gonna

It's a little early for the party,
but the girls and I thought we'd send out a head's up invitation
to one of the biggest little parties in blogdom.

They're taking a break from their supervisory painting positions
to get spiffed up and send hugs and kisses
to the most handsome dude around.
Baby Kitty, himself!

Miss Jenkins...

and Miss Wrigley

are saying,
"Come on all you cool cats and pups,
let's get down with the fun!"

Be there, or be Square!!

See ya back here Thursday afternoon for
Vintage Inspiration Friday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Wednesday, It's My BirthDay!

Today is White Wednesday
 but it's also my

So I'm Celebrating!
Kathleen is always so nice to let us
play outside the "White" box.


Even though I am an avowed Chocoholic,
my favorite cake is White cake
with White Mountain Frosting
...and coconut.

(yummy, yum)
(care to join in on my big indulgence? Let me get you a slice)

And then, just as a lead-in to the rest of this post...

white frilly panties...

on the head...

Don't you just love it when your parent's
 made you the "butt" of their jokes
just for a great photo op?

I was going to title this post

"White cake and panties"

but I thought there might be some confusion
out there with that title...?

OK, get a load of those jowls,
can you blame me for now considering
a face lift?

If you haven't entered the

Celebration Give-Back

Please click HERE and leave a comment,
to be part of a fun "Thank You"!

Thank you, Kathleen for hosting White Wednesday.
Now go visit Faded Charm for the rest of the
White Wednesday crew.

Big hugs and Birthday kisses!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Celebration Give-Back

March will be a big month for me.
A Birthday, My new Spring Creek booth,
celebrating 350 followers,
(yeah! I love you all, AND new followers)

my 200th post, and SPRING!

(blog Give-Back button designed by Jill)

I haven't had a give-away since early last fall
so I felt the time was way overdue
to say "Thank You" with some fun!

Last week I shared with you Jill's talent.
when I purchased a gorgeous hand made
Paris Rosette from her amazing store.

Jill has some of the most
 romantic jewelry and offerings
you could possibly hope to find.
So I wanted to team up with her
for a "Celebration Giveback"
this first week of March.

Jill is being incredibly generous
by adding an extra Rosette,
so there will be 3 Winners!

I will be holding the "Give-Back"
until Tuesday, March 9,
so leave a comment on this post
until midnight on March 9,
and you will be entered to win.

If you are or become a follower,
let me know for 3 extra chances,

and if you post about the give-back
 on your own blog,
(be sure and let me know)

I'll really get crazy
 and give you 3 more chances to win.

possible 7,
count em'
chances to win
one of these 3 beautiful
Paris Rosettes!
(and a few of you guessed my grandmother,
from Saturday's post.)
OK, enough for all the Celebration Hoopla!

Just be sure to take the
cutie pie Celebration Button
of all the kiddos with hats...
and link back to this post.

Then Go visit Jill at Gypsy Brocante
and browse all her wonderful creations.

Big Birthday Hugs and Kisses!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Captain America

When we met, you had just turned 20.
I'll never forget how I got lost in your blue eyes.
We've been together for 37 years and you are still my hero.

Thankyou for always being my best friend.

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