Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Space at Spring Creek

It's finally here!
I moved in to my new space at
Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room
in Ozark, Missouri
this week.

I had a little anxiety over posting these photos.
There are so many fabulous
and talented people out here.
A little intimidation, to say the least.

I began to wonder what had gotten in to me
to even talk about it...
Excitement I guess.

One thing I have learned in this last year
 of blogging is that we are all different...
And that's a good thing.
(at least I keep telling myself that)
So here are my humble offerings,
a lot cottage and a little shabby,
but hopefully something fun for everyone.

Just in time for Spring!



  1. How adorable , would be so much fun to shop !!! Love the wicker table in there , that is so sweet, I have a mirror just like one you have in there also , the painted white one that is from an old dresser, mine is painted white also !!
    The Little Things

  2. Debra, you did a great job! I so wished I lived closer to shop with you, saw so many things I'd love to have. Have a great Thursday, T

  3. So many wonderful treasures to see. How could you not think this is fabulous??? Everything is so charming and inviting. I could just piddle quite some time looking at everything. wishing you all the best and sending many blessings your way :) Tammy

  4. Your pictures look great! wow--looks like a little piece of heaven! Wish I could check itout in person.

  5. If we ever get to your area I would love to visit your space!! So many cute things!

  6. Oh Debra!
    This is darling!
    So Sweet and feminine!
    It really feels like Spring
    I am so happy for you!
    I knew you had been working on it for a bit and I must admit...
    I was worried, Bigger spaces mean more work and you....are a busy lady!
    But it is simply adorable!
    Best Wishes for much success my dear friend!

    Blessings and big hugs~

  7. Congratulations, Debra! I had such fun enlarging your photos and looking at everything in detail. Your booth looks scrumptious!


  8. Debra! I love your new space! I could spend hours in there! much for the chandi and the mirror behind it??? I LOVE them!

    Have a blessed day!

  9. WOW WOW WOW!!! I LOVE it! I would be in your booth forever. So many great things and you have set it up so inviting. Good luck to you.
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. This is a gorgeous space, wow, you have done an amazing job!!! It looks so beautiful! I want a whole bunch of things!!! Can I just email you my wish list?
    Really looks good, you will be busy selling things soon!
    Margaret B

  11. It looks beautiful. I pray it goes well for you there.
    Hugs, andrea

  12. Looks just great! Thanks for the tour!

  13. Everything is very Beautiful! The rug is just gorgeous!

  14. Oh Debra - how beautiful!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! The care and love and attention to every EVERY detail that you have put in to your space is just awe inspiring!!! I could get lost in there for hours!!! So GORGEOUS as are you!!!

    Love it - I'm going to look some more!

    love, robelyn

  15. You always win the award for getting the most merchandise in a small area. It looks great!! I know you worked so hard so take the rest of the week off -- yeah, right!!!! Best of luck. Jan

  16. What a great set up! I may have to email you with some questions about renting a space~thinking about doing it myself! Hope your move is successful! I wish I could see it in person!


  17. FANTASTIC!! i could do some serious damage (to my wallet)if we lived closer...

  18. Hi Debra....So Nice to meet you and your fabulous blog....Thanks for stopping by!
    Your new space is fantastic....
    That Chandelier should be in my house!!!!!!!
    Such a great job at displaying all your goodies.!
    You have a gift for arranging...
    Stop back soon,
    Looking forward to getting to know you better...
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. Debra
    Wow its amazing I absolutely am in awe of all that you did. Truly your talent is such a gift for all of us who share on the blog with you. Much love and my God bless you endless in your new area. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love you

  20. Oh my it is beautiful but then so are you.
    No need to be humble over your booth or the work that went into it. The colors are wonderful and yells out springtime which we are all waiting anxiously for at present.

  21. Everything looks so delightful and charming. Cottagy!! I so wish I could come and shop, you could very possible have nothing left.

    Is the goegeous rug for sale? Do you ship? ;-)


  22. Hi Debra
    Well, I don't know what you have to be intimidated by, your booth is fabulous. Your eye for display is wonderful and you have some great treasures, love the mirror and of courst the chandelier. It looks like a very fun shop and I wish you the best... you're right in time for the spring selling season.

  23. Debra gave me a preview a few days ago of her wonderful space and expressed her concerns to me then.

    Hmmmmm, let me see, four words come to mind, just four little words....


    Don't evah doubt me again! ;-)


  24. Oh how I WISH I could visit!!!

    LOVIN' that dress form!!! :)


  25. Oh Debra, all of your treasures are so spectacular, your way of displaying them is perfect, truly eye catching! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Hi Debra! Your new booth looks great! All jam packed with lots of wonderful treasures! I am so happy for you! I will definitely have to make this a pit stop when we make it to Missouri again!


  27. I can't wait to get down there and check it all out up close! Next week is Spring Break, so maybe I can drag my boys down there for lunch at the tearoom when we get back from Vegas. Or maybe I'll just go by myself! You did a wonderful job with the space--I know just which one it is... Bravo! I hope you sell all sorts of stuff (so you can buy new stuff!)

  28. Hi Debra! Your space looks FABULOUS! Congratulations on your new venture! I just know you will do well, everyone will want to buy something from the booth with so much charm. Theresa

  29. It all looks great! I would be browsing in your booth for quite a while. I love the little picture with the bunny head surrounded by flowers. Everything looks so springy and ready for Easter. I have a picnic basket just like the rust colored plaid one you have sitting in the right hand corner of one of the pictures. I have been planing on painting a floral picture on it for a while. I fill it up to take our goodies out back to the fire pit.

  30. You aren't giving yourself nearly enough credit. Your booth looks fabulous and your vignettes are just beautiful. I would LOVE to have those cherub lamps. If you were near me I would be on my way to buy those.

  31. Oh Debra!!!! Everything is so GORGEOUS!!!! Don't you worry one little bit...I would SO love to shop around and your space is just beautiful to me ~ thank you for taking the time to share it with us! hugs and love, Dawn

  32. Debra,
    I am loving looking at your booth, oh how I wish I could be there to shop. You have put everything together so well and I just know that everyone will be buying you out in no time.
    You are going to be really busy keeping it filled up. Everything looks wonderful!
    I wish you well and those other booths got nothing on you girl.

  33. Hi sweetie!! I'm so sorry, that was me in the last comment, you can delete it! I think your new space is just gorgeous ~ I would SO love to visit and shop!!! I understand your excitement, my little space is still not what I want it to be but I'm proud of it....yours is beautiful! hugs and love, Dawn

  34. Looks Wonderful, Debra!!! Enjoy your new space and treasure hunting!
    Deb :)

  35. You have done an incredible job.
    Your hard work and eye for what is wonderful is amazing.

    Great job,


  36. Beautiful! Wish I could visit in person, you wouldn't have many things left!

  37. It looks beautiful Debra. I'll tell my friend that lives in Ozark to drop by and say "hi". I wish I could come too. We may come back there next year. I'll keep you posted. We have lots of relatives back in Missouri, and wonderful friends in Ozark.

  38. Debra your new space is beautiful. What have you got to be uncertain's amazing and your decorating is wonderful. I know what you mean about so many talented women out here, but I just think it is wonderful, 'cause we all learn so much from each other! You've gotta know I love that rug in there. It looks like a beautiful garden!

  39. Debra,
    Your sweet note truly touched my heart. Thank you Thank you, just knowing that you care that much means everything to me. Here is my email

    What a blessing to know that someone miles away is lifting me up in prayer.

    Love you

  40. debra, with the way everything looks, you'll do GREAT!!! hope you sell out in a month or less!!! woohooo.....

  41. Hi Debra,
    many thanks for your nice comment and for being one of my followers. You did such an amazing job, people will LOVE your goodies! I understand your fears, but remember to JUST BE YOURSELF and follow your Muse! I always look for something more than the object itself when I make a purchase... so keep going, your space is beautiful!

  42. Love your greens, Debra!

    Do I recognize the little framed Italian Madonna with the serpent?


  43. Hi Debra, thank you for stopping by. Your booth is GORGEOUS! I would spend hours there... Your pictures have inspired me to go redecorate something! :-)

  44. I am simply swooning and a little drooling too over your photos! Once or twice a year two of my girlfriends and I take a girls getaway and just work on projects and have fun being creative without out all of the mom & honey can you, will you... We love to shop at antique malls and this looks like a winner for sure. Could you give me the addresses of the places you have your goodies. : ) I grew up in St. Joseph MO and an Ozark trip is about due.

    Thak you for so much wonderful inspiration!


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