Tuesday, March 2, 2010

White Wednesday, It's My BirthDay!

Today is White Wednesday
 but it's also my

So I'm Celebrating!
Kathleen is always so nice to let us
play outside the "White" box.


Even though I am an avowed Chocoholic,
my favorite cake is White cake
with White Mountain Frosting
...and coconut.

(yummy, yum)
(care to join in on my big indulgence? Let me get you a slice)

And then, just as a lead-in to the rest of this post...

white frilly panties...

on the head...

Don't you just love it when your parent's
 made you the "butt" of their jokes
just for a great photo op?

I was going to title this post

"White cake and panties"

but I thought there might be some confusion
out there with that title...?

OK, get a load of those jowls,
can you blame me for now considering
a face lift?

If you haven't entered the

Celebration Give-Back

Please click HERE and leave a comment,
to be part of a fun "Thank You"!

Thank you, Kathleen for hosting White Wednesday.
Now go visit Faded Charm for the rest of the
White Wednesday crew.

Big hugs and Birthday kisses!


  1. Hello Debra and Happy Birthday to you! Isn't it wonderful to be 49 forever??? Is that you in the baby picture? Adorable!! Hope your b-day celebration if fabulous and that the coming year brings you all that is good and wonderful!

  2. Debra amor, Happy Birthday!! What a gorgeous bebe picture of you! and we call them chonies...not panties :) cake and chonies...hmmm not sure that sounds better :) But...Aren't you a love to share your birthday cake with all of us...all though I am such a glutton, I would probably sneak spoonfulls of icing lol I hope you have a beautiful birthday dear friend filled with the love and laughter of family and friends celebrating your special day!

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving me such a sweet comment...you can come play anytime...I have tons of bebes to share with you...thank goodness that is one lesson I have learned with age...to be graceful and share...even when I don't want too...I guess that isn't so graceful then is it lol darn I tried...but I would love to share with you :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Mine is next week, but I don't count them anymore!!!
    Your cake looks delicious!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!!!
    Margaret B

  4. Wednesday is MY birthday too! :) Love the filly panties on the head!
    having a giveaway, stop by and check it out.

  5. Happy Birthday Debra! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  6. Oh, what a cute picture of you! And that cake looks wonderful - would really love a piece right now. Hope you're having a great celebration with your family - let them pamper you - you deserve it.

    Happy Beautiful Birthday, Debra!! Bring on the Bday gifts and enjoy....

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  7. Dear Debra, Happy Birthday to you. You are a special lady and know that you are loved by so many of your blogging friends. Thank you for all of the time you spend sharing God's Word with us. I do not always comment but enjoy reading your blog. Thank you so much. Love, sandi

  8. Happy Birthday, Debra!!!! That cake looks AWESOME! I'm with you -- for birthday cake, you can't beat white cake. LOVE it!

    Hope your special day was just that -- special! :)


  9. Well Happy Birthday Debra...hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Oooh, happy birthday to you Debra! I am a chocoholic too but that white cake sure looks yummy! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! xoxo Julie Marie

  11. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Dear Debra!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I sing like Celine Dion so I know that's how you heard it! LOL!!!!
    Have a super wonderful Birthday!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  12. Happy Birthday Debra!!! I am sure you have something fun up your sleeve!

    I just took pictures this week of Bo with his big boy undies on his head. Classic oics...we all need 'em :) His weren't quite so cute though. Diego undies just don't compare. :)

  13. Happy Birthday Sweet D! I love your blog, love your heart and LOVE LOVE LOVE Coconut Cake.

    May your day be as lovely as ever.

    Love, Rebecca

  14. Oh, Debra...Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you! That cake looks soooo yummy! I hope you had a wonderful day today. Let me also take this opportunity to say that even though I don't visit as often as I would like to, I really enjoy both of your blogs...you are such a blessing to all of us and I am thankful for the times when I do get a chance to pop in. Thanks so much for all you do.

    Hugs, Kisses, and Blessings!


  15. Happy Birthday! Love that cake. And the photo of baby you is precious! ~ Angela

  16. HAPPY
    I hope you had a lovely day!
    Very cute photo of you!
    Deb :)

  17. Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful women (inside and out) I know. You should be showered with gifts instead of giving us one with this darling photo. I sure hope those rhumba britches were clean before the photo op!
    You are an absolute delight and I hope you have a wonderful day...month...year...life!

  18. Happy Birthday to You! That is a fantabulous photo! Everyone should have a panties on the head photo! Too too precious! Hope you have a great day!


  19. Happy Birthday sweet Debra! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  20. "You must have been a beautiful baby
    You must have been a wonderful child
    When you were only starting to go to kindergarten
    I bet you drove the little boys wild.
    And when it came to winning blue ribboms
    You must have shown the other kids how.
    I can see the judges' eyes as they handed you the prize
    You must have made the cutest bow.
    You must've been a beautiful baby
    'Cause baby look at you now!"

    Happy Birthday Debra! The song was perfect. You were and still are beautiful and how fun to share almost the same birthdays! HUGS!!!

  21. Happy Birthday!

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

    Forget the panties on the head... Why didn't they give you pants that fit? You're literally crawling out of them :-)


  22. What a HOOT! too funny and I hope you have a happy wonderful birthday! And I LUUUUUUUV coconut cake. yum. count me in. Thanks for sharing your whites and laughs.

  23. Happy Birthady little cutie panty head! Darling picture of a darling baby. I hope your day is the best!

  24. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope you have a fantastic day. My kids won't even pose for many pics anymore, so it's a good thing they are small at one time so we can dress and pose them any way we like. HA! What a cute baby you were, panties and all. Have a fabulous day. Many blessings, Tammy

  25. Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday, Dear Debra...
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Believe me, my friend. It's better that you don't hear the actual singing! lol

    Hope you had a perfect day!

  26. Happy Birthday wishes to you :) the cake looks amazing!

  27. Happy Birthday, dear Debra! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your cake! I wish you health, fun and luck! Hopefully you get spoiled rotten by family and friends.
    Birthday hugs to you,

  28. June said it best....ya little panty head! ;-)

    I wish you only the most abundant blessings this birthday and always. God gave ME the best gift ever this year when he brought YOU into my life!

    Much birthday love,

  29. Happy Birthday, That cake looks so delicious. Thanks for shareing...

  30. Happy Birthday, I hope your have a wonderful day. Your cake looks so yummy.

  31. very cute..;p Happy Birthday, have a great celebration!

  32. Happy birthday Debra! Hope it was a great one. Love your comedy in this post withthe panties.

    I've been meaning to sign up for your giveaway, but just haven't had time to comment lately. Sign me up and thanks for being such an avid participant in the WW theme.

    Enjoy your WW.


  33. Hi Debra,
    Such a sweet white post.....sending tons of birthday wishes your way!!!

  34. Oh, Debra . . . Happy Happy Birthday! I haven't missed it! Really I haven't . . . thanks to the internet, you have all the way till the International dateline turns to celebrate! It's still your birthdy in California, although, hopefully you are snoozing peacefully by now! Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope it was grand.



    I hope you have such a wonderful day! You were the cutest baby. Some things never change no matter how many birthdays we have. I'm looking forward to sharing this year with you.

    Lots of love, prayers and hugs....Tracy :)

  36. Happy Birthday dear Debra! I hope it will be a day like no other! Enjoy every last minute, yes I will have a slice of cake (My favorite) and cutiepatootie in the ruffled hat! Happy, Happy BIRTHDAY!

  37. Happy Birthday!!!! And yes, gimme some of dat cake. Please. Now.

    Love the panties on the head. Glad we're not the only family who puts underthings on our kid's heads. My son had a bra. *snicker*

  38. Happy, Happy Birthday dearest Debra! I just love you so and hope you have the very best birthday ever!
    I would love to stop by and have a piece of that cake! (It looks yummy!)
    You are such a precious person I hope you know how much we all care for you!
    Big Birthday Hugs...and of course blessings...donna

  39. Happy birthday all day long Debra!! I was going to sing to you , but Donna beat me to it. LOL
    The cake looks delish!!!!!

  40. Happy Birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear Debra,
    Happy birthday to you!
    Wish I was there to help you eat that awesome looking cake! Lisa
    PS I was able to become a follower today!

  41. Happy happy Birthday, hope it's an extra special day and that your are celebrated! You are such a special person to so many of us in blogland. That white cake looks really good too. Happy day my friend, T

  42. Happy Birthday Debra!!!!
    I hope you have a most wonderfully blessed day!


  43. Birthday wishes and blessing sweet Debra! For all the joy you give to others... me too! The cake is one of my very favs! My mother in law makes us each our favorite cake on our birthdays and this was mine - I asked her not to 6 years ago... because I ate it...ALL! Hugs, Jennifer

  44. Happy, happy birthday, Debra! I hope you have the most wonderful day and that everyone spoils you! Love the photo of you as a baby - so, so cute! And I can just taste that cake - yum!


  45. Happy Birthday! Time to celebrate...just not too much or you might end up with panties on your head again!

  46. Happy B-day Deb! As delicious as the cake looks...keep the cake give me that baby!!!!!!!!!

  47. Happy Birthday to You on this Wonderful White Wednesday.... Your Cake is so Yummy & I Love the Ruffle Butts
    Have a Wonderful Week

  48. Happy, happy birthday! The cakes looks yummy!

  49. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Debra with the panties on your head...

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Good grief that cake looks so so so so good! Eat a piece for me!!!

    Love, Robelyn

  50. Cara Debra, "Buon Compleanno" and your post is yummy! Ciao Rita

  51. Hope your day has been fabulous! 3 is my all-time favorite number, so I'm envious of your 3-3 bday! The pictures of our house are on the News-Leader website. They mistakenly put Macauley's name as Ryan and a couple of other things, but overall I'm pleased. I wonder if you'll be going out somewhere special here in town to celebrate tonight?

  52. Hi Debra,
    Happy Birthday to you. I hope you get all your birthday wishes. I love the baby pic.
    The Swedish Room

  53. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday...
    Have a Blessed day...
    Sweet Blessings...

  54. Oh, Happy Birthday to you dear, Debra! I hope you had a special day of treats and family.

  55. A very Happy Birthday to you...I hope your day was lovely.
    This cake is making me hungry! How stange when I saw this cake because it was my granddads favorite too.
    Did you enter my giveaway...it ends tomorrow

  56. Happy Birthday to you!
    You were a darling baby, even with panties on your head :)

  57. Bella couldnt wait to tell you happy birthday but then she realized she cant spell... So she askedme to send you happy birthday wishes and ablessed day!

  58. Awww, Debra . . . Thank you for the sweet words! AND . . . I forgot to tell you . . . that was my Grandma's favorite cake, too! White, with coconut! You have excellent taste in cakes!

    We served three wedding cakes at my daughter's wedding, 1) chocolate with ganache for her own wedding cake, 2) Apple Spice cake with the topper used by both my Mother and her Mother!, and 3) a white cake with coconut, in honor of my Grandma's 94th birthday {four days later}, which wore the cake topper from my wedding.

    You made me wax nostalgic . . . sigh . . . Thanks for that.


  59. HaPPy BiRthDay Debra!*!*! Yummmmmmy Cake! Keep Celebrating... Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  60. Happy Birthday sweet Debra!!!!
    I love the little photo of you...it's priceless!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and continue to celebrate your Birthday MONTH!!! Yay!!!!!

  61. Happy Birthday Debra!!! I would tell you the birthday poem my grandson tells me on my birthday if I could only remember how it goes....Many blessings!

  62. Happy birthday! My baby has the fattest little cheeks, and I have to say, they are the sweetest things ever. Cute photos!

  63. Hi Debra,

    So your birthday was on March 3rd? That's also my mom's birthday!!! I just know that the best women out there are born that day. :)

    Happy -- belated -- Birthday!

    Greetings from Munich,

  64. Happy Belated Birthday Debra! I hope you had a great day!

  65. I also like to wish a great birthday to Debra. Your cake is so yummy and delicious, My birthday also on 3rd March.


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