Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer "time" Fun

Seems like I always have a "plan" and feel the need to accomplish things.
I have what I call an "A-" personality.
I'm not a perfectionist in the slightest,
but I do like to stay busy.
I've learned that I need to take time to just relax and enjoy my life... and family.

Aly and Chris love to swim on the weekends.
Here they are on Father's Day, ready to jump in.
Chris is our "grill master" and doesn't mind the heat,
so he was our chef for the day.

You may be wondering why the paver barrier (?)

We have tons of chipmunks, and to keep them out of the pool

(they don't swim well),

we had to get a little creative.

Enjoy your family today,

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