Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ouch...the Truth Hurts

or..."if all else fails, read the instructions." A favorite quote from my dad.

OK, now put on your readers,
or sit the appropriate distance from your computer screen.

No, you are not seeing the same pictures twice.
I'm being brutally honest here and admitting one of my biggest faults
...not taking time to read instructions.

I picked out my little Kodak Easy Share camera a year ago for my birthday. Notice the name, "Easy Share". That should be an indicator of my level of expertise in the area of photography, well, I should say anything to do with electronics. (we've had a DVD player for upteen years and only recently have I learned how to turn it on).

The thought of starting a blog was HUGELY intimidating, because of said expertise in all things electronic. I do the minimum to get by, then complain that I'm not good at "it", and then tell my husband he needs to take care of it.

A few weeks ago I asked my husband if he would help me get started with the blog. He took me to "Blogger", showed me the tutorials, and then said ,"You do it. You can learn how to do it."

Well, panic sat in and I fumbled around for a few days, then I realized if it was ever going to get done I would just have to learn how to do it...by myself.

Now, fast forward till 2 nights ago. I have been complaining about my camera, saying it wasn't very good, because, well, look at that lamb close-up of a few days ago. Then, asking how much a new camera would cost.
Guess what my husband said?????

"Why would you want a new camera, you wouldn't know how to use it. Have you read your instruction book for the one you have?"

Oh, the shame of it.
He was right. I had not read the instruction book.

So now, see the before and afters. OR, I should say, the "afters", then the "befores".

My little camera is not professional grade, but then neither am I. Now at least, I can take a close up that does not look as if you are viewing it through the bottom of a coke bottle.

Congratulations " self".
Life lesson learned.
Isn't it amazing that it can take so long sometimes to learn the basics of life.
I have many more that I am currently learning.

All for now, more later.

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  1. I absolutely understand everything you just said. By personal experience. My normal excuse is "time". But how much time would I save by reading instructions? Keep the man. Humble pie is good for us every once in a while. ~Mindy


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