Monday, June 15, 2009

My Favorite Spot

I know we all have our favorite hang-outs around our house. I have a few, but the one that is currently presentable is my sunroom off the kitchen. It is where the cats and I usually have our first cup of coffee, weather permitting. (They don't drink coffee, they just find a sunny spot and flop) It's sort of a three-season room, because in the winter it gets pretty fridged. This is the place some of my garden-junk-chippy-vintage stuff gets to daily delight me.
When a new season or holiday is around the corner this is the place that feels it first. I love coming into the kitchen first thing in the morning, tripping over two hungry, gray, furry babies and seeing my sunroom.
We have a great house, built in the 80's. You know how that is...not too old, but needing alot of new updates. We've lived here 6 years and I love it, but there is a list a mile long of things that could be done. Oh well, it's home, and I do love to decorate.


  1. Nice going!!!! Love your sheep header. Welcome to the blogger world -- life will never be the same. We're having a great time and are thinking of finding jobs so we can stay all summer. Jan

  2. Hi Debra. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do. I'm pretty sure I have lots of your stuff in my house if you're the same "Common Ground" with booths at many of my favorite stores. I will add you to my list and check back often. I can tell we are birds of a feather so to speak!

  3. Debra,
    Flattery will get you everywhere! Thanks so much for your sweet comments.
    I see we share some similar passions. I have a little greenhouse as well that I just love. I don't have a beautiful sunroom to enjoy it in like you, but a girl can't have everything.
    I also love sheep especially the chalk kind. I look for those everywhere, but they are getting hard to find, right?
    Come by any time for a visit and a sit down!


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